Potential Causes for Cats Throwing Up White Foam

Potential Causes for a Cat Throwing Up White Foam

If you see your cat puking white foam, it is quite easy to become concerned. After all, when humans vomit it is usually due to an illness, whether that illness is severe or not. But a cat vomiting white foam is actually a pretty common occurrence. If you notice your cat exhibiting this behavior, then you want to know the possible causes so that you can decide whether or not it is a reason to take your feline fur baby to the vet.


One of the most common causes of a cat vomiting white foam is due to them having a hairball. Hairballs happen because when cats groom themselves, they get hair in their mouth that forms into a hairball within their digestive systems. Cats should be able to digest fur, they eat critters with fur and are constant groomers. When hairballs become a problem, it is usually a sign of a loss of digestive enzymes. This is a common occurrence with cats, especially older ones.

Dietary Changes

Another thing that can cause your cat to throw up white foam is a dietary change. Dietary changes can sometimes be resisted by cats. That means that they might skip a meal or eat it later than they normally do. If you are feeding them a new food, and they don’t have any warning, their bodies are going to produce the digestive juices that they need to break down that food, whether they eat it or not. As you might imagine, this also means that you if you change your cats feeding schedule itself, then white foam vomiting may be a result as well.

Stomach Inflammation

Stomach inflammation, called gastritis, can be one of the causes of your cat vomiting white foam. Usually, this symptom will be accompanied by a lack of appetite and they may throw up bile or blood in addition to white foam.

When to Panic

If your cat is responding to a change in feeding or you have a cat puking white foam due to a hairball, then you can probably relax. But if your cat’s vomiting is due to gastritis, a visit to the vet may be in order. Other symptoms of gastritis may include sluggishness, dehydration, depression and stomach discomfort.

For hairballs try a combination of Vitality Science’s Pet Flora and Super Pet Enzymes

Cats eat hair, that’s a fact.

However, they should be able to digest that hair. Sometimes cats need a little help with digestion, for hairballs we suggest a combination of Vitality Science’s Pet Flora and Super Pet Enzymes.

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  1. If your cat is throwing up white foam, yellow foam, no food, small amount of hair…
    Elevate the Food Bowl enough to make your cat eat standing up. Should resolve itself within a few days. This relaxes the digestive tract enough to lower the amount of stomach acid being produced.

  2. Hi my cats occasionally throw up white foam with a little fur ball but their poops are like little fur sausages with a thin coating of poop – is there something I should be doing about this?

    • Hi Karen, Although, JBrown has an excellent suggestion, we would also like to suggest Vitality Science’s Super Pet Enzymes. Adding this to the food will help to dissolve hair and other undigested items in the GI Track. Resulting in my formed stools and expelling more stools from the GI Tract. Thanks for writing in and let us know how else we can help.

  3. My cat vomits daily some days multilup times. Always after eating and drinking water. Recently he lost bowl control
    This cat is 14 years old so I’m concerned

  4. My cat is about 3 years old and he recently started losing weight and he WILL eat but throws it up and is continuing to throw up even the white foam if he hasnt eaten. I don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it 🙁

    • It is not unusual for the pathological basis of any suffering to be unknown. After all, biological organisms are extraordinarily complex. This is despite so-called modern medical science telling us they understand what is going on down to the gene, and what little they don’t know will soon be revealed. On the other hand, we do know in great detail what natural supplements and nutritional inputs will reverse cats throwing up white foam. I will send more detail to your email.

  5. Hi, any suggestions on what to use for a my 11 year old tabby with probable IBD? She is ALWAYS hungry, has soft formed poops that STINK, and has lost a lot of weight. However, she is well hydrated, and eats all the time. She does leave SOME food in her dish and sits there like
    she wants something else when there is still food available.

  6. Hi i have a 6 year old Japanese bobtail. She recently started throwing up this morning. It was the first time yellow with chunks every time after that its been white foamy bile. I tried keeping her away from food and water to see if that would help. But she hasnt gone to eat anything and threw up again. Its been a good 9 times since this happened. Its like 3 small piles . I dont know what to do. Im panicking. I need some answers. I just want my fur baby to be okay and feel better.

  7. hello my kitten vomit white foam with liquid, not want to eat but he drink, i just feed her morning afternoon skip meal at evening he vomit not he doesnt want to eat.

    • The problem is probably the diet. See my food recommendations below.

      Guidance On Food

      We recommend what not to feed. Especially avoid corn, wheat and soy and for some pets carragenan and guar gum. Next, for many pets but not all, no grains and no chicken.

      Next, unless dry is all the pet will eat, no dry. Dry food dries them out. (Who’d would have guessed!) Canned is not so great either. Imagine yourself living out of cans! Canned and dry food are devoid of enzymes and the proteins are denatured. These deficiencies can be remedied with supplements.

      The best is raw but some domesticated animals cannot handle raw. We feed Nature’s Variety frozen raw carried by most large pet stores. Nature’s Variety also sells a very good canned and dry. That said not all animals  will eat Nature’s Variety. 

      Of all the proteins, rabbit, lamb and venison are the best. Avoid all birds (chicken, turkey, duck) since many pets are allergic to them, especially the chicken.

      All food changes should be done incrementally. A 10% change per day is recommended. If at any time the GI problems get worse, then that food is not recommended.

      Avoid too many variables by using only “single protein, limited ingredient” foods, We recommend Instinct Pet Food.
      If your cat or dog has a thyroid condition, avoid lamb, venison, and chicken as they are too energetically hot. For hyperthyroid cats and dogs, duck, rabbit and pork are beneficial. Also, for hyperthyroid animals avoid seafood and supplemental iodine.

      For FIP cats no pea protein.

      For cats and dogs with a kidney condition no beef, buffalo, or Bison. (Too many inflammatory factors.) Glandular extracts are OK. High protein raw diets are recommended by many holistic vets but not seafood. (Too much phosphorus.

      Super Carnivore Bone Broth Supplement
      Bone broth can be bought frozen, shelf stable, and refrigerated. But the best bone broth is home made.
      (1) Breville Slow Cooker is recommended. A very slow slow cooker is necessary so that the bones can cook for days.

      (2) Ingredients: 5 lbs bones, 5 table spoons Apple Cider Vinegar, clean water

      (3) Cook on low setting for at least 48 hours. Stop when bones are brittle.

      (4) Although bone broth could be a staple food. It is time consuming to make so the dosages should be adjusted for weight. At least a few teaspoons for a 10 lb animal and a few ounces or more for a 100 pound animal

      Fermented Fish Stock

      You can buy frozen, pre-made fermented fish stock from Answers Pet Food, which has helped quite a few very very difficult cases.

  8. Hi, my 6 year old female cat just started throwing up small piles of clear and sometimes white/yellowish foam. Mostly only seen in the mornings and will wake from her sleep to do it. Still eating and drinking normally.

  9. My 8 year old male tabby has been throwing up foam for 3 days now. He only does it once a day, but is not eating. He is acting normal, but refuses to eat and I am not seeing him drink. He is still using the cat pan though, so it may be when I’m not looking or at work. Do I give him a few days or what?

  10. My 9 year old Female Tabby/Maine coon, recently started vomiting the white foam with clear slimy liquid. They are indoor cats so my mom came by with some cat grass. They loved it, but a day or 2 later I started noticed the piles of foam.. she is eating and drinking and has wanted more cat grass. She’s eaten soon of it but not like the first batch. I’m use to her vomiting cat food because she eats a lot (she will only eat dry food) then vomits it up… she hasn’t been eating a lot and she constantly wants to lay on me. But the vomiting is 2 or 3 times a day every day. Could it have been the cat grass?

    • The cat grass is causing the white foam to come up but it is not the cause. Food is your first suspect and then water, and then medications, especially vaccines. I will send relevant docs to your email address.

  11. Hello about three weeks ago we switched our two Persian mixes food from science diet dry food to Trader Joe’s dry food. The last three days I have noticed one of our Persian mixes who is 8 years old has been throwing up very tiny bits of slimy liquid and then today it was just white foam. I have not observed him eating and he seems sluggish, his coat looks lack luster and he has a sad look in his eyes. We are going to switch back to science diet this morning as soon as the pet store opens but I’m wondering how long to give the change before going to the vet.

  12. My one year old cat is super lethargic, not eating but drinking when he can make it to the bowl. He is throwing up white foam and is in super discomfort. I am taking him into vet today. He is an indoor outdoor kitty. Wondering if he may have eaten something really bad outside. It has not been over 24hours. I’m worried he looks like he is dying.

  13. Last night (12/18/18) my male cat (largely Maine Coon) started sneezing, then coughing. He is a rescue and I don’t know his age. We took him in about 3 years ago and while he’s overweight by most standards, since he’s a “Coon” I don’t think he’s that ad. He is normally a good eater and drinks normal amounts. He has not eaten or drank all day. He vomited a fist sized ball of kibbles once today, but the rest is mostly white foam. Some of the liquid is brownish but not much. I syringe fed him some water and some anti biotic prescribed the last time he had cystitis. He lies with his mouth open and tongue partially protruding. Occasionally trying to regurgitate. I have a very limited income and the emergency costs are prohibitive. Please help as soon as possible. I’m desperate.

  14. you can get charcoal pills at wal mart if the cat has ingested something poisonous to his system. Break them open and mix with water , put in a feeding or medicine syringe and give some. I don’t know a dose, but if you think they are dyeing you will try anything. The charcoal will absorb poison. My friend gave her cat a bath in some dog shampoo that said to not wash cats in. It didn’t say why not to wash them so she thought no big deal. The cat seriously almost died. He had seizures, puking…he was horrible. She gave him charcoal and in about 20 minutes you could see him getting better. I wouldn’t have believed it but I saw it with my own eyes.

    • Thanks for sharing. I have 8 cats, 1 is missing. That was quite a bit of very useful information. I thought I bought cat shampoo to remove fleas & ticks. I didn’t have my glasses with me that day. I bought flea & tick shampoo for dogs. After reading the label, no mention of cats anywhere, I gave it to my neighbor who has dogs. She was pleased and glad. I myself hope that more cat owners read your clip and adhere to what you wrote.

  15. My cat I have had for 5 years, started gagging and throwing up white foam yesterday/last night. He is hacking and couching like he does when he has a hairball but he also sounds stuffed up. I’m worried mostly about him not drinking enough water right now. I got him some laxatone to help see if that would break it up about 3 hours ago. How long should I wait for any changes or go to the vet?

  16. Hi, my one year old Himalayan cat threw up multiple times white foam with yellowish liquid in it. She isn’t eating or drinking since last evening. She isn’t moving around and has gone quiet. I took her to a vet a while ago. She is running a temperature of 104.5. The vet says its viral and if she doesn’t show any improvement by tomorrow, then chances are low for her recovery. I am really very upset. 🙁 She was fine and active a day ago. I can’t understand how could she get so sick all of a sudden.

    • Vaccine damage never goes away. The consequences can be evident months and years later. Throw in household chemicals, and inappropriate food for carnivores and a catastrophic collapse becomes common.

  17. My long-hair, indoor/outdoor, 11ish yr-old kitty (we rescued him a year ago) occasionally vomits when he eats too fast or has a hairball. This weekend he began vomiting white foam and a few minutes ago, the foam was light pink as if it contained blood. I’m taking him to the vet when they open tomorrow. He’s my baby & I desperately want to help him. Is there anything I should do in the meantime? I took a pic of it so I can show the vet. Thank you.

  18. I have a 8 year old male cat and he has had bad diarrhea for a while now and the odor is so bad. I tried many different diets and nothing has worked. I have a limited income to be able to feed raw food. Please help me so I can help him.

  19. I have three kittens all under 1year old. They were spayed and neutered a week ago. This morning they began vomiting clear and white foam. They won’t eat at all and they’re not drinking water. What should I do? Is it the meds bc they had to take praquizenel for tapeworms. Please help, I’m on a very small fixed income. They usually eat Putin’s One and especially IAMS kitten food Proactive Health/Healthy Kitten. I had to buy Twin Pet last month bc it was all I could afford but all the other cats ate it and have no problems.Help!

  20. I have 5 year tabby , lately he has been vomiting white/milky bile he wont eat or drink. Its been happening for about 2 days. I havent change his diet. Please help.

    • Im sorry to hear about this. milk-white means toxins. Maybe they just got into something not good for them. I would highly suggest the TRV protocol. And, keep it on hand in case this ever happens again. THe luxolite will draw out toxins and acidity. The feline comfort will re-establish the GI system. And, the GI Distress will soothe the stomach and make him feel better.
      Let us know how else we can help.

  21. My kitten 6 weeks started vomiting what looks like white foam after vomiting all her morning feeding this morning, she hasnt drank or eaten again and just sleeps which is not common for her

    • Hi Virginia,
      Im sorry to hear about your cats condition but i am glad you found us. As mentioned in the article we recommend super pet enzymes and pet flora. Please let us know how else we can help.
      Take care

  22. I’m so happy I found this site! My 4 year old bobtail cat been throwing up white foam for 2 days she’s never done that! Combined with some out of character and concerning behaviors like urinating and diarrhea on my floors Ive been really scared! She’s still not eating…she tried once and threw it back up! We do have a vet appointment in the morning! I’m going to try the enzymes any other suggestions?? I feed her premium food already and she’s very well groomed so I don’t think it’s a hair ball issue!!

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