16 Sep, 2021

Dog & Cats Health is Improving With Celloquent Gold’s Unique Formulation!

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Celloquent Gold's unique formulation is improving the health of cats and dogs all over the world! It's composed of 17 clinically proven ingredients, all in one product. These ingredients include Turmeric, CO Q 10, Aloe Vera, Spirulina, PQQ, and more. These naturally crafted ingredients work in tandem to support your dog or cat's immune system.

20 Aug, 2019

The Incredible Attributes of Vitality Science Pet Flora

2022-05-18T10:11:59-04:00August 20, 2019|Blog, Cat Constipation, Cat diarrhea, Cat Hairballs, Cat IBD, Cat vomiting, Dog constipation, Dog Diarrhea, Dog Vomiting, Probiotics|6 Comments

Recently there has been some confusion over Leonardite’s origin and the presence of heavy metals in Leonardite. As it is our mission to educate about pet health as much as possible we have created this blog post to help shed some light on this confusion.

25 May, 2019

Fenbendazole Plus Supplements, A Cancer Cure?

2022-02-27T10:32:48-05:00May 25, 2019|Blog, Cancer, Cat Cancer|159 Comments

Over the last hundred year, there have been dozens maybe hundreds of safe substances and protocols that have shown some promise in slowing or reducing cancers in animals and humans. Why aren’t they at least offered alongside the highly toxic chemotherapeutic agents? This omission raises some suspicions. There are so many natural, safe treatments for cancer, including PQQ, Turmeric, Budwig Diet, Hemp Oil, Vitamin C that one wonders why none are ever offered in any cancer treatment.