How can earthing, also called grounding, benefit you and your pet?

Research from the Environmental Health Board states: “a surprising and overlooked environmental factor on health is direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the earth. Modern life separates humans and animals from direct contact. This major disconnect can be a major contributor to physiological disfunction and unwellness.  Reconnection with the earth’s electrons can have direct impact on the physiological changes and wellbeing. Earthing (or grounding) refers to the discovery of benefits. Including better sleep and reduced pain. Walking, sitting or sleeping outside connects electrons from the earth into the body.”

Earthing directly affects our stress and cortisol levels. As soon as one grounds to the Earth there is an almost automatic shift from a sympathetic state to a parasympathetic state, more commonly known as a relaxation state. A drastic metabolic change has been proven to happen within the body when grounded. Blood will normalize, the will body will have more energy, and happiness increases.

Grounding our Electrical Energy:

Everything on Earth contains an electric magnetic frequency, including people and our pets. We are conduits of energy within and around us. An electrician knows that they must ground electrical sockets to the earth in order to have properly functioning electricity throughout our homes. If an electrical socket is not grounded to the Earth, it will not neutralize and create an excess of heat and often spark into a fire. Being electrical conduits ourselves, if we too do not ground to the earth, the overwhelming frequencies can create too much heat causing excess inflammation and stress.

Modern Life Inhibitors:

The trappings of modern life have removed many humans and our pets from our natural environment. We often live stacked on top of each other in busy cities, holding cell phones (also emitting an electromagnetic frequency), riding in electric cars and hardly ever taking off our shoes and grounding ourselves. People are spending less time in gardens, and more time in concrete jungles. Rubber soled shoes have replaced leather. House cats never feel the earth, and many dogs only get walked on concrete sidewalks.

Unfortunately indoor house cats, and apartment dogs that are litter trained or that wear boots on walks, are loosing their primordial connection with the Earth. This results in a depletion of electrons in the body. Animals are very sensitive and can pick up energetic frequencies and internalize them. When animals live in apartments with wifi, high energy cities, or with owners that are not grounded, they can manifest the same symptoms as their people.

How Can I Ground Myself?:

The earth as a whole is an electrical conduit of energy. Just as plants and trees provide us with oxygen to breath, and gravity prevents us from floating off into space, the surface of the Earth provides us with a negative surface charge. The Earth is a natural antidote for electron deficiency and can provide humans and animals with an infinite flow of electrons through grounding or making direct contact with the Earth. Grounding everything to the earth maintains electrical stability. When we have a disconnect from the earth our blood gets sticky and it doesn’t function properly. Sticky blood can’t get into the capillaries and oxygenate the tissues.


Clint Ober says, “Earthing can reduce inflammation. When you or your pet have an injury or a damaged cell. The first immune response is to send a nutrifile to the site of a pathogen or a damaged tissue. Then it releases reactive oxygen species which are free radicals (molecules of an electron imbalance) Then the immune system releases an acid to destroy the pathogen. If there is not enough free electrons available to reduce the excess reactive oxygen species that are released then they will steal an electron from a healthy tissue. This sets up the oxidative process that we call inflammation. When a healthy tissue is damaged then the immune system sends more free radicals and the process starts all over again. Grounding with the Earth floods the body with electrons so now the body can use the free radicals to reduce inflammation without taking from healthy tissue.”

Take advantage of this free health benefit. Take your animals outside, get off the sidewalks, stand, sit or lay on the Earth’s surface for at least 30 minutes and notice the healthy difference in you and your animal.