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10 Best Interactive Toys for Your Cats

Cats love to play and cat-lovers love to watch them play. In fact, there is good reason why funny cat videos are so popular online because they make almost everyone smile if not laugh out loud. This is the main reason interactive toys for your cats are not only a delight for your cat, and help him get needed physical and mental exercise, they are a delight for you. The best toys mimic the movement and actions of a cat’s natural prey. The cat’s instincts are aroused and the fun begins.

Toys for Your Cats

Some are high-tech toys with batteries that move on their own and some are the simplest designs that have been attracting cats for millennia. Here are 10 of the best interactive toys for your cat:

1. Mylar Crinkle Balls

There are several features of Mylar Crinkle Balls that make them irresistible to cats. They make a rustling sound when the cat starts to play with them which seems like they are talking back. They are light enough to fly across the room when your cat starts batting it around. If your cat loves to wrestle with crinkly paper, he’ll love a Mylar Crinkle Ball. You may even want two or three. It’s a good toy for a cat that needs to spend time home alone, so keep it hidden until you go out.

2. The Cat Cave

While this isn’t exactly an interactive toy it sure is awesome and cats have loads of fun playing inside them. This takes your cat’s love of boxes to the next level. Pet Caves are mostly handmade in more than 100 colors and double colors and designs so they can match your interior décor or your cat. There are two sizes for medium and large cats. Your cat can watch the world go by while, he thinks, he is invisible. No cat should be without one.

3. The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Combine your cat’s passion for catnip, the desire to paw if not chase anything that moves and the need to keep her claws super-useful and you have an interactive cat toy that is irresistible. Your cat won’t be able to walk past it without tapping the ball, sharpening her claws or reveling in the fragrance of catnip. An added benefit is it attracts cats away from testing their claws on the sofa. It comes with a ball, replaceable scratch pad and that wonderful catnip.

4. SnugglyCat Ripple Rug

This award-winning cat toy is like a mini habitat where your cat can hide, peek, pounce and revel in the soft material. With a non-slip pad on the bottom and several hidey-holes and tunnels in the material on top, it provides endless opportunity for sneaking around. It is also great for two cats to shock and awe each other. This toy needs no human supervision, but you may keep your cat guessing by changing the configuration of the material to expose different entry and exit points.

Toys for Your Cats

5. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

This interactive cat toy was designed to relate to your cat’s natural instincts. It has three levels of circular tracks and three balls that cannot fall out of the track. Your cat will push the balls around the tracks, and you can also join by pushing the balls or another cat can join. This cat toy has great reviews for providing both mental and physical stimulation. It has a bar on top so your cat can’t get her head stuck in the middle of the tracks and it has a non-slip base.

6. Teaser Cat Catcher Wand

This interactive cat toy is great for giving your cat the exercise she needs while sparking her interest for hours. There are many different types of wand toys for your cats. They come with ribbons, catnip mice and feathers. In this toy, the prey or bait is at the end of a strong, highly flexible wire and the rod is about 36 centimeters long. It requires your participation and we recommend it not be left where your cat can find it herself and possibly get tangled in the wire. If someone is in charge of the toy, it is one of the best around as it mimics a rat with a bulky body and slender tail and cats really enjoy the challenge. You may think you can make your own stick with a string, but it won’t hold your cat’s attention for long. The Teaser Cat Catcher Wand is designed to enthrall for the long term.

Toys for Your Cats

7. Skitter Critters Catnip Mice

While these are probably one of the most common toys for your cats that make your cat active, they are still one of the best. The toys are made with recycled plastic and they are pesticide-free. The catnip inside is very pure and potent. Even if your cat bites through the fabric, it is safe. This is one interactive cat toy that doesn’t need anyone’s participation. You can hide it for a while and bring it out at intervals to maintain the excitement, but you can also leave it for your cat to find even when no one is home. For most cats, catnip never fails to stimulate activity.

8. YOFUN Interactive Cat Toy 360 Degree Self-Rotating Ball

This toy comes with extra batteries and is made with cat-safe ABS material. The ball moves on its own and cats love it. When it bumps into a wall or furniture it will change direction and not always do what is expected. You don’t need to participate in this but you will want to watch because it causes lots of laughter. This self-rotating ball will give an indoor cat good exercise. It shouldn’t get wet so be careful if it goes in the bathroom, kitchen or outdoors.

9. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

Based on a cat’s instinct to stalk and pounce, this toy gives hours of fun. It is an electronic toy that is like a flat tent. A soft toy is connected to the center of the tent through a wand. As he wand moves a bulge forms on the surface of the tent. This movement is erratic so it never becomes boring and it has two speeds so it is suitable for kittens as well as grown cats. The material is pet and child-safe recycled plastic. It’s a little like an automatic wand toy that doesn’t require your participation.

10. Ethical Pet Plastic Spring Cat Toys

If you cat has been chasing a ball around the house, she may like a change. These pet-safe plastic springs bounce and jump and challenge most cats to subdue them. It’s fun to watch a cat pounce on a spring with the full conviction he has won, just to see the spring bounce back when the cat lets go. The unpredictability keeps your cat mentally alert. The springs may also roll around the room. They come in one and two-inch springs in packages of five. If you have a toddler, you may want to avoid this one until he stops putting everything in his mouth.

It’s a well-known fact that cats need physical and mental stimulation especially if they are indoor cats to maintain a healthy life balance. Physical stimulation keeps their muscles strong and their weight down. Mental stimulation helps a cat avoid boredom and stress and helps her be happy to be indoors. You may not always be available to provide fun and games, so it is important to have a few toys for your cats that will entertain your cat when she is alone.

Toys for Your Cats

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