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Joe Tippens was diagnosed with cancer back in 2016. In June of this year, Joe revealed that he is cancer-free. He attributes his remission to a comprehensive treatment protocol that he was receiving which contained specific supplements and Fenbendazole, an anti-worm drug. Research is being conducted on the healing properties of this protocol and how it can benefit those who take it. The collection of nutrients and Fenbendazole was dubbed the “The Joe Tippens Protocol.”

Joe learned of a scientist performing cancer research on mice at Merck Animal Health. The research process involved injecting various types of cancers into the different body parts of mice. It was later discovered through much repetition and analysis that Fenbendazole, a key ingredient in their canine product line, was killing many of these cancers that were in the mice. Joe had initially been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, which spread to other parts of his body. Upon hearing about the experiment’s outcomes at Merck Animal Hospital, Joe decided that he wanted to try the canine/feline drug for himself. This particular study goes more in-depth about the effects of Fenbendazole while emphasizing the importance of continued research.

Joe was inspired to add other ingredients to go with the consumption of Fenbendazole, such as Curcumin, CBD oil, and Vitamin E, which are all included in The Joe Tippens protocol. So, if you are reading this in hopes of finding a comprehensive solution for cat and dog immune support, Advanced Immune Gold is your answer.

Advanced Immune Restoration GOLD For Cat and Dog Immune Support

Vitality Science has created a supplement program for dogs and cats suffering from any immune-related disease, including cancer. We arrange nutrients in blocks that work synergistically to boost immunity and promote overall health. Our team has spent the better half of 10 years creating a gentle formula but efficient formula for mitigating the immune issues that plague cats and dogs. Advanced Immune Gold contains all the nutrients in The Joe Tippens formula and more.

“Miracle Product! We did start Fenbendozale protocol when we first heard about it…On Dec 5th they did an ultrasound and our girl is cancer free!!! Her tumor was good size and ran throughout her urethra. What a miracle we witnessed! This system has made the difference we are certain and we will continue with it from now on! “ – Kim W., Vitality Science Verified Customer

Key ingredients found in Advanced Immune Restoration Gold are Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) and CO Q 10. Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) works to naturally alkalize the body by keeping the pH levels balanced, augmenting digestion. Co-Q-10 is a compound present in almost all cell membranes and tissues in the body. It’s responsible for producing cellular energy and affects a wide variety of physical systems, including the immune system.

Additionally, Pet Flora is another critical component responsible for Advanced Immune Gold’s superior results. Pet Flora is composed of soil-based organisms and prebiotics that work to reduce the presence of fungi and yeast, cut down on acidity, and improve the assimilation of nutrients. Pet Flora also contains shilajit, a plant material compressed by volcanic rocks over hundreds of millions of years. The tarry exudate is considered a cure-all by the Himalayan people. Shilajit is high in C60 (also called Buckminster fullerene). Pet Flora is an ingredient in Celloquent Gold but is sold separately in capsule form.

C60 is called by many experts to be the most effective anti-oxidant ever discovered. You can read more about the impact of C60 and Fenbendazole on supporting pet cancer by clicking here:

“Oliver was diagnosed with mandibular osteosarcoma in December of 2018. He had surgery to remove some of the tumor, but it grew back within four months. I had as much of it cut out as possible again, but in four months, it grew back with a vengeance. Stephen told me to add Panacur to his supplementation, and switch him over to the Immune Restoration with the CBD oil after his October, 2019 surgery. It is now February 2020, and there is no sign of the tumor coming back. I wanted to wait a full six months before posting this review, but even if the tumor comes back soon, or at all, I know we’re getting ahead of it as this is by far the longest we’ve been able to go without an angry tumor trying to overtake his mouth. I’m continuing with his supplements and special diet for at least a year to make sure the cancer doesn’t return, and I plan on keeping him on his special diet and some of the supplements for the remainder of his life. I highly recommend continuing to add things to your dog’s cancer regimen and not give up if it doesn’t work right away. Thank you Stephen, and Vitality Science for saving my dog’s life! I intend on spreading the word! “ – Krista, Verified Buyer

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