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Avoid Over Vaccinating Your Animal

We all love our pets, and want to take care of them to the best of our abilities, and part of this care taking role includes making decisions on topics such as whether or not to vaccinate our pets.  While vaccinations are a regular part of vet care for most pets, it’s also a controversial …

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Dog Cancer Guide

Dog Cancer Guide

What Should I know about my Dog’s Cancer? Over the last month your dog lost a few pounds, seemed a little listless, and could not tolerate much exercise. When he decided he no longer felt like eating, however, alarm bells sounded and you had him to the vet the same day. Most likely your vet …

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This image is from our blog post about holistic cancer treatment for cats

Holistic Choices for a Cat’s Compromised Immune System

Finding out your cat has a compromised immune system is a scary and often devastating diagnosis, especially if the cause is cat cancer. Thankfully, there are holistic treatments available that will help minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and toxic medications. Combining holistic choices for a cat’s compromised immune system with conventional cancer therapies should …

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