Cats are sometimes finicky when they are overly cautious about what can make them sick. A cat picky eater, feline picky eaters, whichever way you phrase it, many people ask this question about their beloved pet’s food.

They may be aware of their sensitive stomachs and do not want to risk getting sick due to changing food or eating something unfamiliar.

They can sometimes yawl and beg because they are hungry, but when it comes down to it, they won’t eat.

A loss of appetite is often the first sign that your cat is already sick. First, find out if your cat is picky or has lost its appetite.

Cat Picky Eater? Try Luxolite!

Try Luxolite , a liquid clay that helps to absorb acidity and toxins. This ancient healing clay has almost no taste and can be given every day for chronically upset stomachs. In addition, it has a very long shelf life and is relatively inexpensive.

To try to stimulate the appetite, try Celloquent. It has 16 clinically proven ingredients that boost organ function, maintain proper gut function, and provide nutrients. A few times a day, a small pinch of Celloquent may make your cat start feeling better to the point where they feel like they can eat and provide vital nutrients until they do.

Other popular options for picky cats are Lithothamnuim and sea calcium, a very mildly flavored single ingredient product that works fast for diarrhea. And Pet Flora, our probiotic-containing Humic and Fulvic acid. Pet Flora comes in capsule form, and a tiny amount is highly effective at restoring or maintaining gut health.

Vitality Science has a name for a cat picky eater; it’s right there in our product aimed at helping with this issue. The best option when you don’t know what your cat will take is to try our Finicky Cat Trial Pack, which we created for precisely this reason. Pick 5 or 10 different samples of our most popular products. Some picky cats surprise us by loving certain supplements!