Dosage Tips

1) OPTIMAL DOSAGE: The optimal dosage varies from animal to animal. The optimal, or effective dose has to be found by testing, by administering incrementally. Similarly, there is no set combination of products. The combination of supplements has to be found by testing. You are looking for stability not a preset dosage and combination of products.

2) TO BEGIN: Start with any one product.
If at the first step, you get an increase in diarrhea or vomiting, stop that supplement, and try another. If there is no change, continue raising dosage until you start seeing symptoms getting better, or add another product to the first, as they could work better together

3) PROCEED LITTLE BY LITTLE: Keep a diary if necessary. By proceeding in steps, you can back up to a previous dosage, stay at the present dosage, or move forward by increasing dosages and adding additional supplements. These products have no toxic dose, so you can test safely, without the risk of serious side effects.

4) ADDING ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS: You will have to judge by the results of experimentation, there are no rules to adding products. Worst case scenerio is gastrointestinal upset, i.e. vomiting and diarrhea, In which case, you back up to previously accepted dose.

5) YOUR ANIMAL’S REACTION: Judge your animal’s reaction at each step. Are the symptoms getting worse? getting better? or are they staying the same? This will help guide you as to whether you should increase, stay the same, or go back to a previous dose.
If you reach a step where symptoms seem to get worse, go back to the previous step.
At the step that symptoms improve, stay at that step, unless you feel there is room for even more improvement, then keep increasing.

6) SUPPLEMENTING AND FEEDING: Feed only one type of food. Preferably “Limited ingredients, grain free, single protein”. Rabbit or venison. No snacks or food variations. This will eliminate variables. a) Wet powders to add to dry food to ensure the powders are not inhaled.

7) USE A PLASTIC SYRINGE: If your animal will not eat the supplements on food, you may use a plastic syringe. Wet powders with water or other liquid, slowly insert into the side of the animal’s mouth.