Advanced Immune Restoration for Cats

"We started the immune system protocol in mid February. Now, four months later, he is is HEALED!" - Tara J. 


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Holistic 3 Part Program for Cats with Cancer

Protocol includes:

  • HERBAL ANTI. Herbal tincture to promote pain relief and promote a normal inflammatory & immune response
  • VITAL LIPIDS. Quality fish oils support the total well-being of skin, joints, heart, and immunity
  • CELLOQUENT. 16 all natural, clinically proven ingredients in one easy to use powder. Enhances mitochondrial production, improves oxygen utilization & supports detoxification

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Cat Cancer Support

Quantities of supplements per kit size:

Small Includes (lasts approx 15 – 30 days): Celloquent 60g, Herbal Anti 0.5oz, Vital Pet Lipids 2oz

Medium Includes (lasts approx 30 – 60 days): Celloquent 120g, Herbal Anti 2oz, and Vital Pet Lipids 4oz

Large Includes (lasts approx 60 – 120 days): Celloquent 220g, Herbal Anti 2oz, and Vital Pet Lipids 8oz

  • Comprehensive program to support immune competence
  • Enzymes, Probiotics, Omega 3, Omega 6, and phospholipids
  • Concentrated food based micronutrients Maintains comfort and relieves pain
  • Supports vital systems of detoxification Promotes long-term health

The Program also includes detailed instructions and a plastic syringe for more finicky cats.

Diseases develop when your cat’s immune system has weakened to the point where it can no longer mend the diseased cellular structures, repel the invading viruses, and/or neutralize any malignant process.

Within one to two months, these supplements will succeed in supporting the bodies natural process to defend and repair itself.

Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol is the only comprehensive program that supports the entire spectrum of feline immune system competence: Cancer, FIP, Pancreatitis, Stomatitis, Leukemia, Lymphoma, and disseminated infections of all kinds

Vitality Science’s ingredients are world class proven winners. In this protocol you will find a synergistic array of the most effective ingredients. Just one example of the synergy, and there are many, is the combination of EFAs (in the Vital Pet Lipids) and the sulfur bearing proteins in the blue green algae and beef liver (in the Celloquent) super charge the immune system. This is according to world renowned scientist, Dr. Joanna Budwig.

Advanced Immune is comprehensive because we offer email guidance on food, administration, and everything else. Email support is especially important for cats. It makes the difference between success and failure. We will guide you, as we have done for 20,000 other cat companions.

Notes: The best diet is one without grains and high glycemic foods, such as sweet and white potato. Weak digestion with vomiting and other GI symptoms are common with a severely depressed immune system.

Cat Cancer Support

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