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Gastro Prime Combo for Cats

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  • 4 Part Protocol – Feline Comfort, Pet Flora, Luxolite, and Super Pet Enzymes
  • Working synergistically to achieve an optimum outcome
  • Helps to normalize cats with unstable gastrointestinal issues.


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Vitality Science, LLC BBB Business Review

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GI problems, including IBD and IBS,  can come from a variety of causes: infection, degeneration of the GI tract, lymphoma, allergies, vaccine damage, genetic weakness, and more. Consequently we have formulated an all natural comprehensive approach that supports the GI tract and that is beneficial for all cats young or old, sick or healthy.Whatever the name, nutritional support is paramount.

Products Included: 

Feline Comfort 98 g:

When everything else has failed …

Why not treat your animal the way you treat yourself? Holistically with the best natural ingredients the world has to offer. Feline Comfort has ingredients especially chosen to gently and effectively promote normal digestion and gastrointestinal function.

Feline comfort is a complex powder formula. Used for occasional gastric distress. It helps to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and proper gut flora.

Pet Flora 50 caps:

Pet Flora is the best probiotic for cats on the market, because they are soil based! It is a broad spectrum formula, a matrix of superior, highly-resilient microflora whose organic, seed-like structures survive the early GI tract to thrive in the intestines. Supports normal gastrointestinal function in animals

Regulating healthy flora in the G.I. tract is key to a healthy digestive system as well as a healthy cat. When the body has an 85/15 ratio of good vs bad bacteria; vomiting and diarrhea, constipation, and gas will probably not be a problem.

Surprisingly, our pet’s digestive tract makes up 80% of it’s overall immune system, and that 90% of all chronic disease is caused by an unhealthy digestive system. When administered daily it helps maintain the ideal balance of gut flora to insure proper, as well as boost the immune system.

Pet Flora is a Soil-Based Organism. Soil-Based means that the natural probiotic organisms of the soil are the ingredients in Pet Flora. In the soil, these microorganisms hold down yeast and fungi, reduce acidity, and improve assimilation of nutrients to plants. Amazingly, they do exactly the same in higher animals. Pet Flora holds down yeasts, fungi, and pathogenic microorganisms, while improving nutrient assimilation.

Luxolite 16oz:

Bentonite Clay is the second most widely-used internal clay.

Luxolite is a hydrated clay that actively supports cardiovascular and intestinal health while helping to support the body’s normal process of detoxification. It is naturally absorbent and extremely gentle on the system.

“When clay is consumed, its vital force is released into the physical body and mingles with the vital energy of the body, creating a stronger, more powerful energy in the host. The natural magnetic action transmits a remarkable power to the organism and helps to rebuild vital potential through the liberation of latent energy.”

“When the immune system does not function at its best, the clay stimulates the body’s inner resources to awaken the stagnant energy. It supplies the body with the available magnetism to run well. Clay is said to propel the immune system to find a new healthy balance and strengthens the body to a point of higher resistance.”

excerpts from “Our Earth Our Cure” by Raymond Dextreit

Super pet Enzymes 41 g: 

These are high potency, plant based, complete spectrum food digesting enzymes. Super Pet Enzymes does more for less than any other enzyme product. This is the only enzyme formulation to include enzymes for every possible food group: sugars, grains, fibers, milk, meat, broccoli, and more. Frequent diarrhea and/or vomiting are among the top 5 reasons for Veterinarian visits. Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders often have an enzyme deficiency element.



  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Synthetic Flavors
  • No Artificial Colors
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 types of powder, capsules, and a liquid

(1) Feline Comfort 98 g.:

Active Ingredients: (Tuna / Liver) A proprietary blend of [Arabinogalactan (Larix laricina), L-Glutamine, Psyllium Seed Powder (Plantago ovata), Slippery elm (Ulmus rubra), Pet Flora™, Biocore Complete©, Serrazimes®, Bromelain, Zinc Carnosine

Inactive Ingredients: Argentinean Beef Liver / Tuna

(2) Luxolite 16 oz:

Active Ingredients per 1/2 tsp.: Bentonite Clay (montmorillonite)

(3) Pet Flora 50 caps:

Active Ingredients: A proprietary blend of [Fulvic and humic acids, A. agilis, A. citreus, A. globiformis, A. luteus, A. simplex, A. calcoaceticus, A. chroococcum, A. paspali, A. brasiliense, A. lipoferum, B. brevis, B. marcerans, B. pumilis, B. polymyxa, B. subtilis, Bact. lipolyticum, B. stations, K. zopfil, M. verrucaria, P. calcis, P. dentrificans, P. fluorescens, P. glathei, P. chrysosporium, S. fradiae, S. celluslosae, S. griseoflavus

Inactive Ingredients: celluslose (vegetarian capsule), l-leucine, bamboo (bambusa vulgaris) extract

(4) Super Pet Enzymes 41 g:


Product Facts:
Garanteed Analysis per 500mg
Amylase                                     1,432 DU
(from Aspergillus oryzae)
Protease                                   8,591 HUT
(from Aspergillus oryzae)
Protease                                      1,636 PC
Alpha-Galactosidase              61.36 GalU
(from Aspergillus niger)
Glucoamylase                            3.68 AGU
(from Aspergillus niger)
Lactase                                         409 ALU
(Aspergillus oryzae)
Protease                                 20.45 SAPU
(from Aspergillus niger)
Invertase                                     163.6 SU
(from Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
Lipase                                       204.54 FIP
(from Candida rugosa, Aspergillus niger
and Rhizopus oryzae)
Acid Maltase                             .73 MaltU
(from Rhizopus oryzae)
Peptidase                                      0.82 AP
(from Aspergillus oryzae)
Serrazimes                     10,205.5 U/15mg
Bromelain                           36,500 PU/mg
(Ananas comosus)
other Ingredients: Apple Pectin


Feline Comfort: For every 20 lbs of animal administer orally 1 tsp. 2x daily. Do not exceed 4 tsp per administration. Continue once a day for optimum gastrointestinal health.

Pet Flora: For every 10 lbs. Administer 1/2 a capsule daily. Capsules may be opened and put into food or liquid. Dose may be doubled for severe cases.

Super Pet Enzymes: For every 10 lbs of animal administer a 1/4 tsp with food or liquid up to 4x daily.

Luxolite: For every 10 lbs of animal administer 1/2 tsp. daily. Amount may be increased as needed until desired effect is achieved. Shake before using.

All Vitality Science Products are safe and effective.


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I'm impressed

My cat Sarah started with some severe diarrhea a few weeks ago due to an antibiotic round, then the vet gave her a subsequent round of medication to stop the diarrhea. It stopped but her system was still off since the liquid stools returned soon after. I started giving her a probiotic but after 2 weeks, nothing had changed. Thankfully I found Vitality Science and for 5 days, Sarah has been on the Feline Comfort and the last 2 days, the Luxolite of this combo. Happy to say, today she had her first firm poop in weeks!! We haven’t even tried the other 2 aspects of the GI combo but am happy she is reacting so well so far. Thank you!!

Review of Gastro Prime Combo for Cats

Your digestive combo saved my cat’s life. Thank you and God bless you.

Review of Gastro Prime Combo for Cats

Your products have completely turned my cat around. He has had IBS for many years, being maintained with steroid pills, but this summer took a major downward turn. I thought he was going to die in July. We started him on steroid injections but also found your products on the internet. I ordered the Gastro Prime Combo and cautiously started him on one supplement. Even though he has been a VERY picky eater he did not object to it. I gradually added all four supplements about a month apart. The turn around has been nothing short of miraculous. When I started him on this plan he was having accidents all over the house (we put out 4 litter boxes) and throwing up constantly. Now he almost never throws up, rarely has an accident and eats everything we put in front of him (almost) and has even gained back a little bit of weight. His quality of life (and mine) is 100% better. He hasn’t had a steroid shot in a month; I believe he is off steroids for good. I just wish I had found these things sooner.

Unfortunately, he was recently diagnosed with jaw cancer and, as the vet predicted, it is progressing quickly. He is 17. If it wasn’t for the cancer I believe he would live much longer. But at least his quality of life is better for whatever days he has left. Thank you SO MUCH for making these products available. If I ever end up with another pet with chronic problems I will check with you to see what you have to help. I do wish my vet would acknowledge the difference these products have made, but he doesn’t. Nevertheless, I KNOW.

Review of Gastro Prime Combo for Cats

I’ve been using the products for a few weeks now. Before using the products my cat was on a high quality grain free canned food which she became allergic to very suddenly with vomiting followed by diahrea. Her skin was itchy and her ears were red and hot. This is the second round of proteins she became allergic to. Within a few days of being given the full dose of these products she felt a lot better and was hopping around like a young cat. I tried one of the foods she had reacted badly to and now that her gut was healed she could tolerate it better. Her anus was red and swollen for a long time before all this, and is now looking normal and healthy.

The gastro prime combo is also very useful for the transition to raw by healing and prepping the gut. My cat had no issues with the transition (no loose stools or vomiting), when she had previously not been able to tolerate it well.

Review of Gastro Prime Combo for Cats

It’s been a couple days since I’ve seen him poop but picking up the poop from the litter box this morning looked a little different today. By the way for anyone having a hard time catching their cats poop I clean the litter box in front of him two three times a day and then he gets in it and poops cuz you know how they like it clean. Anyway I can’t wait to see him poop next I think that I have a really good feeling about it haha!

A few days ago I got to see him poop twice not solid yet but formed and there was no more blood at the end of his stool so I wanted to let you know that I think this is working I will continue and be patient.

Review of Gastro Prime Combo for Cats


Georgene Cevasco

Here’s my darling boy, Valentino, who is being helped by your products

Review of Gastro Prime Combo for Cats

3rd day in with GI Distress Remedy. Up to 5 drops given 2x per day (builiding him up slowly). His stool is firming up, still loose and orange colored but the diarrhea is gone and his frequency is slowing down as well. Its an improvement. I have decided to NOT give him his GI Fast Balance (probiotic/fiber/enzymes) for a few days to see exclusively how your product is working and not to confuse any reaction or progress. I have to say he is more mellow and is resting more.

Noelle Perez

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