Receiving a diagnosis that your pet has terminal cancer, IBD, “stage four this or that,” but sometimes we have to look beyond the label. Our brains are designed to label things to understand them. So we have to keep in mind that just because we have received a diagnosis that our pet has terminal cancer – Lymphoma, IBS, IBD, Cushing’s, etc., does not mean all hope is lost or that you can’t still get them healthy again. So we have to take a step back and evaluate what this means. At Vitality Science, we look beyond the diagnosis and the holistic view of what is going on with your animal’s health.

Ask yourself: What are the symptoms? How is the animal acting? Are they eating? What are their stools like? Do they have energy? What other factors could play a role in creating these symptoms? For example, are they on different kinds of pharmaceutical drugs that could be causing diarrhea? Are they allergic to the food that they are eating? What has changed before these symptoms appear?

Usually, when your pet has terminal cancer, or a diagnosis (or even a suspicion), we recommend The Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol. We recommend this regardless of the exact diagnosis or what kind of cancer it is. Whether you are sure it’s cancer or not, there is likely some inflammation and an issue with a lowered immune system. This protocol detoxifies, supports the filtration systems, reduces inflammation, and raises overall vitality and immunity.

With an IBS or IBD diagnosis, we want to know what the symptoms you are seeing are? If it’s diarrhea, try our TRDV protocol. If it’s just vomiting, try Luxolite. Weight loss? Super pet enzymes. A mix of all of these? Gastro Prime Protocol.

In all of these situations, you want to make sure you are feeding the highest quality foods, that the medications you are giving are still doing more good than harm, provide filtered water instead of tap water, and more.

Let’s hope you never receive any of these diagnoses. Let’s hope that your beloved pet lives a long, happy, and healthy life, but if you get a scary diagnosis one day, it may not be as frightening as you think. So take a breath, step back, and go through the questions above. Remember, these diagnoses are just a label describing symptoms linked together. It does not mean the end; it means the beginning of a road to healing holistically.