Pet anxiety can make taking care of your pet and enjoying your time with them very difficult. If your pet is experiencing bouts of or persistent anxiety, it may be time to consider taking action to alleviate it so that they can be the carefree and bright ball of joy that you know they can be! However, before discussing pet supplements for anxiety, let’s look at the issue and how to identify pet anxiety.

Does My Dog or Cat Really Get Anxiety?

Yes! Believe it or not, our pets can and do suffer from anxiety at times. For some pets, anxiety can become a pressing issue. But, this is just another way our pets are a lot like us and experience the things we do, albeit more simplistically.

While this post aims to address anxiety and find ways to alleviate it, it is also essential to acknowledge that anxiety itself is a healthy and natural emotion. It is only when your pet is frequently experiencing anxiety and at times when it seems unnatural that you may want to be concerned.

How to Identify Pet Anxiety

Like most issues, pet anxiety has some tell-tale signs that you can observe to understand what is happening with your dog or your cat.

For your pet, look for signs such as:

  • Changes in eating or drinking habits
  • Changes in behavior either increased aggression or submission
  • Hiding
  • Gastrointestinal duress
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea
  • Increased barking/vocalization

Symptoms between dogs and cats with anxiety are pretty similar. One of the subtler signs your pet may be experiencing anxiety or stress is when they are over grooming themselves. Dogs and cats groom themselves as part of their instincts, but when it becomes almost an obsession, it can be a sign that they are retreating into a routine to deal with a stressor or anxiety.

Over-grooming can cause irritation or damage the skin and coat, even causing lesions or skin infections due to the constant picking and touching.

What to Do About Pet Anxiety

As your pet wellness and health source, Vitality Science has written on pet anxiety before. This post details some generalized solutions for pet anxiety that we recommend.​

Exercise and playtime are some of the most important ways to keep stress and anxiety levels at bay in your dog or cat. While play sessions will look a bit different between dogs and cats, what’s important is that they get some necessary exercise and enjoy themselves with some mental stimulation.

If possible, try to identify the source of the anxiety in your pet. For example, pets can be stressed out by new additions to the family, both people or pets, or even items in the home.

Lack of routine is also a significant stressor to pets who thrive on routines for relieving themselves or feeding. Much of this comes down to whether or not you are being consistent with your pet. Inconsistency is difficult for pets and can contribute to their anxiety.

If you’ve tried these suggestions, it’s time to look into what pet supplements will help reduce the anxiety your pet is experiencing.

Best Supplement for Pet Anxiety

Vitality Science strives to provide the best holistic and natural pet supplements that will improve the quality of life of your precious dog or cat. Our ​Soothing Solution is one of the best supplements for pet anxiety and has been a big hit in reducing anxiety in dogs and ​cats.

Our Soothing Solution consists of Skullcap, Catnip, Chamomile, and Licorice (known as the great harmonizer in Chinese medicine). All have been used for thousands of years as healing remedies. Because of this, their safety is no question, and their use of them for so long speaks to how effective they indeed are as holistic remedies.

If your dog or cat is experiencing anxiety; order Vitality Science’s Soothing Solution today! For any questions about our products or your order, ​contact us​ here.