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Our formulas are created with the highest quality and most effective ingredients on the market. We NEVER use fillers, excipients, artificial coloring or flavors. We formulate in small batches to ensure quality and hand pack and inspect every box before it is shipped. Made in the USA.
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Questions about your animal’s vitamin supplementation? Call 575-758-3985 or email us at cs@vitalityscience.com

Customer Service

“The internet is cold…and spending hours and hours just reading and reading…well, it all can feel overwhelming. And the vets (yes, plural) were not very helpful nor freely forthcoming with innovative/alternative/natural ideas/information. I researched extensively for an immune support product and found Vitality Science…and that led to a conversation with an intelligent, caring human being.” – Willheim (Vitality Science Customer) More Reviews…

Customer reviews

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