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Could Fenbendazole Treat Cancer in Dogs and Cats?

There is good evidence to suggest that a new supplement program could help dogs and cats beat aggressive cancers when other drugs have failed. The treatment uses the over-the-counter dewormer Fenbendazole and seems to be the most promising natural cancer treatment since vitamin C.

Fenbendazole cancer

Research on Fenbendazole for Cancer

Several scientific papers have already reported on the positive results of Fenbendazole in combatting a form of brain cancer. Researchers identified a significant increase in neutrophils (white blood cells), which inhibits the growth of cancerous cells. At the same time, the treatment caused a suppression of protein, which results in oxygen starvation to the cancerous cells. This means the cells are unable to use oxygen and must turn to sugar for energy instead — again, resulting in cell death.

Some studies looked at the effects of Mebendazole rather than Fenbendazole. Both are benzimidazoles, used for the purpose of killing whipworms, roundworms, hookworms, and some types of tapeworms. The main difference is that Mebendazole is designed for humans, Fenbendazole for  animals. For cancer treatment, research suggests that Fenbendazole is the more effective of the two.

In addition, anecdotal evidence for users backs up the claims that the drug could be effective for a range of cancers.

A Fenbendazole Success Story

The most well-known success story with Fenbendazole comes from cancer patient Joe Tippens. He was inspired by a scientist at Merck Animals who treated who brain cancer with the deworming drug. Tippens reports that he takes a dosage of 1-gram granules (containing 222 milligrams of Fenbendazole) for his small cell lung cancer. He takes the treatment for three consecutive days and then takes no drugs for four days.

Tippens follows this treatment protocol continuously and reports experiencing no side effects. He also reports that he knows more than 50 more people on the same treatment protocol. These patients have had success treating prostate, colon, colorectal, pancreatic, and non-small cell lung cancer. None of them have experienced any side effects either.

How to Take Fenbendazole

Fenbendazole is sold under several different brand names, one of which is Panacur C from Merck, which is a canine dewormer. It comes in the form of granules containing 22.2 percent Fenbendazole. In other words, each gram of the product has 222 milligrams of active ingredient.

Other forms of Fenbendazole that may be just as effective include a liquid form of the drug called Safe-Guard suspension. Other patients report using a type designed for tropical fish.

The Difference Between a Therapeutic and Maintenance Dose

At the start of any treatment, one must dose according to the severity of the issue. With this treatment, it is important to first use the Fenbendazole to remove the whipworms that are taxing the body. Use the dosage according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the back of the box. Then implement a maintenance dosage. We encourage doing one’s own research or speaking with your vet.

It is important to know that we are not vets and we do not sell Fenbendazole. This is an added bonus and suggestion to supplementation that works in synergy with Vitality Science’s Advanced Immune Restoration Gold Protocol

Dosage and Treatment Protocol

Suggested Maintenance Dose for Dogs

400 mg for dogs. Three days on, four days off to allow the liver to regenerate.

If the treatment leads to a response and causes tumors to shrink, you can continue with the treatment into the long term. The drug is completely safe for all dogs, with only minimal precautions needed for dogs with liver disease. In fact, even then the likelihood is that Fenbendazole is much safer than chemotherapy due to its much lower toxicity.

Suggested Maintenance for Cats

Cats should receive around 200 milligrams of the active ingredient. There is no need to be extremely accurate. In fact, a major study from 2000 found that even large doses lead to no adverse reactions.

Administer the treatment three days consecutively, followed by four days without treatment. Just like for dogs, if the protocol is successful, there is no reason to cease treatment.

Alternative Protocols

If, for any reason, the above protocol is not possible for the patient, you can use a minimum treatment protocol instead. This involves administering the drug for three consecutive days, then waiting three weeks before taking the drug again for another three days. After this, wait three months before administering the treatment for a further three days.

This is the same protocol for treating whipworms (Trichuris vulpis). It works for whipworms because the parasite takes three months to become an adult. The medication kills mature adults in the first three days, adults matured from larval worms at three weeks, and adults matured from eggs at three months.

However, if you are able to use the continuous protocol, this is the better option. In either case, after two or three months, check to see if the treatment has led to a response to decide if you will continue long term.

A Cause for Skepticism?

As with any new treatment, Fenbendazole for cancer has its share of skeptics. If Fenbendazole has such great potential, these skeptics ask, why is the drug not radically changing medical professionals’ approach to cancer? Skeptics also argue that the results of studies on live animals are too good to be true. They doubt that a simple dewormer could succeed when so many other solutions have failed.

There is one main answer to this cynicism: research is still in its early stages. Oncologists have not yet embraced the treatment because it is still unclear which types of cancers Fenbendazole is able to treat effectively.

Plus, it is not actually true that serious scientists are ignoring Fenbendazole. A paper was published in Nature — one of the most prestigious scientific journals — suggesting that Fenbendazole has the potential to be relevant in the treatment of many types of cancer.

Fenbendazole Plus Treatment from Vitality Science

At Vitality Science, we have dedicated decades to creating effective supplements to improve dogs’ and cats’ health, with a particular focus on immunity. We do this by arranging nutrients in synergistic blocks, which allows the different components to work together.

For the last 10 years, our focus has been on a supplement program called the Advanced Immune Protocol. Due to the all-natural ingredients, it is more gentle on the body than traditional solutions. As the supplement targets all the key factors responsible for immune system performance, it is also highly effective.

The latest research on Fenbendazole has led us to consider the deworming drug and take the immune support a step further.

How Our Fenbendazole Protocol Works

Our Fenbendazole treatment is called Advanced Immune Gold. In addition to the deworming drug, it uses all the building blocks of Advanced Immune Protocol. These are the following.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are found in super foods like tuna. We use the EFAs methionine and cysteine, both of which are sulfur-bearing amino acids.

The combination of methionine and cysteine is called the Budwig Protocol. It is named for Dr. Budwig, who used the protocol for more than 40 years in Germany and other countries in Europe to successfully treat immune-damaged patients. She reported that the two EFAs led to the charging of cells in the body, much like how you charge the cells in a battery.

Mitochondrial Stimulation

Cells are only able to function due to mitochondria — it is the mitochondria that provides them with the energy they need. When mitochondria are functioning well, they are able to keep disease at bay. In contrast, when they start to become depleted, cancers are able to develop.

Scientists only know of one substance that can stimulate the production of fresh mitochondria: pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ). Another useful substance is Coenzyme Q (CoQ), which increases the energy levels of existing mitochondria.

Advanced Immune Protocol Gold contains both PQQ and CoQ.

Modified Citrus Pectin

The modified citrus pectin in Advanced Immune Gold is made from orange peels. This simple substance is hugely important: it stops cancerous cells from being able to stick together. This makes it easier for the animal’s immune system to rid the body of these cells.

Other Nutrients

A few more nutrients we use in Advanced Immune Protocol Gold to boost the immune system are:

  • CBD
  • Turmeric
  • Ascorbyl palmitate (a form of fat-soluble vitamin C)
  • Spirulina
  • Vitamin K2
  • Zinc carnosine
  • Aloe vera (the inner leaf)
  • Bromelain
  • Lactoferrin
  • Larch tree water-soluble fiber (arabinogalactan)
  • Full-spectrum enzymes

Why Is Advanced Immune Gold Better Than Pharmaceutical Drugs?

The main advantage of Advanced Immune Gold is that it contains a wide variety of valuable nutrients. In addition, it is safer than pharmaceutical drugs. This is because the supplements are designed specifically to support the immune system. Best of all, the supplements are available at a low cost.

The dosage schedule for Advanced Immune Gold is different than for Fenbendazole products. Simply stick to the recommended dosage listed on the container. As this will be a new supplement for your pet, increase the dose in small increments.

The Takeaway

It may be surprising that a dewormer could have such a significant effect on so many types of cancers. Although scientific research is in its early stages, the few studies that have been released are promising. Add this to the numerous success stories of people who have used the treatment on themselves and their pets and there is good reason to believe that Fenbendazole could be a viable solution for curing cancer.

At Vitality Science, we believe that it is worth pursuing the potential of Fenbendazole. If the drug has the power to make cancers disappear in humans, dogs, cats, and other animals, it is worthwhile combining it with other cancer treatments (like chemotherapy) to maximize the chances of success.

Almost all animals with a depressed immune system see fantastic results with the Advanced Immune Protocol. We are confident that by adding Fenbendazole to the mix to create Advanced Immune Gold, we can deliver even better results, including for pets with aggressive cancers.

236 thoughts on “Could Fenbendazole Treat Cancer in Dogs and Cats?”

  1. Hi my 11.5 yr Golden has a soft tissue sarcoma that is not removable and we are looking at starting Fenbendazole treatment what is the duration of treatment. ( ie how many days)


  2. I have a 11 yr old 20 pound dog diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am starting fenbendazole. I would like to know dosage, how often and how long. I would mix it in his wet food. Thank you.

  3. I have a nine year old cat with sarcoma in the muscle around her abdomen. I have purchased the fenbendazole to treat her. The vet said the cancer was most likely related to an injection sight. What would be my most positive form of treatment. I would guess she weights about 10 lbs. at this point. A portion of the tumor was removed a few weeks ago and it in in her muscle wall. Please let me know how to proceed, Thank you!

  4. I have a 10 kilo dachshund with a benign 5 cm mass on her right adrenal gland. I chose not to allow the vets to operate but to give her a quality of life rather than quantity. She is under the care of a holistic vet who has prescribed Chinese herbs . Is she a candidate for this treatment, please?

  5. I have a 6 year old (80lbs) with lymphoma and started him on the fenbendazole but I was unsure what the recommended dosage is after the first round of three days.

  6. Hello, I have a 7y.o great Dane that we are treating with chemo. He has been doing treatments for almost a year now. He is starting to become resistant to some of our treatment options. What recommendations would you give me for products ? Also, if I started the Fenbendazole would you stop chemo treatments at that time? Please advise with recommendations. I was reading all the reviews on this site, but did not see many situations with lymphoma cancer. Thank You! ☺

    • We cannot ship CBD and do not sell Fenbendazole.But both of them are widely available in the UK so you would have to buy them in UK separately. I will send more info to your email.

  7. I have a 45ish lb Staffordshire terrier that had mammary cancer and all mammary glands removed including lymph nodes in July of 2018. The cancer has metastasized into her lungs, she has many nodules. Currently treating with FECO (full extract cannabis oil), and prednisone. Would like to know the protocol and dose please.

  8. Hi there. I have a 15 year old very active outdoor 9lb cat that has a sarcoma on the nape of her neck, barely detectable and not painful at this time. Could you send me the protocol too?

  9. Hello,
    I have a 12 year old 110 pound German Shepherd girl who is an amazing dog. She has been a certified Therapy Dog, Diabetic Alert Dog and now works with me in my puppy training business. She had a Nerve Sheath Sarcoma on a back toe which was amputated a year ago and now appears to have a breast tumor. I cannot bear to put her through any Chemo, and I cannot bear the thought of losing her so soon. a
    Right now with the CV-19 pandemic is in full swing in the Yakima, WA Valley where I live, my business is shut down and I can’t even afford surgery.
    I would like to use the Fenbendizol protocol. What do I need to buy, what dosages should I be using. I already have a new bottle of liquid Fenbendizol for goats.
    I have site and would also have a link to Vitality Science in my recommendation blog. My site is being worked on right now, but will be up in 2-3 weeks.

  10. My 11 year old border collie diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Do not beleive it has spread. Can you send me some more information my vet here was no help and told me fenbendazole only treated parasites..

  11. l have a awesome 11 yr old 50 lb american bull dog I have been trying to treat with fenbendazole but not feeling I am getting the dosage right. Up till today, with very little articles of guidance. She has a large blood fed tumor growing off her spleen. Please advise dosage.

  12. My rescue terrier, 25 pounds, is 13 or 14 and has a large meningioma brain tumor, discovered after starting seizures. What would be the protocol? Thank you so much.

  13. Hello,
    My 12 year old, 90 lb, male German Shepherd/Lab mix was diagnosed with an extra-axial neoplasia brain tumor and possible sarcoma on his leg. Vet wants to start prednisone. Any suggestions?

  14. I have a 12 lb. cat who has suspected pancreatic adenocarcinoma. I’m interested in the Fenbendazole protocol, as my kitty is still acting healthy, but has been given no treatment options except palliative care due to the spread of the cancer. It looks like at 100 mg per treatment, he would receive half a gram of Panacur C (which has 222 mg Fenb per gram), or 1/8th of a 4 gram packet, 1/4th of a 2 gram packet, etc? Thank you.

  15. Hi, my 7 year old german shorthaired pointer mix just recently got diagnosed with Chrondrosarcoma in her nasal passage. Would this protocol work for this? If so, what is the guidelines for it?

    Thank you,
    Cindy Kwon

  16. Hi! My 1 old pup has a mast cell tumor on his foot. Surgery will be hard because of the location. I’m hoping this could be another option as treatment. Could you send me directions in an e-mail? He’s 42 pounds.

  17. Hi my 7 year old dog just had x-rays from paw to hip for osteosarcoma in his left hind paw, negative, but vet says probably beginning of osteosarcoma. He’s holding up his leg, sunning himself too much, foul farts, all recently. Could I get protocol for dogs, and do you sell anything else? I couldn’t find anything for sale if you do.

  18. Our coonhound mix has hepatocellular cancer of spleen with Mets to lungs. Would this medicine help her ? The Vet said she has a month. We are heartbroken.

  19. Hello! I have a 16 year old cat who was diagnosed with oral squamous cell carcinoma. It was diagnosed pretty early. Would Panacur be something I could try? What would the dosing be ? Thanks!

  20. I have an 8 year old Podenco who has been diagnosed with Liver cancer, can I use your protocol to treat her as chemo and surgery are not an option. Thanks

  21. I have a 12 1/2 year old Aussie with lymphoma stage IVa. We are not doing chemo but decided on prednisone, high protein, low carb and supplements. I asked my vet to also prescribe fenben because I’ve heard success stories. She’s had 3 doses and I was planning to start back after 4 days but came across another dog lymphoma owner who says in his experience fenben caused the cancer to grow by blocking glucose being transported into the cancer cells. For the cancer to grow and proliferate it needs nutrients so it upregulates a metabolic pathway called autophagy. The only way to block it is with drugs (hydroxychloroquine). I’m very confused and certainly don’t want to continue giving to my dog if this could happen. Have you ever heard of this?

  22. Hi, my 8y old mixed breed is diagnosed with prostate cancer. How can I use this protocol for him? He currently cas accute kidney failure, we are not sure if it is due to the cancer and we have stopped all cancer treatments until we heal the kidneys. Can fenbendasole still be used? Thanks!

  23. Hello Steve-

    Thanks for providing insight. I have a 11 year old YorkiePoo who was just diagnosed with osteosarcoma with a growing mast tumor. I just started her on Fenbendazole as well as some Chinese herbs. What’s the best protocol for the Fenbendazole? Thank you.

  24. My sweet boy (12 year old cat) his weight is 17.5 pounds. We Have been told he has cancer. Can you please send me the how to use? So upset about this. He is my world my little boy.

  25. Hi Steve,
    For a cat with lymphoma who has already lost eight pounds, half his weight, in the last 6 weeks, would you expect fenbendazole to be effective? Would you recommend your full “Gold” protocol?

  26. I, too, would like comprehensive instructions. My Fiona’s first appt with an oncologist for bladder cancer isn’t until 6/22. Should I consider starting this prior?

  27. I wish you could post your instructions for everyone to see as it seems everyone is asking similar questions re dosage instructions etc.

    I would also like this info as I was suddenly told my 5 yo 35lb dog has terminal cancer without any warning. I was told surgery/chemo not possible. She has a massive tumor with “island of cancer cells” all over her abdomen as well as fluid in the abdomen but the rest of her organs are healthy.

    Vets didn’t even try to prescribe medication for fluid relief/decrease and I had to fight to get pain medications as the diagnosis was a complete shock. Im tired of being screwed around by vets/ppl/companies taking advantage of vulnerable grieving desperate pet owners.

    She does have a history of elevated liver enzymes since she was a puppy and we never found the cause. I saw that you wrote this is not great for liver problems but it doesn’t look like there’s much choice anyways.

    I would like to try fenbendazole asap as I am told she only has days left. Hopeful this could work.

    Thanks in advance.

  28. Hi,
    I have a 160 lb mastiff that’s been diagnosed with nasal cancer. Would you tell me what i can use and the dosing instructions? I’d like to use your protocol to save this guy. Any help and/or suggestions are truly welcomed.

  29. Hello. What a wonderful article! We have a 14 year old Jack Russell who is very healthy and fit. He has had bad breath for a couple of years and we had his teeth cleaned twice (once a year). When we took him back to the vet we discovered he has cancer in his mouth. He upper lip is swollen and he has a red spot about the size of a pencil eraser. The vet said that because of his age, surgery would probably not be a good idea. the vet also said the cancer is aggressive and gave us antibiotics to help with the infection that he has along with the cancer. He weighs 14 lbs. Can you provide me with a recommendation? Thank you very much.

  30. Can you please give the regimen for a 110 lb Lab. He was just diagnosed with tumors on his spine. Otherwise very healthy boy. This is for my sister, and FYI, my best friend (human) was cured of brain and spine cancer (Ewings Sarcoma of the soft tissue) using fenbendazole and the Tippen regimen.

    Thank you!

  31. I have a 12 yo Rhodesian ridegback with a large soft tissue sarcoma diagnosed on biopsy a year ago. Opted not to have it operated on in view if her advanced age since i thought at the time she would be gone from old age by last Xmas anyway. I have just started her on apocaps and K9 immunity supplements plus Omega 3. Is it worth adding febendazole etc , or would i use it instead, and can i get the supplement in France?

  32. Hello, my 7 years old dog Blue, has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma in the Scapula in April. Surgery was not possible. She starts breathing hard 4 days ago. The diagnosis is the spread of metasis everywhere.
    They told me she may have 2 to 3 weeks. But the vet can not understand how it is possible that she is still eating,drinking, with her weight remaining the same.

    I am following an alternative therapy,but it seems not sufficient.

    Can you email me your protocol and also if you have a diet plan I can cook for her, please. I want to give it a try. I can see her will to stay and fight.

    Thank you

  33. Hello! Our 11 yr. old staffy was just diagnosed with TCC (transitional cell carcinoma) bladder cancer. We are currently managing cushings with a human chemotherapy drug called Mitotane. We are very interested in trying the Fenbendazole therapy and am concerned with mixing of the drugs. I can a will consult with our vet however she is a little more traditional when it comes to treatments and am pretty sure she will be weary in trying something that she hasn’t personally studied. At this point I am most interested in the care and comfort of our dog and always try for homeopathic or least chemically invasive treatments first. Would you recommend trying Fenbendazole? Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time in advance.

  34. Hello!
    I appreciate you sending the info., Is there any way to resend I can’t seem to see it it in my inbox or spam. Appologize for the inconvienence, I am extremely excite to review your ideas in reguards to the protocol
    And am anxious to get started!!!

  35. I have a 100 pound dog with cancer in his chest, spleen and bladder. The chest is probably angiosarcoma .
    What is the dosage for the fenbedazole
    Thank you

  36. Hello, we have a 9yo German Shepherd (Long Coat) that had a mass removed from her middle ear 2 weeks ago.
    Tonight we received the lab report that this mass is a malignant adenosquamous carcinoma, a very rare occurrence.
    Options are major surgery (removal of ear canal), radiation and/or chemo. We are not in the position to pursue these avenues again as we did with our previous German Shepherd who had Hemangiosarcoma (bleeding of the spleen). After surgery we followed with chemo which gave him one more month at best.
    We would like to explore your Fenbendazole therapy as soon as possible to include in discussion with our vet. (Canada)

    Kind regards

  37. Hi It’s unclear if the protocol you are selling includes fenbenzadole. Can you message me your protocol for a 24lb dog with aggressive mast cell tumor? thank you.

  38. I have an 11.5 year old pure bred husky that possibly (waiting on cytology report) has anal sac adenosarcinoma. He is 54lbs. What would the protocol be? Also, can anyone share a success story?

  39. Hi Steve
    My 16 year old border aussie was recently diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma.She also has stage 3 kidney disease which is holding stable with organic fresh food diet..Could you please send me a recommended Fen Ben protocol that would best suit her condition…Your response is greatly appreciated….Thanks

  40. Those with dogs with lymphoma, did you see results by adding fenbendozole? My dog is 11 weeks after diagnosis after 8 weeks the prednisone stopped working and the neck lymph nodes are grown and spread.

  41. Please advise my partner have epitheliod sarcoma 5 operations removed spread in diffrend places doctors said they can’t help we bought fenbendazole but we not know how to dose that please advise

  42. I am just getting started with Fenbendazole and have ordered some additional things from you guys. Can you please send me the fenbendazole dosing/protocol.
    Thank you,


  43. My French bulldog has cardiac hemangiosarcoma. Taking Yunnan Baiyao and I’m Yunity (turkey tail mushroom caps). Has no other organ involvement so far. She is 9 years old. Would she benefit from fenbendazole and what would her dose be?

  44. Hello, could you please email me the protocol for cats? My 10 yr old DLH was just diagnosed with squamous cell carcimoma w/ mets. 1 1/2 wks before oncologist can see her. She is declining quickly right before my eyes and I am desperate for something to help.
    Thank you so much.

  45. MY 12 year old pitbull was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. He’s losing weight rapidly, has diarrhea and has been vomiting as well. Can this fenbendazole protocol help him? Thank you in advance.

  46. “The drug is completely safe for all dogs, with only minimal precautions needed for dogs with liver disease.”

    What are those minimal precautions?

    Thank you for sharing all this information. I hope it will help my poor pup. <3

  47. I have a Great Dane with a tumor in his nose that you can see. They are saying 7-10 days is all he has left. Is there a paste I could make to put on the tumor topically?

    Thank you so much!

  48. 90lb male Yellow Lab (14yo) with mast cell tumor on left flank. Tumor is IV in terms of cell multiplication but is not currently affecting overall health. Takes Galliprant and Gabapentin for old man hips (recent bloodwork, liver is fine). Recently started Luteolin and Tagamet for anti-cancer but could stop those if needed. I think I have the dosage calculated correctly for fenbendazole but would like a 2nd opinion before I start. Thanks!

  49. Hi –

    We placed an order for the Gold Supplement Pack. My 15 lb Bichon/ Jack Russell was diagnosed with mesothelioma with no treatment options as there is fluid around her heart. It was a sudden diagnosis. The vet only gave a few days… We had our vet prescribe an oxygen concentrator from a local med supply house so we can give her oxygen. Please kindly email me the fenbenzadole protocol. Thank you.

  50. I just got home from the vet where my 12 yr old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with a 5-6″ tumor in her abdomen, no doubt cancerous as far as vet is concerned. Please help me w/protocol.

  51. I have been giving my 13 year old Bijon/Cockapoo female with mammary cancer the Fenbendazole and your Advanced Immune Gold – each day for the last week- but if you could share any other tips/protocols I would be extremely grateful 🙂

  52. I have a 64.8 pound, 6 y/o Boxer who was not eating or drinking 10 days ago & had swollen lymph glands in the neck, shoulder, groin, & popliteal areas. I began Frankincense & Copaiba Essential oils while awaiting biopsy results from Colorado State University which did confirm lymphoma. Blood work 1 week ago showed elevated ALT & AST some of which could have been due to dehydration because he had lost 4 pounds in 3 days, but not all.
    I won’t do chemo. He has had blood work, chest xray, & measurement of lymph glands so I can monitor progression while on Joe Simpson’s Panacur protocol I have been using Frankincense, Copaiba, Liposomal Vit C with Doxycycline on him awaiting results for lyme disease test which was negative, & lymph swelling is down, he is perkier, & has gained 2 pounds with this treatment & different food. I just found your site when looking for doses on Panacur & protocol & wish to have your protocol emailed, please. Do you recommend the 3 days on & 4 days off Panacur (fenbendazole) to let the liver recover? I see that the Gold has fenbendazole & Turmeric. Does it have Vit E, & CBD? I began Panacur, CBD, & turmeric tonight on my own, but not the Vit E, yet. Please respond quickly. My dog is deteriorating pretty rapidly, drinking & urinating lots, but I hope to stop the progression with this protocol. I would like to know all ingredients in it. I was considering probiotics & Mineral Essence, but if your product contains all of it, in the right quantities, it seems an easier way to go if my dog will take it. Thank you.

  53. Hi, Sir
    I have a Golden retriever, he is nine years old, 60 pounds, already neutered. My dog is diagnosis of lung cancer. I am in China, I already bought some drugs, and now I don’t know how to use these drugs. Could you please give me some suggestions about this drugs. Should I use any other drugs? Please help my dog, I really need him. Thank you so much sir.

  54. Hi Steve,
    Our 11 year old 18 pound cat has an oral squamous cell carcinoma. We are interested in trying Fenbenzadole as well as anything else you might recommend. Could you please email me protocol? Thank you.

  55. My dog will be 12 in November. She has tcc and vet did ultrasound and seen two tumors in her bladder. She is taking piroxicam 12 mg once a day. Someone sent me your link was just wondering if this would be benifical for my dog and what would the dose be if I bought this. Thank you

  56. HI, I have a 68 pound goldendoodle with a Mast Cell Tumor. She has tried all chemo drugs without much improvement and wondering if this could help? if you could share a protocol I would be most grateful. Thank you —

  57. We have a 7 year old, 50 lb Boxer mix, who was just diagnosed with cancer last week. It is in his spleen and multiple locations throughout his body. We just administered the first round of the Panacure C, (3 days) that was directed on the box. We also just received the Advanced Immune Gold and have started him on this. Aside from his diagnosis, he has a healthy appetite and is drinking water as usual. We would greatly appreciate a protocol for using the Panacure C moving forward. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

  58. My 8 y/o boxer was diagnosed with cancer. She had a tumor removed from her backside and it is affecting an anal gland. What would be the dosing instructions with this medication? Thanks for your help.

  59. Can you email me information for anything that can help my chow golden mix girl approx 13 yr old. The X-ray showed porous front right femur they suspect bone cancer and also see a small lesion on the lung and spleen enlarged. Thank you for helping she has been keeping weight off of her leg for the past 6 weeks and is on rimadyl n gabepeten.

  60. Re: the dosage for cats…Did you mean .2g of the active ingredient? (the article above says .2 mg).

    I was also wondering if the Immune gold products contain the vitamin e, curcumen, etc. that seems to be required in the protocol (for humans) or is it not necessary for animals? (which would seem odd because the one, often linked, study stated that the FB alone didnt have the same result (no reduction of cancer) as the FB Vitamin combo (specifically Vit E).

    And last, I was hoping you would have some suggestions regarding your products and this protocol for a cat with very advanced (they think) cancer that they are (literally) guessing could be lymphoma or mast cell (or 25 other things), but primarily all of his lymph nodes are enlarged (via ultrasound), with the mesenteric (jejunal) nodes making up a large 4.9×8.5cm) palpable abdominal mass (that 4 different vets in last 4 days have all named something different (and 3 of them, taken at their word, would’ve had me put him down on the spot).
    He’s a cerebellar hypoplasia cat with IBD, early stage CKD, and Pancreatitis….on prednisolone, cerenia, metro, and bup for pain.

    Thanks, Sacha

    • Yes, the dosage is a typo which we will fix shortly. It should be .2 gm.

      For the rest of your questions, I will respond to your email. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email.

    • One packet containing 200 mg per day for three days on and four days off until cured.

      I will respond with more information to your email. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email.

  61. My dog was just diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma in her bladder. Would the fenbendazole help with this type of cancer? I would appreciate and help. We were told the prognosis is 4-6 months. Thank you!

  62. Hi,
    I have a 6.5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog diagnosed with disseminated malignant histiocytosis with a couple lesions in the lung area. He has been through 6 rounds of chemo and was doing great but the tumors are slowly enlarging. What dosage or protocol for panacur do you recommend? I’d like to start treating him more holistically. Thank you.

  63. I have an11.5 yr Brussels Griff, 9 lbs dx started seeing blood/mucous in stool, lethargy,hair loss, skin warts, black discoloration son skin. Labs revealed elevated liver enymes. Orderd denomarin. Stool spec neg.Ultra sound revealed mass on adrenal gland and colon. Confirmed colon mass with needle biopsy. Vet says nothing can be done. I researched. Diet changed to raw diet.Nature vet mushroom max, tomlyn pre/probiotic. Dr kruger healthy skin and coat, Prosense daily muti vit, brewers yeast, For Goodness Sakes Adrenal balance, Pet Well Being, apple cider vineger, and 3 doses of Safeguard fenbendazole 22.2% in packet..granular in her food. She eats like there is no tomorrow and drinks a lot due to what vet said Cushing’s. Told treatment would not help her. Bowel movements starting to be more formed since I started my treatment. Was mushy, bloody and mucousy. VET said she would eventually not be able to poop. No problem so far. I stopped trifexis. Will need heartguard I suppose. Please send me any and all protocols of fenbendazole and APG. Thank you in advance. I feel very bad as I feel that I caused this cancer in my baby. Plain ignorance. I thought I was getting the best kibble/ can food. Apoquel for allergies and trifexis. All bad stuff!

    • Instead of HEART GUARD, TRY HWF (Heart Worm Free)

      I don’t agree entirely that it was the food and the drugs. More likely it was the vaccines that started the problem.

      I recommend our Advanced Immune Gold because it is a comprehensive and integrated program to deal with immune-related problems.

      I will respond with more info to your email. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email.

  64. 11 yo mix breed terrier with Mast Cell tumors stage 3 . Just beginning Fembendozale regimen. Tried topical CBD to slow tumors(but not seeing effect). Can Fembendozale be made into paste and used topically? to keep tumors from growing while drug and vitamins take effect from inside.
    Thank you and all of those involved with your holistic site & store.

    • When using natural supplements, no change just means the supplement is not enough. Only discontinue if there is a negative reaction.

      Fenbendazole can only be effective when ingested.

      I will send an email with more info. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email

  65. My 9 year old cat has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma on the under side of her tongue. I am very interested in this treatment. Please email details to me. How do I order?

  66. Hey there I have a Maltese Shitsu about 6kgs. He is 14 yrs old but very playful still and has a heart murmur. Recently we had a CT scan done and found out he has a large tumour in his nasal cavity which has gone into the next nostril but hasn’t attacked the brain bone. We need to shrink this tumour as quickly as possible. Can you please recommend what we buy for this and how much/often we administer and if you’d know how we know if it’s working or not? Thank you so very much for your help.

    Charley Caruso.

    • I recommend our Advanced Immune Gold for many reasons.Too many to put into this blog response.

      I will respond to your email. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email.

    • Yes, so long as you adjust for the amount of Fenbendazole. Also, remember Fenbendazole is very safe with only a small precaution for those with extreme liver disease.

  67. Our 11 year old Golden Doodle has been receiving chemo for TCC (bladder cancer) since April. Our vet says it’s longer working and the tumor is growing. I want to start the Fenben method, plus anything that might help. I welcome your advice.

  68. Hi. I have a 6 year old GSD x male dog, who has had one kidney removed due to a tumour completely taking it over. Biopsy showed it was a carcinoma. Mitotic count of 3.
    He has good kidney function And good test results and has been doing well – until today. There is another tumour in his remaining kidney.
    I am interested to find out more about this protocol and supplements.
    I am in New Zealand. Please message me.

    • I recommend our Advanced Immune and not the Advanced Immune Gold because NZ does not allow incoming CBD.
      Or, you could order Cellowuent Gold and Vital Pet Lipids separately and buy CBD and Fenbendazole locally.

      With the Corona panic, mail is slower than ever. Trans shipping from Los Angeles has packages in a queue. As the foreign destinations gradually open the lines, orders are being delivered. Expect 2-4 weeks for delivery to NZ.

      I will respond to your email. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email.

  69. My dog had a mast cell tumor, and mast cells in a lymph node. He is 11 years old and weighs about 20 pounds. Could you send me the Fenbendazole protocol? He recently began having back pain and I’m afraid maybe it has spread to his spine.

    • Yes, our Advanced Immune Protocol has helped thousands of dogs with similar issues.

      I will respond with more information to your email. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email.

    • Yes, our ADvanced Immune Protocol has helped thousands of dogs with similar issues.

      I will respond with more info to your email. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email.

  70. Hi,

    My dog Banjo was treated for spindle cell carcinoma on her chest last year…she was clear until this August when a nodule showed up in her lungs. The vet gave her 4-6 months to live..another vet is saying we should do a ct scan and possibly remove the mass ( it grew). I’m devastated as she hasn’t even turned 10 yet..I have started giving her 1000mg turkey tail with 45% beta glucans and also a high quality cbd for dogs…I also supplement with sardine and anchovy oil and Dasquin because she started to go lame this summer very suddenly after 6-7 mile high altitude hikes ..could you send me the protocol for using fenbendazole for her…I thought it was the same as human. Like a 1 gram package 3 days and then 4 off..any advice is appreciated especially taking into account her cbd and mushroom supplements..oh and she’s on galleprant. I’m doing that reluctantly but I want her to be pain free.

  71. My 9 year old dog has cancer of the adrenal gland and cancer of the anal sac with spots in the abdomen as well. None are operable, he has been on chemo medication for about 2 months and is responding well, he has an ultra sound follow up next week. I have purchased the fenbendazole because even with chemo his life expectancy is shortened dramatically. We have read a lot and would like to give him any chance we can a full recovery, it will take a miracle at this point but I am not sure what other chance we have. Treatment protocal recommendations or thoughts are appreciated.

    • We have improved and extended life even for hopeless cases. If your dog has at least a month to live, we will help.

      I will respond further to your email. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email.

  72. Hi ,
    I have a 9 year old yorkiepoo that weighs 10 pounds that was just diagnosed with lymphoma. The doctor has given us prednisone, but we would like to start him on the fenbendazole as my husband is taking it along with chemo for his cancer. If you could email me the info I would appreciate it very much.

  73. Hello,
    We have a 9 yr old golden retriever that has lost her eye and a soft tissue spindle tumor removed behind this eye. She weighs 72 pounds and we would like to start her fenbendazole ASAP. Is she a candidate and can you please help.

  74. My moms 8 year old beagle was just diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. Just started her on prednisone and still figuring out what else to treat her with. Can we do the panacur c cancer treatment on her even if she’s on prescription cancer treatments?

  75. Hi! I have an 11 year old, 14 lb. ragdoll cat. She has some soreness caused either by arthritis/inflammation or cancer, is my guess. I want to give her fabendazole to see if it will help her feel better. I have the fabendazole for a 40lb. dog. The packets are 4 grams net weight. Does that mean that at 200 mg. per cat, I should get 20 servings from each packet? I have a measuring spoon from a stevia container that measures out 45 mg. Would that work to measure the fabendazole? Let me know your thoughts and advice. Thank you!

    • Dosages and schedule for Panacur

      Scientific Paper

      “Fenbendazole seems to be well tolerated in humans after oral exposure (single oral dose up to 2,000 mg/per person; 500 mg/per person for 10 consecutive days)” (Ref.)

      Panacur C box from Merck, sold as Canine Dewormer, containing Fenbendazole granules 22.2%. This means every gram of granules contains 222mg of pure Fenbendazole.

      The original proponent of the Panacur cure, Joe Tippens, takes 1g granules (containing 222mg pure Fenbendazole) each day, and he is taking that 3 consecutive days. than Joe stops taking Fenbendazole for the next 4 days. After that he starts again, and he goes like this continuously during the year. So the drug administration is 3 days ON and 4 days OFF.

      If taking Fenbendazole regularly is not an option, consider giving it to your cat or dog it for 3 days, then repeat a three day course at three weeks and again at three months. This is the minimum treatment schedule and is inline with the rule of 3’s used when treating whipworms (Trichuris vulpis). The idea behind this treatment regime is that some worms such as Whipworms take 3 months to mature from an egg to an adult. If you kill adults at day 1, then three weeks later there will be some immature adults which will have matured, but you’ll still have eggs and larval worms present (Ref.The Magic of Fenbendazole). Nevertheless, this is the minimum regime. The treatment regime used by Joe Tippens (continuous 3 days ON and 4 days OFF) for 2-3 months. Then check if there is a response. If there is a response, and tumors are shrinking continue, if not you could stop. Joe Tippens said he will take it for the rest of his life. He states there were no side effects for him or for over 50 people he knows taking it.
      Make sure that the daily dose of active ingredient (Fenbendazole) is somewhere between 220 mg and 500 mg. for dogs.

      Panacure C can be found all over the world at online shops. It can be found in packages of 3 packets of 1gm granules. Panacur C packets come in 222 mg or 444 mg. per packet. (1 packet containing 222mg of Fenbendazole per packet, for small dogs) or or 1 packet of 444mg Fenbendazole, for adult dogs. Whatever brand you use adjust the dosage according to the amount of Fenbendazole.

      A big study published in 2000 found that even large doses were safe for cats.

      Cats: a 100 mg (1/5th teaspoon) of the Merck Safeguard goat dewormer 3 days on 4 days off. You do not have to be too exact. Fenbendazole has been shown to be very safe for cats and all animals including humans.

      Panacur in bulk powder and liquid can be found at links below.

      125 mls Safe-Guard Liquid for Goats –  $19.99 + shipping online at many vet supply stores, $24.99 in-store at Cal-Ranch, and $29.99 in-store at Tractor Supply.  (1-125 ml bottle enough for a year’s treatment for cats)

      Source for Safeguard Liquid 1 gal $131.99

  76. Hello. My name is Mike. I own a 10 y/o Golden Doodle. He was diagnosed with cancer. What is the initial dosage(liquid) for treatment. And then maintenance dosage? He weighs 70lbs. Thank you .

  77. My 10 yr old golden retriever just had a high grade mast cell tumor removed below his eye and will have more extensive tests to see if it is anywhere else in his body. Could the fenbendazole treatment help and what would the dosage be for him? Thank you so much.

    • Yes, we have helped many dogs with identical symptoms with Advanced Immune Gold.

      I will respond to your email with more info. If you do not see my email, check in your spam folder. If you still do not see it, send me an email [email protected] from your email.

  78. Can you email me protocol. My 6yo English Bulldog was diagnosed with lymphoma in intestinal tract lymph nodes. His calcium was elevated. Have purchased the vitality supplements as well as fenbenzadole and needing dosage information. Three days on then 4 off? Can he continue his antibiotic and steroids and supplements on those days or does he need 4 days off everything.

  79. My 20 lb schnoodle was diagnosed with stage 1 splenic hemangiosarcoma after a splenectomy. I am interested in your recommendation for treatment. He is currently taking I’mYunnity and Yunnan Baiyao. Would fenbendazole be recommended for this cancer?

  80. Hello, could you be so kind as to send my the correct dosage for my sweet girl. She had anal sac adenocarcinoma of the left side in Feb of this year and was rebiopsied the end of Sept and has cancer cells. She has a small tumor in her adrenal gland that has not changed size since Feb if this year. She started Palladia and her 6 dose has left her lame in hind quarters and I’m devastated over this. Will NEVER give her Palladia again! Her bloodwork is perfect as of Friday evening at emergency call at vet. I am praying for a miracle and the return of her hind quarters. Thank you for your help!

  81. Hi, I have a 7 year old German Shorthair pointer who is 80 lbs. I’ve got some panacur that I took when I had thyroid cancer but wasn’t sure what dose to give him? Thank you so much!

  82. Hi, Thanks for the information. What is the daily/weekly dosage for a 44 pound (20kg) border collie with Insulinoma (pancreas) please? It causes low blood glucose. Thanks in advance!

  83. Hi, I have a 13 lb chihuahua/dachshund mix dog who is 12 years old. She has fatty tumors all around her body. Would this help get rid of or reduce her fatty tumors? As far as I know it’s not cancerous, but there is one near her leg which will get in the way of her movement. What would be the dosage and frequency? Thank you in advance

  84. For a 7.5 lb 18 year old rescue cat that is too old to get a biopsy. (It can either be IBD or lymphoma) and a 55 lb dog that has lymphoma and just on prednisone, any ideas that truly help? Basically vet said to let them die on their own time, as they are rescues. They both are in fairly good shape, and long as nothing else can harm them.

  85. Hello can this protocol be used with chemotherapy? My 10 yr old English Bulldog has cutaneous t-cell lymphoma and is currently on the LOPP(prednisone is given daily instead of 2 wks on 2 wks off) protocol along with Isotretinoin and Safflower Oil.
    Thank you

  86. Hello, I have been giving 4 gram fembendozale 3 days on 4 days off for 80 pound 10 year old mixbreed dog with 4 aggressive cutaneous stage 3 mastcell tumors. I have been doing this regimen for 8 weeks now and tumors have still been growing is there any way to tell how long before takes effect?

    • Cancer is a tricky beast. It takes time to work its way out of the body. Sometimes it getting bigger could be a healing crisis. All of the toxins are rushing in and trying to get out. At the moment the weakest part of the body is the tumor. I would highly advise giving it with the CBD and the Advanced Immune Restoration Gold Protocol. Please contact us via email or phone for further guidance once you have purchased the product. Take care

    • Fenbendazole or panacur is available on amazon (as we do not sell it). You can buy it per the weight of your dog. You will give it one time a day for 3 days on and 4 days off with CBD oil and the Advanced Immune Restoration Gold. We are here to help via phone or email once you have bought the product. We can help you through this difficult time.
      Take care

    • I think that you should get the Advanced Immune Restoration Gold and then order liquid Goat formula fenbendazole on amazon (as we do not sell it). You will give it with the supplements and the CBD oil that comes with it. you administer 1g one time a day for 3 days on and 4 days off. We are here to help you via email and phone once you have bought our products.
      Take care

    • I think that you should get the Advanced Immune Restoration Gold and then order liquid Goat formula fenbendazole on amazon (as we do not sell it). You will give it with the supplements and the CBD oil that comes with it. you administer 1g one time a day for 3 days on and 4 days off. We are here to help you via email and phone once you have bought our products.
      Take care

  87. I found this site by googling osteosarcoma treatments. I have a 6 year old 123 pound doberman just diagnosed with OS last Monday radiographed due to lameness and swelling front right carpal. Can you please school me on the wormer and how to use it and what to expect. And is it something you continually use. I’m devastated over his diagnosis and have been looking for alternatives as amputation is not a option. Thank you in advance. Susan

    • Im sorry to hear about your dog but I am glad that you found us.
      It must be given with CBD oil. It works very well with the Advanced Immune Restoration Gold Protocol. You give 1g (per 10lbs) one time a day. 3 days on and 4 days off. This is very new research so nobody has an answer as to how long you stay on it. It is a check in and see how they are doing situation. Ill send a PDF to your email. Please check the spam box if you have not received it. We are here to help you through it via email and phone once you have purchased the products. Take care

    • It must be given with CBD oil. It works very well with the Advanced Immune Restoration Gold Protocol. You give 1g (per 10lbs) one time a day. 3 days on and 4 days off. Ill send a PDF to your email. Please check the spam box if you have not received it.

  88. I have 3 dogs (about 60 lb each) and two cats. I’m not aware of any having cancer but have lost many to the disease. I would like to give fenbendazole as a cancer preventative. Does that make sense? If so, what dosage regime would you recommend?

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