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Pets, as well as their owners often anticipate the summer and getting outside and going on adventures, but one thing that neither pet nor owner enjoys is the pesky flea.  When weather warms up, fleas crawl out from their hiding spots in cracks and crevices and launch an invasion on pets.  One question that many pet owners struggle with is whether to use the conventional chemical flea treatment, or to try an alternative, natural option.  Many pet owners are opting for natural remedies, since many animals are having allergic reactions, and sometimes life threatening reactions to over the counter flea control.  Pet owners wishing to avoid harsh chemicals that are found in many of the topical chemical flea medications are trying natural flea control to combat the pests that can also do bodily harm to their beloved pets.

If you are a pet owner that is looking for a natural flea control option, you are in luck, as there are many natural ways to combat the pesky flea.  In order for natural flea control to be effective, it needs to be used consistently to stay ahead of flea infestations, and it can take up to a month to see results.  Owners are encouraged to find the natural flea control that works best for them, and their pet.  Some of the natural options include apple cider vinegar, brewer’s yeast with garlic, rosemary, lavender essential oil, and lemon.

Apple cider vinegar is a good treatment option, because it makes pets skin taste acidic to fleas.  One tablespoon can be added to one cup of water, and if your pet refuses to drink the water, a 50/50 solution can be made in a spray bottle, and applied directly to your pet.

Brewer’s yeast with garlic is a popular option, because it can be used as a treat, or put directly on the pet’s food.  Brewer’s yeast works from the inside, by giving the pets skin a taste and odor that is not appreciated by fleas.  Brewer’s yeast can be purchased in tablets and powder, and if your pet won’t eat it, ¼ cup of powdered yeast can be mixed with a quart of water, and placed in a spray bottle.  Once sprayed onto the pet, the solution can be worked into the pets coat as it is applied.  Powdered yeast can also be used as a flea powder.

Rosemary can be used as a flea dip by combining two cups of fresh rosemary with one gallon of warm water.  Rosemary should be steeped in boiling water for 30 minutes, and then poured into the gallon of water.  Once the solution has cooled slightly, the warm mixture should be poured over the pet, and they should air dry naturally, for best results.

Lavender essential oil is not recommended to treat fleas in cats, since it can build up in their systems and become toxic to them, but it can be used for dogs, by placing a couple of drops on the back of their neck, and at the base of their tail, after bathing them.

Lemons can be turned into a flea remedy by slicing two or three of them, dropping them into a quart of water, and letting them sit overnight.  Before using, strain out any pulp and either sponge the solution over your pet, or put it in a spray bottle.  As well as repelling fleas, lemon can also help condition your pet’s skin.

When tackling your pet’s flea problems, please keep in mind that natural flea control only repels fleas and their eggs, and does not kill them.  Flea control should be applied outside, where fleas can vacate your pet away from the cracks and crevices of your home.  A thorough daily vacuuming of your pet’s environment, and regular washing of your pets bedding are also important parts of keeping fleas in check.

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