Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Antioxidants and mitochondrial enhancers play a crucial role in cat and dog–pet immune support. Immune competence is the body’s ability to produce a normal immune response. For instance, during the life of a dog, the immune system needs to adapt to certain physiological conditions. Unfortunately, when a dog reaches the end of its life, it will experience a decline in the functional competence of the immune system, which affects how its systems react to challenges like infections and vaccines. You can read more about this from this study. Here at Vitality Science, we make it our personal goal to help your pets struggling with compromised immune systems in hopes that they can regain the happiness and health they once had in their lives.n hopes that they can regain the happiness and health they once had in their lives.

Celloquent Gold: Immune Competence For Pet Immune Support

Celloquent Gold is made up of 17 clinically proven ingredients within one product. It’s a vital resource for boosting the immune system of dogs and cats that are suffering from ailments like cancer, lymphoma, and much more. In addition, the formula works in their bodies to speed up mitochondrial production, enhances the usage of oxygen, and supports the process of detoxification.

Each ingredient has something unique to offer. Take C60, for instance. C60 has antioxidant properties that will detoxify the body, which will significantly sustain your pets’ health. In addition, this ingredient will help to reduce the rate of allergic reactions and support the immunity of your cats and dogs.

C60, also known as Buckminsterfullerene, is a fullerene with the formula C60. It has a cage-like fused-ring structure that resembles a soccer ball made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons. You can read more about C60 and our other formulas for pets from our previous blog.

Ascorbic acid and ascorbyl palmitate are effective forms of Vitamin C, especially when they’re added to food or water for your pets. These vitamin C forms are also antioxidants and will pay long-term dividends for animals on the Celloquent Gold.

Another prominent ingredient in Celloquent Gold is Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ). PQQ is a water-soluble quinone compound that contains solid antioxidant capabilities. In addition, PQQ is responsible for accelerating the growth of mitochondria. Therefore, when paired with CoQ10, it will help the body to produce energy.

Read on to see what one of our satisfied customers said about the impact of Celloquent Gold on their pet’s life.

“We have 9 fur babies in all (7 cats and 2 dogs). And from time to time as we all sometimes experience, bad things happen to great fur babies. 

Our elder Cocker Spaniel we placed on this formula, allergy, and joints for his age. And he is doing well. 

We previously had Winston several years ago on your Cancer treatment. We were told that he had about 1 month to live if we didn’t put him on chemo. We won’t do that to any of our kids. We put him on your cancer treatment and Winston had an awesome almost 7 months with us. You would have never known he had cancer. 

It was the experience with Winston that we now have placed Sebastian on the cancer protocol. Sebastian was “hiding”, and we were informed that he too had a short time to live. He has been on this treatment for 2 – 3 months. Now, he is on steroids & will be for life. He is back to his old ways – very active. His “cancer” belly is gone. We haven’t had him retested but are looking into the possibilities. 

It is all about the quality of life and your product – given as recommended which improves the immune system and thus the quality of life. We highly recommend it!”

Protocols For Cat & Dog Immune Support

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