TRDV Protocol for Cats - 3 Part Program for Digestive Heath and Stability

  • ALLEVIATES GI DISTRESS. Reduces inflammation, relieves gas, calms the GI tract and expels parasites
  • UNIQUE PROGRAM. Contains targeted products to treat the underlying factors of diarrhea and vomiting
  • EFFECTIVE. Works as digestive aid, soothes the lining of the stomach and stimulates normal digestion
  • SAFE TO USE. Natural products in their purest form without any fillers or flowing agents for safety
  • MADE IN USA. Formulated in small batches, hand packed and inspected to ensure quality


Judith E.
Judith E.
She is so much happier and healthier!
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I just wanted to update you on Chloe. She is now 8 years old. She is my longhair fur kid who has been suffering from IBS for years. I talked to you several times about her constant diarrhea and throwing up. Vets were very little help. She still has problems but nothing like she was battling before I put her on the plan you suggested. She is so much happier and social not to mention so much healthier !!!!!! I am looking forward to the Arabino and glad to know I can mix it with her food. She still has a problem belching food up in her sleep. She eats too fast so I have to feed her little by little. Sometimes she finds leftover food from the other two kids and gobbles it down before I have a chance to pick it up. I have referred so many people to your wonderful and literally lifesaving products. With your expert advice and counseling Chloe would not be with us today.


Bringing stability to a cat with diarrhea and vomiting can be tricky and might need multiple steps. We can help you through the process by offering you a combination of our 3 most popular products: LuxoliteFeline Comfort Plus and GI Distress plus our email support. The products and information available on this protocol give our customers the tools needed to achieve success.


  • Supports gastric distress, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Supports your cat’s normal detoxification process
  • Enhances immune competence
  • Soothes stomach and normalizes bowel function
  • Helps with digestion, reduces acidity and improves nutrient assimilation
  • Supports GI tract

We, at Vitality Science, make sure our products are in their purest form. We do not add any fillers, flowing agents or anything other than what is on the label. The natural products in our most time-tested ingredients are extremely safe and are a helpful addition to your cat’s or dog’s health plan. Hence our products are 100% safe, gentle and natural.

The best deal about Vitality Science is that we have excellent customer support. We work with you to choose the right food, identify potential toxins in your home, and guide your supplementation. Our goal is results and if you do not get them, then we will refund your money. Please contact our pet health experts for any questions about our products (how to use, dosages, updates). We would love to hear from you!

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