The key to curing cat and dog cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, Aids, and all incurable diseases is to see beyond the disease name and beyond any fatal conclusions implied by that name.

The Disease Name Game.

Your vet says that your pet has lymphoma. Lymphoma is a perfectly good word. The dictionary tells us that “lymphoma” means “cancer of the lymph nodes”. Lymphoma is diagnosed when there is a proliferation of malignant lymphocytes within the lymphatic system…. I could go on here to define the lymphatic system, and to delineate lymphocytes, and the other cellular structures involved in lymphoma.

The same dictionary approach could be done with feline Aids, leukemia and all the so-called incurable cat and dog diseases.
 Herein lies a warning from the Wizard of Oz, “Don’t look behind the curtain.” Because behind the curtain of words lies an even vaster unnamed territory.

Too often, the naming game provides a cover for real understanding. Naming the pathology can easily be a mirage of understanding. Even worse, the search for a name becomes an end in itself. Those who do the searching, scientific investigators, are enriched by the process.

What’s in a Name?

“Doctor, what is the name of this suffering?” The doctor then carries out a variety of sophisticated tests and reports back. “Your cat or dog has lymphosarcoma.”
So what? The search should not be primarily for the name but for a treatment with a history of success. If the name includes a host of dangerous, expensive, and prolonged treatments, then maybe we should do away with that particular name. Let’s try another name. How about chronic nutrient deficiency?

The linguistic territory of diseases is a rich field to mine for ever more names. Names piled upon names. Do you ever get the feeling that the names are a cover for the lack of therapeutic success? If chemo is not working, the failure is not in the chemo but in the missing words. The missing words could be lymphoma with a salad of acronyms: HIV, FIV, etc. What difference does it make in the pet’s health?

Beware of the Name Game.

The naming game has endless potential to trick the unwary into thinking that naming a disease entity and its parts has any necessary relationship to actually curing the disease. The name may help or it may hinder. In any case, there is no necessary relationship.
Let me give an example. Let us say that there is a holistic doctor that cares nothing about the theories of cancer, lymphoma, Aids, and leukemia. However, the vet is an astute observer. She notices that the cat’s or dog’s eyes have no sparkle, the breath is stale, the stools smell rotten, and the pet has no energy. Her prescription is to supplement with probiotics, colostrum, a grain free diet, pure water, and other natural supplements to raise vitality.

This cancerous cat or dog has an excellent chance to recover because all the remedies are safe, natural, gentle, and have a long history of improving the health of cats and dogs. Yet, the holistic vet never needed to know that cancer was present. It wasn’t the name or the lack of a name that made a difference. The difference is found in an attunement: Cat, feline, dog, canine, pet, mammal, herb, hemp, tree, and everything that grows upon the Mother Earth.

Let us take an example at the other end of the therapeutic spectrum: an orthodox vet who knows all the studies, knows the name of every part, and knows the forms of cancerous cells. This vet’s extensive laboratory can see down to a sand-grain sized cancer cell. The lab can sequence the genes of a cat and dog to see if there is a genetic susceptibility. This vet has a large arsenal of drugs and high tech interventions to treat cancer. This vet can medicate with hormones, chemo, radiation, and various surgeries.

If his cat and dog patients survive this toxic onslaught, their health will never be the same. The literature is clear that chemo, radiation, and surgery destroy the health of all the patients. Even though this vet knows all the names, all the diagnostic strategies, and all the medications, his outcome is always worse than the holistic vet. See the attunement: synthetic chemicals, burning radiation, excising tissue, and the specter of grim prognosis.

Beware the Wizards of Words. It is not about the mumbo jumbo. It is about successfully treating cancer, Aids, lymphoma, leukemia and the other so-called incurable diseases with safe, gentle, natural, and time-tested remedies.

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