Do you have a cat or dog that suffers from stress and anxiety when exposed to loud noises, stormy weather, other animals, and unfamiliar people and situations?  If so, you aren’t alone.  Many animals suffer from stress and anxiety, and luckily for their owners, there are natural solutions to help relax their pets.

Some of the options that pet owners can try to relieve cat and dog anxiety, include;

  • obedience training, exercise, focus toys, crate training, and watching your tone of voice when in the presence of your anxious pet. 
  • Homeopathic remedies and herbal formulas are an effective, mild and completely safe alternative to conventional medicine for treating your pet’s stress and anxiety.  Homeopathic remedies can be administered daily to treat general anxiety, and increased dosages can be administered during times of stress.  It is important to administer the homeopathy prior to stressful situations, if possible, since it can be quite difficult to calm your pet down, once they have been exposed to the stressful situation. 
  • Flower essences function on an emotional level, and are a very effective tool for combating stress and anxiety.  Flower essences are remarkable simple, and combine the energetic essence and effects of flowers in unique formulas.  Flower essences are mild and safe, and when pets are tuned into emotional energy, they are receptive to these formulas. 
  • Herbal formulas are another great option that tend to work over a longer period of time than homeopathic remedies or flower essences. 
  • A unique and creative item that has been proven to be effective is the Thundershirt, which hugs pets, creating a sense of safety and security by making them feel less vulnerable.

Every pet’s situation is different, and while one thing may work for one pet, that doesn’t mean that it will work for another. Treating anxiety can take some trial and error, and combining two or more products is generally the most effective solution. Natural remedies can be purchased through your holistic veterinarian, at pet stores and through online natural pet supply stores.

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