Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

It is possible to live without food for up to three weeks. Of course, Jesus is a Holy man, so he went a little longer, but the fact remains true. Any being (animal or human) can live without food for a specific time. As long as they are drinking water, the body can survive, and sometimes heal.


When an animal or human fasts (removing food and drinking water), the body will start to change on a cellular level. When we eat, we are constantly consuming foreign entities into the body to allow it to break down the food to convert it into glucose for energy. When fasting, your body needs to produce sugar for energy, so it begins a gluconeogenesis process. The liver converts non-carbohydrate materials like lactate, amino acids, and fats into glucose during this process. The body starts to remember how to be more efficient. The blood pressure and heart rate will lower. The body’s natural defense system is to store toxins in fat cells. The longer the body goes without food, the more the body will break down fat cells and thus, detox and expel hidden toxins.

Heal Thy Self

In the wild, if a dog or cat eats something that makes them sick, they will either try to find a mud or clay bog (like our Luxolite) to calm their stomachs or stop eating for a while until it passes. Animals know this instinctually. Suppose your animal is sick or has been ill for a time, if they are taking pharmaceutical drugs and nothing else is working, they may take it upon themselves to go on a fast. Or, you have decided to withhold food from them for a few days so that you can help them reset their body balance.


Holistic healing is faith. It is trusting that an herb, root, or earthly element will provide the support that will heal your pet from the inside out. It is a late-night prayer that your animal stays free of pain and discomfort. Finally, it is a feeling that you are doing the very best with the very best supplements available.


While the body is detoxing and finding its way back to balance, there could be some hunger pangs- the feeling of not having a basic survival comfort of food. Acidity can build-up from other causes, but now there is no food to coat the stomach, vomiting yellow- the liver is working overtime to get into the gluconeogenesis stage. The number of toxins in the cells could cause yellow vomit. Better out than in, I say.

In conclusion, If your pet stops eating on its own or is sick and nothing is working, it’s okay to fast. As long as they continue to drink water, let them have their healing process.

Tips: For hunger pangs, administer Feline/Canine Comfort – the psyllium seeds and slippery elm will help bulk up the stomach. For vomiting and acidity issues, administer Luxolite– this will bind and pull out the toxins. For behavioral issues during this time, use Hemp oil or Soothing Solution to allow the animal to relax and pass the time to heal. As they come back to eating food, start slowly as the body needs to adjust. And finally, Celloquent is an excellent supplement to stimulate the appetite and rebuild the vitality of the animal.