war on cancer

The cure for cancer looms over our heads, like a dangling golden carrot, just out of reach.

Cancer researchers have been searching for a “cure” for over 250 years. According to the National Cancer Institute in 1775 Percivall Pott identified Squamous Cell Carcinoma. In 1909 Paul Ehrlich proposes that the immune system usually suppresses tumor formation. This finding continues research that the REAL cure for cancer is to harness the power of the immune system to fight back against cancer. So, why is it that in 2018 1,735,350 people were diagnosed with cancer and 609,640 people died? And, an estimated 12 million cats and dogs were diagnosed with cancer and over 42% of them died last year! Where’s the cure? Where’s the golden carrot?

Holistic forms of healing believe that Paul Ehrlich was right. The ONLY way to fight back against cancer is to embrace the power of the immune system. In 2016 a patient named Joe Tippens was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. He was weeks away from dying and the cancer was spreading. Out of desperation, and after much research, with the advisory of his friend, who was a veterinarian, he started taking a cocktail of nutrients that would, in three weeks, completely put Mr. Tippens into remission.

He walked out of the hospital a healthy man.

So, why isn’t the medical industrial complex jumping to give us this cure? Well, it all comes back to the golden carrot. That golden carrot is worth an expected $150 billion dollars by 2020. As pharmaceutical stock skyrocket and insurance rates rise, so do the amount of people and animals that die of cancer. This is not what we were promised. Big pharma is in the business of keeping people and animals sick, and we are fighting back!

We are in the business of raising the vitality and harness the power of the immune system.

This is our war cry! We are writing to tell you that we are passing out the golden carrot. We all get a piece and health will be abundant! We are taking action to boost our already extremely popular Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol. We have added the nutritional cocktail, discovered by Mr. Tippens, and we are proud to announce ADVANCE IMMUNE GOLD for both cats and dogs!

What to expect:

Turmeric has been added to our Celloquent formula, creating a new product that is now available Celloquent Gold. Herbal Anti will be removed from this protocol. It is still available for the moment, and can be added to the protocol, but it contains a very rare ingredient and we are trying our hardest to keep it in stock. So if you know your animal needs it, I would advise stocking up now. CBD Oil is added along side Vital Pet Lipids. And, we strongly suggest that if your animal is fighting against cancer to talk to your vet about adding Fenbendazole (a anti-worm and anti-parasite) compound that is approved by the FDA. These additions, in combination with our outstanding and one of a kind formulations, will give you and your pets a fighting chance against cancer.

war on cancer