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The question is where do diseases go? Do they disappear? How do they leave the body?

The objectivity of diseases 

Regarding the objectivity of diseases, they are not things! They do not have extension in time and space. They don’t disappear. So, where do diseases go? They have to leave the body somehow. The disease name, regardless of what the name is, merely refers to a focus for treatment. So, any therapeutic intervention, say a vaccine, that is aimed at a disease is off the mark.

After all the rabies virus does not equal rabies. Many animals bitten by a rabid animal do not get rabies.

Similarly, the flu virus does not equal the flu. Not everyone exposed to the flu virus gets the flu.

There is no global or historical agreement on the diagnosis of diseases. A Homeopath, Oriental Medical Doctor, and a Native American Medicine Man, a Naturopath, and a Medical Doctor might all disagree on a diagnosis and on the name of the disease. They might all have a different strategy for treatment. Since many studies have attributed up to 95% of all cures to be due to the placebo effect, choosing a healer with the least invasive and most benign treatment is wise.

The lasting effect of diseases

Nevertheless, diseases have lasting effects. Diseases do not disappear but remain as predispositions, weaknesses in the vital web that supports living beings. This is well known. Treatment for cancer, especially with chemo, causes lasting and pathological effects. Chemo brain is apparently irreversible.

Homeopaths tell us that diseases progress from the outside in (skin) and from peripheral structures (joints and limbs) to vital organs (heart, liver, etc.). Suppressive treatments, like steroids and NSAIDS), drive surface diseases into interior organs. So, unless the symptoms are treatment resistant and unbearable, powerful drugs are not indicated. Even then these powerful drugs should be withdrawn as soon as possible.

Stephen Becker is the president of Vitality Science, a natural pet supplement company.

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