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Pet Food Recall – Enough is Enough

Pet food recalls offer a glimpse of what is wrong with entrusting your pet’s nutrition (or your own) to corporations and the government regulatory agencies.

Why was “gluten” one of the suspected ingredients in past pet food recalls? Answer, there is a constant search by manufacturers to produce lower cost food that still meet government protein and nutrient requirements. Gluten is a cheap method to do that, yet it is not the only cheap and health threatening additive approved by the government and then added by manufacturers.

Scary Ingredients Approved By The Government

Wet cat and dog food are made from the most distressed meats, animals with pus bags and tumors. Even though these animals are approved by the USDA for human consumption, some, but not all, manufacturers are reluctant to use them for humans. Even the meats that are not visibly distressed are all being given growth and fattening hormones, antibiotics, and highly questionable feed. Additionally, among many scary ingredients, pet foods may legally contain euthanized cats and dogs!

Dry cat and dog food are just as bad, but in different ways. Feral cats and dogs would have to be starving before they would eat the ingredients found in dry pet foods. Dry foods are much like breakfast cereals. They are cooked in a mash and then extruded through nozzles at high heat and pressure. This process inactivates any probiotics and makes much of the rest indigestible. If the ingredients originally had any nutritional value, the very process is sufficient to destroy it. About the best thing you can say about dry pet food is that it’s “convenient”!

Catastrophic Free-Fall In Pet Health

There is an old saying “You can pay me now, or pay me later.” And that’s exactly the result of many generations of domestic cats and dogs being fed commercial pet foods. Without healthy foods, even healthy animals will decline genetically within several litters. Humans typically only have one generation of offspring, animals raised for breeding can easily have 5 or more. Each generation inherits the weaknesses of the previous generations. Today, millions of kittens and puppies are predisposed to an unhealthy life.

Commercial Pet Food = Fast Food

Parallels can be drawn between commercial pet foods and human fast foods. Human and animal diseases are at an all time high, G.I. disorders are varied and common.

GI disorders among cats and dogs are epidemic. Conventional veterinary treatment with Flagyl, Metranidazole, Immodium, and other drugs is toxic, potentially causing further stress to already weakened animals. While these drugs may be helpful initially, without remedial supplemental treatment, their net effect is negative.

What are the common denominators? Fast, nutrition-less foods, chemicalized tap water, multiple nutrient deficiencies, and lack of exercise.

Take Action

The best diet for your pet is a nutritious homemade diet, with quality vitamin and mineral supplementation. If you are unable to provide a homemade meal, there are some better commercial pet food choices out there. Read ingredients and make smart choices and your animal will live a happier, longer life!

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