Just as we care for our beloved seniors, pet owners will go to any length to care for their furry friends as
they approach old age. While total wellness encompasses many domains, which we could spend a great
deal of time talking about each, here are three essential categories to keep your pet healthy:
nutrition, mobility, and cognitive health.

Focus on Your Dog’s Nutrition and Keep Them Mobile

Perhaps we love our pets because their lives so closely mirror our own. One of the difficulties of aging
people is that the body becomes increasingly stiff and less limber. As a result, it becomes more challenging to go about our day with grace and ease. This lack of flexibility paves the way for the brittleness of our bones, ligaments,
and tendons. Soon enough, minor falls or bumps can cause us more harm than they once did.

For your pet, their mobility needs are just as important as ours. While many breeds have their own
unique challenges in terms of hereditary dysfunctions, there are things we can do across the board to
help our pets stay in great shape as they age.

Taking them out for walks is not just a toilet errand; it also helps your dog stay spry and active.
Depending on the age and condition of the dog, vigorous exercise can be tremendous but use your best
judgment. Just keeping them accustomed to movement is better in the long term.

One of the most important factors for protecting your dog’s mobility is taking great care of their joints.
For this, nutrition is vital!

Feeding your dog healthy foods without corn, wheat, soy, or white potatoes is necessary. Also, making sure

they aren’t overeating relative to their exercise level is crucial for keeping weight off. Excess weight is

dead weight adding to joint stress, which can create wear and tear on the ligaments and contribute to

the development of arthritis.

The right supplements can protect your pet and mitigate the development of arthritis, and that is our
Flex + Lipids Combo for Dogs. This two-part program features our Flex-N-Free supplement that will make
supporting your dog’s joint health easy and economical.

The Vital Pet Lipids contain a wonderful spectrum of oil-based nutrients that produce rapid positive
results that are simply unparalleled.

● Reduce joint stiffness
● Promote bone development
● Build connective tissues
● Provides support for healthy and flexible hips

And more!

Aging Dogs Suffer from Behavioral and Cognitive Changes

Issues with hearing and vision are familiar with dogs that are getting older. However, you may notice
dogs getting older may act in strange ways at times. You will brush it off at first, but as the
occurrences become common, the realization will dawn on you that your pet is sliding into seniority and
losing its cognitive function.

CCD, or Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, is a behavioral syndrome affecting older dogs. While most

dogs will not suffer from the full-blown effects of CCD; they include but are not limited to:

● Forgetting where and when to urinate or defecate
● Forgetfulness in general or memory deficits
● Sudden changes in your pet’s demeanor with family members, such as not behaving as they
would around you, or failing to recognize family members
● Loss of appetite
● Blunted response to stimuli

CCD symptoms can often be hard to distinguish from a pet that is experiencing chronic pain, which is
typical of the onset of arthritis.

While aging is an inevitable part of life, and sometimes a certain level of cognitive decline comes with
that supplementation is one of those things that you, as a pet owner, can do to help your pet age with
minimal decline.

Best Supplements for Aging Dogs

It is hard for dogs to get everything they need from dog food, and even if they could, it wouldn’t be
optimal. At Vitality Science, we use our modern-day understanding of nutrition and wellness to find
effective holistic remedies so that your pet can live a long and comfortable life.

We highly recommend our Senior Dog Protocol, which is a specially formulated protocol to pay

considerable attention to the 3 points we mentioned thus far, which are caring for:

● Your dog’s nutrition
● Mobility
● Cognitive health

Our Senior Dog Protocol contains Flex-N-Free , Vital Pet Lipids , and Celloquent , which provides the
potent immune support that all dogs need but especially the elderly.
For more information or if you have any questions, contact us. We love to hear from our customers!