Why is your dog licking its paws?

Photo by Real Natures Food on Unsplash

Dogs will groom themselves, but when dogs lick their paws excessively we need to pay attention and find a way to support what is going on in their bodies. Paw licking is a complex issue, there are many factors. I have talked to many holistic vets about this issue, as my dog used to do the same thing. It is something that the Free Pet Health Advisors at Vitality Science can work with you to determine what exactly is going on with your dog, and how to treat it holistically.

Outside Allergens:

There are many factors outside that can lead to paw irritants. Imagine walking around outside without shoes all the time. Your neighbors spray chemicals on their grass, there is poison ivy, pollen, dirt, bacteria, feces, sand, non-beneficial microbes, and more. In the winter, snow and ice can irritate and blister the paws. You can apply coconut oil or Pet Vet (silver gel) to the pads and between the toes to relieve swelling and pain. All of these can irritate the paws over time. I suggest either wiping their paws off after coming inside or using a paw cleaner to remove potential allergens. If you do not remove the allergens, they will lick them off and ingest them, this could also lead to health issues.

Food Allergens:

If your animal is allergic to their food, the symptoms could include vomiting, diarrheaitchy ears, swelling and redness, and sensitive and itching paws. If it is an emergency and you do not have Vitality Science products at the time of the emergency, you can use a small dose of Benedryl. However, please use sparingly, as the overuse of Benedryl-like products will reduce the body’s natural production of natural histamine, and allergies could worsen.

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Is it a Urinary Tract Infection?

UTIs are common in dogs. When bacteria gets caught in the urinary tract and are not flushed out, that bacteria can travel through the body’s channels ending at the toes. Some dogs will even go so far as to break open the skin to release the pain. We want to stop it before it gets there. Read this blog for more information on UTIs in dogs.

Is it neurological or boredom?

Dogs need stimulation. Chewing on bones, solving puzzles, and playing with toys will help exercise their brain. If they do not have this kind of stimulation, they can show signs of neurological decline. This can lead to anxiety and repetitive behavior. The brain of both humans and animals alike operate on 80% fat. Good fats, such as our Vital Pet Lipids, are an excellent supplement to coat the neuron sheaths and help the brain function at its highest capacity.

“The Lipids are my main go-to with clients that are experiencing epilepsy or any neuroligical issue”

-Dr. Doolittle, DVM

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can happen as the dog ages, after getting spayed or neutered, or with hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease. Organic, Sun Grown, Co2 extracted CBD oil will activate the Endocannabinoid System that will, in turn, release healing hormones that take the place of the lack of hormone production.

Parasites, Bug Bites, Fleas, and Ticks

Apple cider vinegar is a common at-home remedy used for many ailments, including fleas and parasites. Learn more about ACV here. To control fleas, we recommend Cedarcide and Wondercide. When checking for ticks, make sure to look between the toes. This could be what your dog is trying to remove.

Joint Pain or Arthritis

Bones weaken with age. Joint pain and arthritis will generally show up in the paws. They will lick their paws to alleviate the pain. Flex-n-free and Vital Pet Lipids is one of Vitality Science’s most successful protocols to lubricate the joints and ease the pain of such bone deterioration.


HUGE dog but not fat. He used to cry out in pain when he moved on the floor and he often prefers the floor to couch/beds etc. He’s VERY spoiled. Vet said he had hip dysplasia. Within a few DAYS he got better and never ever cried out in pain again. A miracle!!

-Diane K. Verified Vitality Science Customer

Nail Care

Make sure that you regularly get your dog’s nails trimmed. Long nails can get caught in fabrics or rugs. If they are left too long, they have the chance of splintering from old age or even a pup jumping out of a car after a trip to the park. If they splinter, they can become infected. If this happens, I suggest keeping a bottle of Argentate in the cabinet. Soak the infected toe in the argentate to remove pathogens. Then wrap the toe until it has healed.

Those paws have walked many miles with you, jumped up to see you after a long day, and pranced around at dinner time. They snuggle next to you to let you know how much they will always love you. Love them back with Vitality Science.