TRDV Protocol for Cats

"Jezi has been on the supplements for approx a week and a half and she has been getting some nice firm stools." - Martha W.


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3 Part Program for Digestive Heath and Stability

  • ALLEVIATES GI DISTRESS. Reduces inflammation, relieves gas, calms the GI tract and expels parasites
  • UNIQUE PROGRAM. Contains targeted products to treat the underlying factors of diarrhea and vomiting
  • EFFECTIVE. Works as digestive aid, soothes the lining of the stomach and stimulates normal digestion
  • SAFE TO USE. Natural products in their purest form without any fillers or flowing agents for safety
  • MADE IN USA. Formulated in small batches, hand packed and inspected to ensure quality

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Bringing stability to a cat with diarrhea and vomiting can be tricky and might need multiple steps.

We can help you through the process by offering you a combination of our 3 most popular products:

Luxolite, Pure white Bentonite clay, is formed from volcanic ash and has the ability to produce a charge that is electrical in nature when it comes in contact with liquid — similar to how earthing works. When the clay touches any type of fluid (normally water), it takes on a different charge and is thought to bind to any present toxins within the fluid.

100% Pure Activated White Clay, A “Living Clay,” Consisting of 67 Minerals. Including; Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Maganese and Silica.

Feline Comfort Plus  12 ingredients working synergistically to provide digestive support. Ingredients include Prebiotics, Probiotics, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Minerals and more. Feline Comfort Plus helps to restore normal microbiological balance and stops diarrhea.  It also aids in reducing occasional loose stools due to environmental stress or changes in diet.

GI Distress Soothe your cat’s stomach and normalize bowel function with these all-natural herbs, based on time-tested, traditional medicinal formulas.

This herbal tincture comprises of six carefully selected ingredients that work synergistically to achieve a pronounced effect on pathogens throughout your cat’s body.

Especially Yucca, widely used in its whole plant form, which acts as an anti-parasitic. In the concentrated herbal extract, yucca outperforms pharmaceutical drugs against Coccidia.

plus our email support. The products and information available on this protocol give our customers the tools needed to achieve success.


  • Supports gastric distress, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Supports your cat’s normal detoxification process
  • Enhances immune competence
  • Soothes stomach and normalizes bowel function
  • Helps with digestion, reduces acidity and improves nutrient assimilation
  • Supports GI tract

Vitality Science ensures our products are in their purest form by no not adding any fillers, flowing agents, flavors, colors or anything other than what is on the label. The  time-tested ingredients are extremely safe and are a helpful addition to your cat’s or dog’s health plan.

Vitality Science offers excellent customer support that goes beyond the point of purchase. We work with you to choose the right food, identify potential toxins in your home, and guide your supplementation. Our goal is results and if you do not get them, then we will refund your money. Please contact our pet health experts for any questions about our products (how to use, dosages, updates). We would love to hear from you!

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