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Our Mission

We are proud to say that Vitality Science calls many Holistic Veterinarians our customers. They sell in their clinics with confidence with the brand that we strive for, and so many of you know. Overall, in the world of pet supplements and holistic supplements, seeking out vet-approved products or products your vet would use themselves is essential. So many have been with us from the very beginning in the early 2000s. All our products work well in clinics, but our #1 seller to vets is Luxolite. One of our biggest customers says she gives it to every patient she sees because she knows they’ll eventually need it. Luxolite is a no-brainer to stock up on. It has an incredibly long shelf life, is cost-effective, has a low chance of allergens due to the simple ingredients, has little to no taste, and is super effective at treating a vast range of gastrointestinal issues.

Why it is important to have a holistic vet

It’s essential to note that pet products and supplements don’t receive even a fraction of the oversight that the equivalent categories of products for people do by the FDA or other bodies. This is all the more reason to consult with your vet about whether they think a product you’re using is worthwhile or even ask them what some of their personal preferences are.

We love our like-minded Veterinarian customers and look forward to working with many more in the future. We strive to create as many vet-approved products as we can. We want to help as many cats and dogs as possible. If you’re going to find a holistic vet in your area, visit and click “find a vet.” Our products, combined with their toolbelt of knowledge and other modalities, are a recipe for success with even the most challenging issues a pet may face.

Click the video below to see a review from Dr. Sharon Doolittle, DMV speaking of our products at an AHVMA conference in Reno, NV

Dr. Sharon Doolittle DVM reviews Vitality Science Products-Vet Approved!