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Feline Comfort Plus, an advanced digestive support for cats, has been carefully formulated to meet the special needs of domesticated animals. Every ingredient works synergistically help to restore normal microbiological balance and digestion, and aids in reducing occasional loose stools due to environmental stress of changes in diet.

The “Plus” in Feline Comfort Plus is the addition of Diatomaceous Earth and Lithothamnium both are naturally absorbent.

If you feel as though your cat needs an even more comprehensive program try our TRD&V Protocol for Cats – 3 Part Package.


Active Ingredients: A proprietary blend of [Arabinogalactan (Larix laricina), L-Glutamine, Psyllium Seed Powder (Plantago ovata), Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra), BioCore Complete© , Pet Flora™, Diatomaceous Earth (food Grade), Zeolite (clinopilolite), Serrazimes®, Bromelain (Ananas comosus), Zinc-Carnison, Bentonite (montmorillonite)]

Inactive Ingredients: Tuna / Argentinean Beef Liver

Arabinogalactan While Arabinogalactan and its constituent parts are common in nature, the commercial extraction is taken from a Larch tree. It is water soluble and enhances immune competence. Arabinogalactan is a long chain polysaccharide containing arabinose and galactose monosaccharides. Arabinogalactan is actively fermented by intestinal microflora and is effective at increasing beneficial anaerobes such as those in Pet Flora.

L-Glutamine Peptide-bound form, amino acid, is the most easily assimilated form of L-Glutamine. This form is absorbed up to 20 times better than free form amino acids.

Lithothamnium calcified red seaweed product, is harvested from the purest waters off the S.W. coast of Ireland. It is absorbent and drying.

Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade, powdered diatoms, composed of silica and calcium.

Slippery Elm An Herbal preparation made from the slippery inner bark of a type of elm tree. Slippery elm has been used for centuries in North America for medicinal purpose.

Psyllium Seed Powder The indigestible mucilage (active principle) is found both in the whole seed and the husk and swells when it comes in contact with water.

Beef Liver Powder is from Argentinian natural grass fed cows. These cows have never been on feed lots and freely roam the Pampas.


For every 20 lbs of animal, administer 1 tsp 1-2x daily

Continue 1x daily for optimum gastrointestinal health. If diarrhea/vomiting persists please email customer service for suggestions and support.



  1. Tibor

    My 13 Javanese kitty started to exhibit some minor signs of IBS and at the same time acquired an upper respiratory tract infection. Upon taking him to the vet the second time and being put on the usual regimen of antibiotics he started to go downhill and almost stopped eating completely. The vet also said that once the antibiotics are finished he will probably have to go on prednisone for IBS although there was no definite diagnosis of it (two episodes of diarrhea and vomiting in the last 6 months). I balked at this knowing the side effects of steroids and that it would be only a temporary solution and would likely result in organ failure and ultimately death. I started to research and came upon this product. I took him off the antibiotics early so his appetite returned and started using Feline Comfort Plus once daily (1/2 to 3/4 tsp). He is a healthy cat once again. His coat is thicker, shinier and bushier than ever, he is playing and energetic, and his stool hardly smells now! He has much more energy as I think that he is absorbing nutrients more efficiently now. His immune system is also stronger as he is sneezing less (from feline herpes which he has and I give him lysine for that) and the Feline Comfort Plus together with the lysine has really boosted it. Thank you for this great product! I know now that my kitty can live out his older years in relatively good health.

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