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The Incredible Attributes of Vitality Science Pet Flora

Recently there has been some confusion over Leonardite’s origin and the presence of heavy metals in Leonardite. As it is our mission to educate about pet health as much as possible we have created this blog post to help shed some light on this confusion.

The health benefits of ingesting clay

Use the Earth’s Wisdom: The more we know and the more tuned in we are to the Earth’s knowledge, the more we can keep our pets happy and healthy. Animals in the wild use instincts to heal themselves, but most domesticated animals are not able to run to the river bank and ingest clay when …

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The Underlying Cause of Feline Diarrhea

Chronic Feline Diarrhea Chronic gastrointestinal problems are frustrating for all cat owners. GI problems such as vomiting, diarrhea and even constipation can cause your cat discomfort, abdominal pain and even lead to the development of cancer. If your cat is experiencing GI issues, treating the underlying cause, and not just masking the symptoms, is imperative …

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