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10 Benefits of Turmeric for Pets

According to Ayurveda; the ancient philosophy of healing in south east Asia, Turmeric is referred to as The Sun God! The golden yellow tuber looks much like the ginger root but its origin is unknown. It is native to southeast Asia and Indonesia. It is an integral part of traditional medicine culture in India. And, …

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A fighting chance in the war on cancer.

The cure for cancer looms over our heads, like a dangling golden carrot, just out of reach. Cancer researchers have been searching for a “cure” for over 250 years. According to the National Cancer Institute in 1775 Percivall Pott identified Squamous Cell Carcinoma. In 1909 Paul Ehrlich proposes that the immune system usually suppresses tumor …

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Fenbendazole Plus Supplements, A Cancer Cure?

Over the last hundred year, there have been dozens maybe hundreds of safe substances and protocols that have shown some promise in slowing or reducing cancers in animals and humans. Why aren’t they at least offered alongside the highly toxic chemotherapeutic agents? This omission raises some suspicions. There are so many natural, safe treatments for cancer, including PQQ, Turmeric, Budwig Diet, CBD, Vitamin C that one wonders why none are ever offered in any cancer treatment.

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