Finding out your cat has a compromised immune system is a scary and a devastating diagnosis, especially if it’s cat cancer. Thankfully, there are holistic treatments available to your cat to help minimize the effects of chemotherapy and toxic medications. Many people have had success and believe that incorporating them into your cat’s cancer therapies is a necessary part of any treatment.

What is cat cancer?

At it’s most basic level, cancer is caused by a failure of the immune system to regulate cell growth. Cancer can occur in any body organ (liver, spleen, lungs etc), body area (bones, skin, mouth) or even just a general vicinity of the body (chest cavity). Under normal circumstances, cells grow and divide, and damaged or irregular cells (cancer cells) are routinely eradicated by the immune system. However, if a cat’s immune system is weakened or not functioning properly, damaged cells go undetected and continue to grow and replicate. Eventually, the cat will have tumors which are the result of the growth of damaged cells.

Aggressive and Rapidly Growing Disease

Cancer in cats can occur in virtually every body part and system, it can often go undetected for weeks or even months. As cancer is an aggressive and rapidly growing disease, the lag time between occurrence and diagnosis often has a direct influence on cure and survival rates. The most common types of cat cancer are Feline Lymphoma, Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline Mammary Cancer, and Feline Skin Cancer.

Once Cancer Has Been Diagnosed

Close consultation with your holistic veterinarian can help you to select which cancer treatment is  right for your cat and cancer therapies are appropriate for your situation. Depending on the type of cancer, the age and condition of your cat and other important factors, treatments for cat cancers can range from surgically removing tumors or abnormal growth, chemotherapy and radiation therapy to isolate and destroy cancer cells, and medications to help slow down tumor development, treat inflammation, and control pain.

Mainstream Western-Medicine Therapies for Cat Cancer

Unfortunately, while many of these mainstream western-medicine therapies can be successful in removing or shrinking tumors, at least temporarily, none of these feline cancer treatments address the underlying cause of cancer- a faulty or weakened immune system. In fact, some of the treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, can significantly damage or even destroy an already fragile immune system.

Since cancer results from the inability of a cat’s immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells, than it seems only natural the helping to build up and support the immune system of a cat with cancer, along with conventional therapies, may be the key to successful cancer treatment.

Building the Cat’s Immune System

Building the immune system of a sick cat requires a multi-faceted approach. Reduce the everyday toxins in your cats’ environment, such as contact with pesticides, cleaning products, and highly processed cat foods. If you don’t have one already, seek out a holistic veterinarian for a more holistic approach to cancer treatment. They will discuss diet and other alternative solutions wuith you. While your cat is sick and fighting cancer, stop vaccinating. Vaccines can be very disruptive and even damaging to the immune system.

Commercial Cat Food

Most commercially prepared cat foods are highly processed, and in that processing, much of the nutritional value is lost. All cats, but especially those with cancer, can benefit by changing to naturally prepared and/or organic cat food, rich in nutrients and without chemical preservatives. Cats with cancer often have a poor appetite, so it is essential to continually offer your cat a variety of healthful foods to encourage him or her to eat.

We Can Help…

In addition to providing essential nutrients through diet, supplementation of essential vitamins and minerals along with time tested herbs can help to ensure that your cat has the strongest immune system possible to help fight his way back to health.

75 thoughts on “Holistic Cancer Treatment for Cats

  1. michele says:

    What product do you recommend for my 12 year old female kitty – the vet found yesterday a cancerous mass on her spleen. Not doing surgery.
    Thank you!

    • Steve says:

      Hello Michelle, I recommend the Advanced Immune Protocol. We get very good results in all kinds of immune problems. Here is a report I got just this morning from a woman using the protocol for the past year.

      Comment or Message
      Hi…I’ve been using your Immune/cancer support protocol for my cat for almost one year. He was diagnosed with scc and fibrosarcoma of the pinna when I adopted him a year ago. Since then he has been doing great but last week quite abruptly, his ear started bleeding and the vet said the cancer had returned. He sent me home after giving him a shot to bring down the inflammation and wait for 3-4 days until he could do surgery and take a biopsy. The very next day, in the span of less than 5 minutes from when I had last seen my kitty, the next moment that mass (3/4″ around or so) had actually popped out of his ear and was laying there next to him in his cat tower. I was incredulous and took him back to the vet who also had never seen anything like this happen. While he was examining him, he actually squeezed out another blackish tiny pea-sized blob. He didn’t want to close up the hole left by the mass that had popped out so just gave him an antibiotic and sent us home to await a biopsy. Unfortunately, it came back as aggressive fibrosarcoma. That being said, because of the spreading fingers of this cancer, my vet does not feel comfortable doing any surgery on him so the sad option is to just make him comfortable for whatever time he has left.
      In the meanwhile, this ear has healed up very nicely on it’s own and to look at it, one would not even think anything like this ever happened. My kitty continues to be a happy cat eating very well and content. When my vet and another consultant asked me what ‘else’ had I been doing for this cancer, I told them nothing except for the Vitality Science Immune Support for cancer, which is how i believe my cat has done so well for so long and also how this cancer just popped out. My vet said it was as thought my cat’s immune system somehow knew of the cancerous cells and had started to encapsulate it and then strangled it to the point where it just popped out. He cannot explain it otherwise.

      My question though is that this cancer is back with a vengeance and this time, no surgery can be done due to limited margins, etc. I will continue with the protocol…I am already giving 1 tsp twice daily of the Celloquent as well as the other two products.

      I have also read recently about how tumeric has been shown to be of benefit to cancer in animals. Do you have any opinion on this as I notice none of your products use this. Also, if I add this to my regimen, will it interact with the products I am currently using of yours? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks June

  2. Gudni Gudnason says:

    Dear Steve, our cat (12 year old Bengal) was just diagnosed with cancer in his descending urine track going from the gallbladder down. Its a small area and the Vets said that this is very unusual condition but that he will not survive more then 1 years, even after surgery and chemo. Please tell us what is best to do, we are located in Japan, Tokyo.

  3. Jen says:

    My 20 year old tabby has a thyroid condition and is on Methimazole. His recent blood test came back as 1.3 so his thyroid is doing well. However, his loud breathing scares me. I haven’t had him x-rayed for cancer because surgery at his age will probably kill him. Whether he has cancer or not, what do you recommend as a treatment for breathing problems in old cats? I can’t handle losing him.

    • Steve says:

      Since the symptoms all seem to be immune related, I recommend the Advanced Immune which has had great success with all types of immune issues.

  4. Melanie C. says:

    Hi Steve – my 11 year old, super energetic cat was just diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, probably injection site sarcoma (which just boils my blood! Preventable!!) on her side near her hip. We have started going over all the options, including aggressive surgery, radiation and immunotherapy. Those 3 things could be $20grand based on estimates! Making our next steps so hard to make. I am really interested in your products to support her while we make decisions and also any advice on what to use, when and what you think the best course of action should be. We were told the reoccurrence rate is 30-40% even with all that. Seems like her system needs to be strengthened from the inside out! Thank you so much

    • Steve says:


      All immune related problems, including cancer and pancreatitis, come from drugs (mainly vaccines), food (GMO corn and soy especially), and household chemicals (cleaning agents and chlorinated and fluoridated water), pharmaceutical dewormers, flea and heart worm chemicals.

      Our strategy is to upgrade the food quality, stop all vaccines, eliminate the drugs and chemicals, and add in safe, natural food-based supplements that are scientifically proven to raise immune competence, that are beneficial for all animals, young or old, sick or healthy. Along with our email tech support, our strategy has been very successful in re-establishing normality.

      Start with this package which contains products with all cat friendly flavors so that they can be accepted in the food of most cats

      I will email you some docs for further guidance.

  5. Katie Mayfield says:

    My 17 yr old fur baby (cat) Wally has cancer in his mouth. I am giving him the liquid gold drops. What other treatments do you advise?

  6. Kerri says:

    Hi, my female cat is 12 years old and was just diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, or “Feline lung digit syndrome.” She recently had her left hind toe amputated and a mass on her lung was found to have slowly grown over the last year. Part of her pathology report reads as follows: “This is a unique condition in cats in which pulmonary carcinomas metastasize to one or more digits, and sometimes other areas of the limbs. This is considered a high grade malignant with potential for metastasis.”

    We’ve been told she probably only has a few more months, so any speedy recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Kerri,
      My 6 year old was diagnosed with the same right before Christmas. We had two toes amputated (has the squamous cell type). We tried chemo but it made him sick (or his disease has). Now giving appetite stimulants to get him to eat. How is your cat doing? Any advice on things is greatly appreciated.

  7. Nadine Bello says:

    Our 10 year cat was just diagnosed with Chordona Cancer of the tail. The tumor is close to the end of his spine. They want to amputate the tail but the location is a bit tricky. Are there any holistic treatments to reduce the tumor?

    • Steve says:


      We have successfully treated thousands of cats with a variety of immune related issues.

      All immune related problems, including cancer and pancreatitis, come from drugs (mainly vaccines), food (GMO corn and soy especially), and household chemicals (cleaning agents and chlorinated and fluoridated water), pharmaceutical dewormers, flea and heart worm chemicals.

      Our strategy is to upgrade the food quality, stop all vaccines, eliminate the drugs and chemicals, and add in safe, natural food-based supplements that are scientifically proven to raise immune competence, that are beneficial for all animals, young or old, sick or healthy. Along with our email tech support, our strategy has been very successful in re-establishing normality.

      Start with this package which contains products with all cat friendly flavors so that they can be accepted in the food of most cats

  8. Claudia Black says:

    My cat has decided that he will no longer eat the celloquent. We tried putting it in liquid and giving by mouth. He just throws it up. What else can we give him? Any suggestions? I tried sending emails, but i havent had a response.
    He was only given 3 weeks to a month left w/o chemo. It has been almost 3 months now. So i am sure it has helped.
    Thank you.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Claudia,

      I have been answering your emails. Look in your spam box.

      I recommend trying a tiny amount and see if that works. If it does then increase by a tiny amount. Go back to a previous dosage if he throws up at any step along the way.

  9. Steve Dumain says:

    Hi Steve…(I’m also Steve;)
    Our vet did an x Ray’s and found that our previously healthy 8 year old cat had cloudy spots in her lungs…and they say it’s either cancer or a fungus or… But they seem to think that it’s most likely cancer. We almost killed her with a fungal medication called itrafungol….and now trying to maturely bring her back to stabilized health (before the medicine she was sick but was trying to get healthy and had a very good appetite again) …
    Do you please have some advise for us?

    • Steve says:


      Our Advanced Immune has a very strong record of remedying all types of immune related problems. Try it. You will see a bg difference.

    • Steve says:

      Hello, Why would anyone consider putting down a cat that still has life left? I never recommend putting a cat down. So long as there is life there is hope. I recommend the protocol below.

      We have successfully treated thousands of cats with a variety of immune related issues.

      All immune related problems, including cancer and pancreatitis, come from drugs (mainly vaccines), food (GMO corn and soy especially), and household chemicals (cleaning agents and chlorinated and fluoridated water), pharmaceutical dewormers, flea and heart worm chemicals.

      Our strategy is to upgrade the food quality, stop all vaccines, eliminate the drugs and chemicals, and add in safe, natural food-based supplements that are scientifically proven to raise immune competence, that are beneficial for all animals, young or old, sick or healthy. Along with our email tech support, our strategy has been very successful in re-establishing normality.

      Start with this package which contains products with all cat friendly flavors so that they can be accepted in the food of most cats

  10. Gwen Ferry says:

    I have a 15 year old cat with osteosarcoma upper right jaw, where canine tooth would be if she still had it. Been treating her with vivid artemesinin, dmso, theracurmin, colloidal silver, now 30+ grade honey with bi carb soda and IP6. New blood work shows no deterioration in her overall health, she is out of pain and eating well. The tumour has spread however and today she is undergoing a ct scan to show the extent. What do you suggest and does it help bone cancer? She has hardly ever been vaccinated but was fed Fancy Feast most of her life.

    • Stephen says:

      All good supplements but they are not a comprehensive and synergistic approach. I recommend our Advanced Immune Protocol. I will send additional info via your email.

  11. Melissa Vicari says:

    My 11 yr old kitty has an intestinal mass, about the size of an egg. She has small masses on her spleen, which could be benign and have nothing to do with the intestinal mass. Her kidneys and liver are good. Her lymph nodes are enlarged. She’s doing everything normal except she doesn’t finish all her food. An aspiration done during an ultrasound showed little cells but what they saw could lead to lymphoma. Our cat is such a cuddly love bug and starting her on chemo I’m afraid would change her personality. What would you recommend for her?

  12. Kelsey says:


    My cat was just diagnosed on Friday with lymphoma as a mass was found in his chest from an x-ray and his white blood cell count was somewhat low. He is going to see an oncologist this Tuesday to start taking steps for chemotherapy and probably determine if he is FeLV positive or not. I read a story about a woman who put her cat on medicine from here. I was wondering what your thoughts and recommendations are. My cat’s name is Oliver and he just turned 1 less than a month ago.

  13. Javier Gomez says:

    My cat of 21 years, He is a thin cat and has heart problems, has Squamous Cell Carcinoma, in the nose and mouth, It has been turned off, but it has been activated quickly in the mouth. which recommends please, thanks

  14. Lauren DeCola says:

    My cat is 1 year old and was diagnosed with an odontogenic tumor. The tumor is on his upper jaw and while these tumors do not metastasize, they are locally invasive. The surgery is $6,500 which I can not afford. I am seeking out resources to help, but in the meantime, is there something I can give to him to help?


  15. Shayanna says:

    Good day.
    My 14 year old cat is suffering from a cancerous tumor looming over her right eye. It’s increased in size quickly over the last two months and is now almost overtaken her vision. The vet suggests I let her go, but I wanted to know all of my options first.
    Thank you.

  16. Victoria Grabowski says:

    Hi Steve,
    My six year old cat was just diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, he has had surgery but the doctor does not believe he was able to get it all. I have been giving him CBD oil and changed his diet. He blood work came back normal, he is acting normal, eating, drinking and playing with his sister. I would like to get him started on something, what do you recommend? Thank you!

  17. Kathy McCaughtrie says:

    We have a 14 year old cat who has a squamous carcinoma cell on his nose. Our vet says it is inoperable. We are searching for worthwhile holistic remedys that would slow the growth. He appears healthy in every other way. He is pretty good with oral doses but goes ballistic when put in a cage and taken to the vet. What do you advise.

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Kathy, We have seen very good results with dietary changes, our Advanced Immune, and our email tech support. I will send more info directly to your email address.

  18. Brian Butterfield says:

    Good afternoon Steve:
    It has been a rough few months for our cat Abby. She had suffered from a chronic ear infection for about 5 months and further evaluation revealed a tumor in the ear requiring ear canal ablation surgery. The mass came back as malignant but was graded as a level 1 tumor. She struggled to recover from the surgery and 3 weeks after the ablation surgery we had her back at the clinic and a mass was discovered in her caudal lung lobe. They performed a lobectomy 2 weeks ago and 4 weeks after the ablation surgery. They were certain that the two masses were not related or metastatic. The lung mass was graded as a borderline level 1/2. Abby is doing better but during a check up today the surgeon said she is showing an inflammatory response where the ear canal ablation was performed and the surgeon is concerned that he might not have gotten everything during the ablation surgery. He also said that he was confident and not concerned about the lobectomy procedure. We are tube feeding her for the near future as we try to help her gain weight and regain strength. Is there an alternative treatment that you could suggest for our Abby. As well, is there any known success using IR or Near IR light therapy to treat the affected areas? Thank you for any recommendations.

    • LeLa Becker says:

      Hi Brian, Absolutely we can help. First, let me say how sorry I am that your cat has had to go through this experience. We do have an amazing protocol that will boost her immune system, help to create an alkaline environment and reduce inflammation. It is the Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol. If you are feeding her through a tube then it will be easy to administer these products to her. We are wishing her the best and let us know how else we can help. Here is the link to purchase and get it sent out today.

  19. Freddie Premo says:

    In October 2017 I took my 14 year old cat Tinker for a checkup. They found out her liver levels were a little bit high & also ran an ultrasound on her. They found a small mass on her liver, but weren’t sure if it wasn’t cancerous or not. So they wanted to see her in 3 months. When I took her back in January her liver levels were going down & lost a few ounces. They thought there was nothing out of the ordinary & wanted to see her back 5 months later. But I noticed a few weeks ago she seemed to be losing a bit of weight, seemed not as energetic as usual & not eating like she used to. So I took her back on 5/28/18 & found out she lost nearly 3 pounds, her liver levels were about the same but her kidney levels started to get high. The levels weren’t too alarming, but the doctor felt the mass on her liver & it seems to have grown a bit. He seems to believe it’s cancer & referred me to a specialist this week for an ultrasound & treatment options. But he seemed to think that I may have to make a hard decision in 2 months. I’m really distraught over this & trying to figure out more options to treat her. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • LeLa Becker says:

      I am sorry to hear about Tinker but Im glad you contacted us. I would recommend the Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol for Cats. It will help to create an alkaline environment in the body, while supplementing proper nutrients and reducing inflammation. I also believe that it will assist in getting her weight back on.
      Let us know how else you can help.
      Take Care

  20. Freddie premo says:

    I took my 14 year old cat Tinker for a checkup in October of last year. In addition to her liver readings being off an ultrasound showed that she had a growth on her liver. I was told to bring her back in January of this year. When I did, she had only lost a few ounces to 8 pounds 11 oz but her liver readings were getting better so the doctor didn’t think another ultrasound was needed. I was told to bring her back in May of this year. But I noticed recently that Tinker was losing weight, acted a bit listless & didn’t eat like she used to. So when I took her to the vet last week, she was down to 6 pounds, her liver reading was about the same but her kidney levels had gone up. Neither was a major concern, but the doctor said he felt the mass that was on her liver. It had grown and was also on a kidney. He referred me to a specialist for an ultrasound this week, but he seems to think I may have to make a hard decision in 2 months. I’m very distraught over this as Tinker has been my companion for nearly all of her 14 years. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      • freddiepremo says:

        Hello Stephen. I have an update after taking Tinker for an ultrasound.

        They ran another test after the ultrasound & found out that she has large scale lymphoma. It’s not on her kidneys or liver, but part of her small intestine. They are keeping her overnight for some treatments, IVs, steroid shots. The outlook isn’t great, but I’ll know more tomorrow when I speak to the oncologist. If I go the chemo route, she has a 33% chance of living 3 months, 6 months or a year.

        • Stephen says:

          Hello Freddie, Chemo Plus supplements has a better record then chemo alone according to many studies. See link below.

          The toxic effects of Chemo are greatly reduced when supplements are added, according to research done by Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Scientific evidence, and those testimonies from the millions who have used the ingredients in one form or another, both independently and in our programs, shows only benefits.

          See also:

  21. Erin says:

    Hi Steve – my nine year old cat recently had an eye removed because of a cancerous tumor. At the present time, his bloodwork is all normal and the cancer cells have not affected any of his organs (liver, etc.) He is not showing any signs of sickness or slowing down. I was told that the cancer cells are microscopic (small) at this time but they are in his bloodsteam none-the-less. Because I was told that traditional chemo cannot treat this type of cancer, I have decided NOT to resort to any of the “experimental treatments” that have been suggested to me. I want my cat to live out the rest of his days happy and stress-free. Until the day comes where I see he is suffering, I will take it one day at a time. Can you kindly recommend any supplements that will help build up his immune system? I have been using L-Lysine for years.

    • Stephen says:

      Hello Erin,

      I recommend our Advanced Immune which has had a great deal of success with tumors of the head in cats. I am sending you a more complete guidance thru your email.

  22. Roland Chin says:

    Hi Steve, our almost 11 year old cat (Scottish Fold) was diagnosed with mouth cancer in March of this year…we had taken him to see the Vet due to change in litter box habit where he seemed to be exhibiting irritable bowel symptoms ..during this check up, Vet found a large mass inside right side jaw and lower lip area..we brought him to see specialist who did a biopsy of the mass which came back positive for cancer and surgery was recommended to remove mass. Even with surgery there was no guarantee that the cancer had not spread to other organs and with surgery his lip & jaw could be deformed depending on how deep the mass was… we decided against the surgery …he seems to be eating …Vet prescribed prescription high protein canned food (Hills Z/D prescription diet) to see if it would help with the IBS symptoms..we mix this with some store bought wet food (he likes Sheba pate ) he does eat but only soft food..we stopped all dry food due to his mouth mass…he does bleed after feeding… we mix Goji Berry water to his food..tried also applying lucid ganoderma (Chinese herb) tea bags to the mass area, mass seems to have grown and has spread to outside lip area…difficult to gauge if he is in pain as he seems to eat did prescribe some pain meds which we can give him…do you have any recommendations ? It would be greatly appreciated…P.S. his litter box habits continue to be a problem…we have been putting down puppy pads which he continuously goes on even when the litter box is 2 steps away..not sure if this is an unrelated problem…thank you.

    • Stephen says:

      Hello Roland,

      When there are both GI and immune problems, I have seen better success by addressing the immune issues (with Advanced Immune) first. This approach will often remedy the GI problems. I will send you more information to your email.

      • Roland Chin says:

        Hi Stephen,

        I appreciate your comment & reply. Could you please resend the email to me, I might have accidentally deleted it from my spam filter. Thank you.

  23. Monica Sirignano says:

    My cat has been diagnosed with melanoma. It affected his tail, which we removed the melanoma, but it appears to now be in his spleen and the lymph nodes in the stomach. Do your products work on melanoma?

    • Stephen says:

      We have treated cats with every conceivable type of cancer with very good results. While we do not treat cancer, we do treat immune competence. Our comprehensive program includes guidance on food, water, and administration.

  24. Edward says:

    One of our cats has osteosarcoma in the lower jaw. Had Stereotactic Radiation Therapy done and that stalled the tumor out for about 1/2 year. Starting to grow again. Cat has FIV. Do you have anything to help her?

    • Stephen says:

      Hello,Edward, I know our Advanced Immune will help your cat because of the reports of thousands of cats with immune related issues. I will send you more to your email.

  25. Roland Chin says:

    Hi Stephen, the bleeding from the tumor is now growing outside his lip area …. we are preparing ourselves for the worse but was hoping still for your Advanced Immune treatment…thus far, we have not seen your email and would very much appreciate hearing from you….thank you

  26. Gamze Ozfirat says:

    Hello, my 10-year old Caramel has been diagnosed with advanced mammary cancer two months ago. The tumour has been resected, but now there’s a wound on her lower abdomen. Since there are no metastases in the internal organs, we were hoping for another year with her; but if this wound gets larger and deeper, I’m afraid it will kill her before the cancer. Is there a remedy to give us some more time with her?

  27. Wilma says:

    My kitty was diagnosed yesterday. The tumour is on her neck, between the shoulder blades and it is about 3cm in diameter. The vet was amazing breaking the news to use andalso gave us several options for treatment. The problem is that due to the size of the tumour and the location, she couldn’t guarantee that she would even survive the surgery as the “roots” of the growth rests on her vertebrae. They estimated maybe 18 month life extension if she survives the surgery. I don’t want to put her through that and have her suffer because at the moment, she has no pain and the tumour doesn’t seem to be bothering her. Is it bad of me to want her to be as happy and comfortable as possible for as long as she is still with us? Are there any alternative medicines we can try?

    • Stephen says:

      Hello Wilma,

      We have had great success with our Advanced Immune with cats looking and feeling better and living much longer than the vet predicted. I will send more detailed information to your email.

  28. Selena Perez says:

    My 1 and a half year cat was diagnosed with feline cancer. I got him off the street about 6 months ago. I can’t afford him treatment and was told it most likely wouldn’t make a difference. I haven’t been able to bring myself to put him down yet but I do want to try to ease his pain. His limbs have been hurting him and he’s been limping a lot. Are there natural options to help him? I don’t like giving him so much medication because I don’t know what’s in them.

  29. Silvana says:

    Hi Steve, our 15 year old cat was just diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. It’s unlikely we can do surgery due to the location of the tumor on her neck. It’s currently about 3cm and they are unsure whether it originated there or if it metastasized from another area in her body (probably a salivary gland). They would need to sedate her to find out for sure so we are leaning against that but will probably do a CT scan. We’ll be meeting with the oncologist later this week to find out what the other options might be. In the meantime we have started her on CBD oil (topical and internal). Is there anything else you would recommend? Thank you!

  30. Anita says:

    My cat was diagnosed with a large tumor in his chest which is close to pressing on his heart. I was told it is in operable, because they would have to crack his chest open to remove it, and that would cause his lungs to colapse and cause death. He’s 17 but has been healthy his whole life. They don’t know if it’s cancerous or not as aspiration wasn’t done, because it cant be removed. What if anything can be done to possible shrink it?

    • Stephen says:

      We have found that a comprehensive approach encompassing food, water, and supplements along with email guidance is the most effective management for all types of cancer. I will send you more detailed info to your email.

  31. Tom says:

    Hi Steve, our 12 year old cat Charlotte has a mass in her intestine. We’re trying prednisone in case it’s lymphoma, though the vet thought it a bit more likely it was adenocarcinoma. She did two x-rays, blood work. No ultra sound, no urine work. Charlotte has also lost weight, which began perhaps around May. The mass was discovered when we brought her in after she began peeing on piles of clothing in my daughter’s rooms. I would love to find more natural method to shrink the mass, or whatever might help her. She is straining to defecate, and the vet said that if it’s lymphoma the steroids may shrink it; but if it’s not lymphoma, the mass will only grow, eventually making it impossible for her to defecate. We so appreciate any input you might have.

  32. Christian says:

    My 12 year old Turkish Angora (I don’t know exactly how old she is because they couldn’t tell when I got her at the animal rescue center over 11 years ago) has been diagnosed with a Mandibular tumor (jaw) last month. Her blood tests are great and she is an otherwise healthy cat (still grooming, hunting, playing, eating, etc). Her first chemo treatment wasn’t successful as the tumor gained about an inch during those four weeks and she is now on oral Palladia for the next three weeks to see if that can halt the growth. Any advice or observations you could share would be extremely helpful. Thank you.

  33. Sheila M Bassett says:


    My 13.5 year old cat was diagnosed 10 weeks ago with renal and jejunum large cell lymphoma. Oncologist said that even after chop protocol, they normally see cancer return within 3 months. I opted out of chemo. He started taking 5mg prednisolone 2xday for 2 weeks and now He’s currently on 5mg prednisolone 1xday. I started him on a product called Life Gold, but recently changed to NHV lymphoma support products. He gets appx. 250mg ip6 2x day, 300mg inositol 2x day. I give these separately because the more popular combined capsules have added phosphorous and I didn’twant to worsen his kidneys. A phosphate binder with food, nordic naturals omega 3s, a good human probiotic, 1/8 tsp zeolite 2xday, occasional nuleaf cbd oil when he tolerates it. A holistic vet gave me Wei qi and rehmannia to give him, but it’s capsules and I can’t pill him with those as they’re somewhat large and even just a smidgen in his food will turn him off, so haven’t started on those. I make my own nanoparticle colloidal silver and he drinks it straight from his bowl. I also have filtered water available for him. He has been going through about half a gallon of colloidal silver a week.
    He had been eating commercial raw and canned for at least 4 years and the last 6 months he was eating homemade raw I prepared with a completer called alnutrin or ez complete. The last 4 weeks, however, he has started to refuse his raw food. So now I’ve switched him to canned foods. Some high quality, but also some low quality when he refuses anything else. I do get canned foods that are low to no carb and that don’t have grains. I try to stay away from fish as well.
    I believe this lymphoma came about because of his lifetime inflammation from allergies. When I finally got tired of guessing games. I had him tested(but only blood test because I didn’t want him anesthetized for skin test). If the blood test is accurate, he is allergic to beef, chickpeas(common filler in foods) and a number of insects(fleas, flies, mosquitoes).

    Vet just prescribed zofran 1mg 2xday for nausea and regular pepcid as needed. While I’m loathe to use these, they have helped the last 2 days. He’s eating with more gusto.

    Spacing these things out is a challenge as I haven’t been able to find many contraindications online and the holistic vet did not know what most of these things were! I make sure there’s 4 hours between the pred and anything else. And I only give the zeolite by itself as I’m afraid it may absorb other herbs/meds.

    Outside of nausea, I feel he is doing pretty good. He grooms my other cat. They’ve been together for 12 1/2 years, he plays, he poops fine, his pee volume is high(kidneys) and has been for a number of years. His normal weight 6 months prior to diagnosis was around 11lbs. He got down to 9.2lbs when I took him in and thethey found thelymphoma. He gained around 6oz when he was on 2 pred a day, but when it went to 1 pred,he lost the weight he gained.

    I feel like I’m throwing too many things at the wall and hoping something sticks. I feel all these things have promise, but am worried I’m not doing the right thing.

  34. Haylie says:

    My 7 year old cat was just diagnosed with mammary cancer. She had surgery to remove the small tumor ( 2cm or less ). What can I do other than changing her diet to ensure there isn’t reoccurrence. Also, I’ve read such terrible answers online and that mammary cancer is very aggressive. Is there any positive success stories with mammary cancer after the tumor was removed?

    • LeLa Becker says:

      So sorry to hear about your cat. We recommend the Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol. It will help to boost the immune system, support organ function, reduce inflammation, and increase the vitality of your cat. please let us know if you have any other questions.

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