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Natural Allergy Relief for Dogs

Natural Allergy Relief for Dogs

When your dog has allergies, you may not need to go to the vet or give him or her expensive, potentially dangerous medication. That’s because there are some natural remedies for dog allergies out there that some doggy parents have found particularly effective. But before we get into the remedies, you first should understand a little more about dog allergies.

The Types of Dog Allergies

There are four main types of dog allergies. The first is anaphylactic shock, where the throat closes up and the dog cannot breathe. These are rare and happen when an insect bite or something else happens that triggers an allergy. You probably know if your dog is allergic to something on that level and have an Epi-pen for that purpose. Another type of allergy that can happen is the swelling of the face, called angioneurotic edema, or possibly hives. These happen after exposure to the allergen and are almost never fatal. If you take your dog to the vet for this type of allergic reaction, then they may opt to give them an antihistamine. Much more common are skin allergies like itching or inflammation and the fourth type of dog allergy – gastrointestinal allergies.

Dog Allergies

In order to treat these types of allergies – especially the last two common ones – you have to identity the cause. For example, fleas can cause skin allergies. Natural allergy relief for dogs that treat fleas include noni lotion or silver gel.

Another cause can be an allergic reaction to food. This can cause both skin and gastrointestinal allergies. In this case, the best natural remedy for treating them is simply changing your dog’s food. Eliminating corn, wheat, or soy will often work miracles.

Another cause of allergies can be environmental – called an atopic allergy – and happen because of pollen, mold or fungus
exposure. Obviously, getting rid of the environmental factor should be done. But other things you can do include regular baths for skin allergies, adding omega-3 fatty acids to prevent inflammation or rotating through different foods.

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