Feline Comfort and Herbal Anti Combo

"Miracle Product. This one particular product cured a cat of mine that had diarrhea for a long period of time." - Denise K.


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2 Part Program | Full Spectrum Digestive Aid

  • SPECIAL FORMULA. 11 natural ingredients work to raise your cat’s gastrointestinal activity
  • 2 PART PROGRAM. 1 Feline Comfort 98g and 1 Herbal Anti-inflammatory 0.5 oz
  • EFFECTIVE. Maintains the body’s normal inflammatory response, aids digestion and improves appetite

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cat diarrhea

The combination of Feline Comfort and Herbal Anti has a combination of 11 ingredients which work synergistically to raise your cat’s gastrointestinal integrity. This combo has been carefully formulated to meet the special needs of domesticated animals and is not only for occasional gastric distress resulting in diarrhea, but for animals that are prone to infections, and need help maintaining the body’s normal inflammatory response.


  • Supports a Healthy Inflammatory and Immune response.
  • Helps reduce gastric distress.
  • Helps with diarrhea.
  • Helps to maintain the body’s normal inflammatory response.

We at Vitality Science make sure our products are in their purest form. We do not add any fillers, flowing agents or anything other than what is on the label. The natural products in our most time-tested ingredients are extremely safe and are a helpful addition to your cat’s or dog’s health plan. Hence our products are 100% safe, gentle and natural.

We work with you to choose the right food, identify potential toxins in your home, and guide your supplementation. Our goal is results and if you do not get them, then we will refund your money. Please contact our pet health experts for any questions about our products (how to use, dosages, updates). We would love to hear from you!

cat diarrhea Many dog owners have been switching their pets to a grain-free diet for the numerous health benefits this brings. The lack of grains promotes a healthy gut and prevents leaky gut syndrome, reduces the risk of allergies and food sensitivities, and even improves skin and coat. Nonetheless, there has been a backlash against the grain-free health trend from the start, particularly from conventional dog food companies, who are concerned they will see a drop in sales and lower profits. The latest criticism, spurred by a grain-free heart disease study, is that a lack of grains in dog food increases dogs’ risk of dilated cardiomyopathy.

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