All products come with complete instructions.

  • Administer orally, you may mix products into wet food, if added to dry food, wet with water.
  • If your animal will not eat the products, mix with water and administer with a syringe.
  • For best results give Vitality Science tinctures at least one hour apart from powders.
  • If constipation, vomiting, diarrhea or other adverse reactions occur reduce dosage.

Still need help with dosage? contact us:
email us at cs@vitalityscience.com
or call 575-758-3985

Vitality Science products have a wide range of safety, you may experiment with dosage, increasing or decreasing until you achieve the desired result.

Food may be a factor, always feed foods that are free of corn, wheat, or soy. Other possible allergens are chicken, and possibly other poultry.

If you are still not seeing results utilized our email support cs@vitalityscience.com.

Although our products have a wide latitude of safety, every animal is different. It is important to start slow and then increase the dose, paying close attention to your cat or dog. Too high a dose may manifest in the form of constipation, diarrhea, or other gastric distress. Remedy gastric distress by lessening the dose until your animal stabilizes.

All Vitality Science products have a 90 day money back guarantee wheather they are open or not. However, the Advanced Immune Restoration has some different rules. The protocol may be returned within 90 days, unopened for 100% money back, or opened for 50% money back. Read more about our guarantee here.

We do not pay for return postage, the customer is responsible for this expense. You may return products to:

P.O. Box 60. Green Bank, WV 24944

We have thousands of reviews on the web. You may find reviews on product pages on our website or on facebook, amazon, or ebay.
Go to the page of the product you would like to review. Click on the “review” tab. Click on “Write A Review”.

With email we are able to respond quickly and maintain a correspondence chain for us to reference throughout our time assisting you and your animal. You can email us at cs@vitalityscience.com

The American Holictic Veterinary Medical Association, www.ahvma.org, has a search function to help locate a holisitc vet near you.

We ship to almost the entire world. Excluding Costa Rica, South Africa, and Iceland. If you do not see your country or state on the drop down list, please email cs@vitalityscience.com to verify that we do not ship to your area.

Yes, you can find our products in a select number of stores throughout the country.