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Natural Medicine Vs. Mainstream Medicine

Unlike “conventional medicines”, natural remedies enable the body to heal itself.

The movement toward natural remedies is rooted in the fact that people are frustrated with conventional treatments, which often means multiple prescription medications (each with known side effects). These treatments do not heal; they mask the true cause. This leaves pet parents frustrated, feeling the need to search for alternatives for themselves and for their animals.Natural remedies consist of healing ingredients that come from nature not laboratories.

Why do remedies from the earth help where many pharmaceuticals have failed?

Living organisms are able to heal themselves because they understand natures molecules. Every living organism; plants, animals, bacteria all belong to a fabric of life containing similar molecules. After all we humans share 50% of the genetic structure of a MUSHROOM!

The same is not true for synthetic molecules. For instance consider two toxic molecular compounds: snake venom (natural) and dioxin (synthetic). In order to raise immunity to snake venom, you could inject venom successively with more concentrated amounts until your body builds an immunity to fight the natural venom. Dioxin is a synthetic molecule and a by-product of the paper manufacturers. If you were to put one drop of Dioxin into enough water to fill an Olympic size swimming pool and inject it, then the opposite happens. Instead of building immunity you become increasingly reactive. There is no immune learning with synthetic molecules. You will get sicker and sicker with each dose. This is common with most synthetic molecules.

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