An anthology of supplementing my dog from puppy to senior age.

Lucy on the beach 2022

Lucy, my mini rescue rottweiler, is old. She’s 112 in human years, but she will always be my little puppy in my eyes. She still takes cross-country road trips with me, runs into any body of water she sees to get a stick floating on the surface, and chases after all the birds. She is my dog, and I am fortunate to work for Vitality Science all her life. She has been spoiled with the best pet supplements available on the market, but this is not to say that keeping her health on track was not a lot of work, study, experimenting, and trial and error.

When I first adopted her, she had a belly full of worms. They were so bad that we opted for the conventional treatment of worms. Although this medication smelled and looked very toxic, I decided it was the fastest way to rid her of these terrible things. So I prepped her with Pet Flora and Luxolite for several days before, during, and after.

I had to figure out what kind of food this sensitive stomach animal could eat and how to supplement in between. I tried every different food. She was allergic to almost all types of protein and grains. I tested single proteins for a week each, quickly realizing that this dog was sent to me from above because she needed my help. After much trial and error, we landed on sauteed carrots and celery in coconut oil, rice, and lightly cooked turkey. This was the only thing that would not cause her to break out into a rash or have explosive diarrhea. To prevent and stabilize her, I added Canine Comfort because the L-Glutamine helps repair the GI tract, and it was something that I could give her regularly. It also provides fiber and enzymes for digestion. I added GI Distress because I could tell how raw and sore her insides were. I wanted to soothe them and reduce as much inflammation as possible. She continued to get the Luxolite and Pet flora. It was about three years later when she finally started having formed stools, and I was able to wean her away from the Pet flora, Luxolite, and GI distress.

She suffered from allergies in her mid-years, so I consistently gave her Vitality Science’s Allergy protocol. The Silver Biotics Pet Vet Topical Gel was a lifesaver. It soothed and cooled any hot spot or skin abrasion that would pop up; the Super Pet Enzymes and the Pet Flora helped relieve the body of inflammation and foreign allergenic substances.

II remember when I looked into her eyes and saw that they were starting to get cloudy; I cried. And after that, her hair around those beautiful big brown eyes started to grey. It was apparent that my little puppy was getting older. I immediately started her on the Senior Dog Protocol. Celloquent gives her energy and supports her organs; Vital Pet Lipids pair perfectly with the Celloquent and help provide essential fats and lubricate her joints. With a bonus of healthy brain function. The Flex-n-Free fortifies and repairs ligaments and joints. She has been on this for about eight years. A few months ago, she turned 16, and with this joyous mark of life came a few concerning lumps on her belly around her hips. My holistic vet says that she is in good health and there is nothing to worry about, but I want to prevent anything that could get out of hand in the future, so I have switched her to The Advanced Immune Restoration protocol GOLD. As the senior customer service director of Vitality Science, I have had the pleasure of talking to thousands of customers with great success with this protocol. Of course, I wanted to give the very best to Lucy. The Celloquent Gold is an upgrade from the regular Celloquent because it has a bonus of high-grade turmeric to help reduce inflammation. She is still taking the Vital Pet Lipids for inflammation and CBD oil out of the synergy of this protocol. I give her CBD oil with Fenbendazole three times a week that I get at my local farm feed store. This combination is a cancer receptor blocker. She does not have cancer yet, but it is an excellent preventive because it is gentle. At night she gets the Celloquent Gold and Vital Pet Lipids.

She is a very healthy dog, and I want her to live as long as possible while still being comfortable and active. With that job comes a constant consideration of what she goes through daily. For example, this morning, she got a hold of some bacon and some bacon grease that fell on the floor. She immediately got diarrhea. Of course, she did because she has such a sensitive stomach. After returning outside, I immediately gave her Luxolite and Pet Flora that I mixed in a syringe and pushed into her mouth between her cheek and her gums. Within minutes she was back to normal, laying in the sun on her bed with her feet in the air and her belly exposed-happy as a clam.

Yesterday I noticed that she was limping a little bit, so that night, I increased her Flex-n-Free, and this morning it has gone away. I will keep her on the increased dosage of Flex-n-Free for the next few days, maybe even a week. This will give her the support she needs for that weak leg, and then I will take her back down to a maintenance dose.

I give you Lucy’s lifelong supplement regime to inspire our customers and future pet owners to ask us questions and learn about what our products can do. Feel free to supplement your animal in acute and therapeutical ways. I have spoken with many customers who joke about harnessing their inner alchemist—playing with each product, trying each out, and seeing how they affect their animal and in what ways. We encourage this because our products are incredibly gentle and have almost no adverse side effects. You really can’t mess up, but you want to mind your dosages. Start slowly in the beginning and increase methodically until you have found what works for your animal for the reason which you are supplementing.

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(Senior Pet Health Specialist)