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“Miracle Product! We did start Fenbendozal protocol but not until a couple of months in when we first heard about it…On Dec 5th they did an ultrasound and our girl is cancer free!!! Her tumor was good size and ran throughout her urethra. What a miracle we witnessed! This system has made the difference we are certain and we will continue with it from now on! “ – Kim W., Vitality Science Customer

Advanced Immune Restoration GOLD | Dog Cancer Support | with Turmeric and Vitamin E

Addresses the main vectors effecting management of immune issues.  Program Includes:

  • Celloquent Gold
  • Vital Pet Lipids
  • Hemp Oil 347 mg
Only Available in the United States


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The Nutritional Building Blocks of Holistic Immune/Cancer Management

Finally, a supplement program for dogs with cancer that actually works! Vitality Science arranges nutrients in synergistic blocks that work together to raise immunity and promote over all health. Easy to say, not so easy to do. Vitality Science has spent the last ten years compounding a gentle yet highly effective, all natural supplement program to address the main vectors effecting management of immune issues.

(1) The Budwig Protocol: A combination of EFAs (essential fatty acids, such as those found in tuna oil) and methionine and cysteine, two sulfur bearing amino acids, Dr Budwig said this combination charged the cells like charging the two poles of a battery. For over forty years, using this protocol, Dr. Budwig treated thousands of immune damaged patients in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Her clinical success was and is undeniable.

(2) The mitochondria factor: The mitochondria are the energy power houses of the cells. Every cellular function depends on the mitochondria. When the mitochondria are depleted, diseases of all kinds develop, including dog cancer and dog lymphoma. When the mitochondria are operating optimally diseases and suffering are quickly reduced. PQQ, Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, is the only substance known to stimulate the production of new mitochondria. COQ 10 raises the energy levels of the mitochondria. Together, these two supplements provide a quick and dramatic restoration of your dog’s energy levels.

(3) Modified citrus pectin is a unique and beneficial supplement made from orange peels. Amazingly, it keeps cancer cells from sticking together Cancer cells are sticky. When they are made slippery, the cancerous cells become easy targets for the immune system clean up crew.

(4) More nutritional super soldiers widely recognized for their immune system support: Arabinogalactan (Larch tree water soluble fiber), aloe vera (inner leaf), ascorbyl palmitate (fat soluble vitamin C), vitamin K2, zinc carnosine, bromelain, enzymes (full spectrum), spirulina, lactoferrin, Venus Flytrap, licorice, and yucca.

Small Includes (lasts approx 15 – 30 days): Celloquent Gold 60g Vital Pet Lipids 2oz

Medium Includes (lasts approx 30 – 60 days): Celloquent Gold 120g and Vital Pet Lipids 4oz

Large Includes (lasts approx 60 – 120 days): Celloquent Gold 220g and Vital Pet Lipids 8oz

The Program also includes detailed instructions and a plastic syringe for more finicky dogs.

Vitality Science does not add any fillers, flowing agents or anything other than what is on the label. These natural time-tested ingredients are extremely safe and are a helpful addition to your cat’s or dog’s health plan.

Note: We work with you to choose the right food, identify potential toxins in your home, and guide your supplementation. Our goal is results and if you do not get them, then we will refund your money. Please contact our pet health experts for any questions about our products (how to use, dosages, updates). We would love to hear from you!


Celloquent Gold

Arabinogalactan: While Arabinogalactan and its constituent parts are common in nature, the commercial extraction is taken from a Larch tree. It is a water soluble fiber and supports immune competence. Arabinogalactan is a long chain polysaccharides containing arabinose and galactose mono-saccharides. Arabinogalactan is actively fermented by intestinal micro-flora and is effective at increasing beneficial anaerobes such as those in Pet Flora.

PectaSol-C© (a registered trademark of EcoNugenics©, Inc) is modified citrus pectin composed of short non-branched carbohydrate chains derived from the peels of citrus fruit.

Zeolite (Clinoptololite): Formed when lava meets sea water. The negative charge naturally alkalizes the body by balancing pH and enhancing the body’s digestive processes which are more efficient when the rest of the body maintains its alkalinity.

Bromelain: is a protein-digesting enzyme, sourced from the pineapple fruit. This fascinating compound has traditionally been used as a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling agent. Because it’s an enzyme, bromelain helps the body digest food and absorb nutrients more efficiently, as well as being extremely effective at healing issues in the gastrointestinal tract.

CO Q 10: Made in the USA by Kaneka, it is present in virtually all cell membranes and tissue in the body. Since it is a critical co-factor essential for the production of cellular energy. CO Q 10 positively affects all aspects of physiology, including immune function.

Ascorbyl Palmitate: A highly bioavailable, fat-soluble derivative of ascorbic acid. Ascorbyl palmitate possesses all the benefits of vitamin C, but unlike the water-soluble form, is able to be stored in the lipid cell membrane until the body is ready to put it to use.

Active-Aloe (200:1): window refractance dried): All the immunological activity of fresh aloe is concentrated in Active-Aloe. It is preserved by a unique low heat process, retaining all the fragile elements of the aloe plant.

Most Aloes are heat processed, high heat (pasteurization and/or autoclave methods) break down the constituents in Aloe that are the most valuable for healing. Our Active Aloe is the leading aloe vera for purity and biological activity.

Aloe Vera has so many uses and is so highly regarded.

Blue Green Algae: Known for its immune benefits. Alphanizomanon flos-aquae (AFA) improves macophage response without over-stimulating the immune system. Therefore, it is an incredibly valuable addition to any immune enhancing program. Note: Our AFA is continually checked for Microcystis and has no detectable levels of Microcystis.

Vitality Science Pet Flora: A proprietary collection of soil-based organisms, probiotics that suppress yeast and fungi, reduces acidity, and improves nutrient assimilation.

Bio Core Complete: BioCore® provides targeted solutions to a variety of digestive problems. From digestive discomforts to different dietary regimens, along with basic digestive support to the delivery of specific nutrients; BioCore® products and blends offer some of the most innovative enzyme blends on the market.

Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring protein that is found in milk and bodily fluids. It is a potent anti-microbial and modulator of the immune system.

Zinc-carnosine: Formed by chelating zinc to carnosine in a one-to-one ratio. This process of bonding ions and molecules makes the combination three times more potent than the individual components alone. By itself, zinc is already very beneficial for optimum digestive health. It is the second most abundant naturally-occurring mineral in the body necessary to numerous functions and biochemical reactions. L-carnosine, on the other hand, has strong antioxidant and tissue-healing properties. It also helps transport the zinc carnosine to problematic areas in the gastrointestinal tract where it can take effect. Together, these two components are known to be a force to reckon with – helping to improve the body’s cell function, digestion and immune system, among others.

Serrazimes: Serratiopeptidase, also known as serrapeptidase and serrapeptase, is a protease originally found in the gut of the silkworm. It is produced by the bacteria Serratia marcescens. This protease has been the subject of much research and its use has grown in Asia and Europe. Studies support serratiopeptidase’s benefit in supporting musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Vitamin K2 is necessary to convert a critical bone-building protein called osteocalcin. Osteocalcin is a necessary protein that helps maintain calcium homeostasis in bone tissue. It works with osteoblast cells to build healthy bone tissue.

Turmeric: Maybe the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. Many high-quality studies show that it has major benefits for the body and brain. It has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb.

Liver Powder: Fresh from hormone-free Argentinean Beef Liver, from Argentinian natural grass fed cows. These cows have never been on feed lots and freely roam the Pampas. Plus it is a flavor well liked by dogs.

Vital Pet Lipids

Tuna Oil: Extracted from deep-sea tuna fish, rich in DHA (6%) and EPA (25%). Our Tuna Oil tests at 5 millionth of a gram of mercury per kilogram of oil, twentieth of the allowable limit.

Astaxanthin: A red carotenoid, extracted from Spirulina. The substance that gives color (red) to salmon, algae, and many fruits and vegetables. Our Astaxanthin is a super critical extract of Haematococcus Pluvialis microalgae, meaning no use of toxic solvents. It is one of the most beneficial lipids known to science, containing antioxidant strength 550 times stronger than Vitamin E in singlet oxygen quenching.

Vitamin E (mixed Tocopherols) primarily controls lipid peroxidation and complements some of the functions of vitamin A.

Hemp Oil 347 mg

Coconut Oil (MCT), Hemp Extract



Celloquent Gold:

Administer Orally: Up to 20 lbs, 3/4 tsp.
Add 1/2 tsp. for each additional 10 lbs.
Administer 2x a day for optimum immune strength and vitality.

When introducting anything new to your animal start with a small amount. If your animal has no reaction or a positive reaction then you may continue to raise the dose until you have reached the suggested amount.

Vital Pet Lipids:

Up to 15 lbs | 1/4 tsp.

15-35 lbs | 1/2 tsp

35-100 lbs | 1 tsp

Hemp Oil:

Shake well before using, store in a cool, dry place away from light

Administer every 8 hours or as needed;

2-4 drops 450 drops per bottle

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  • Medium
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