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“The rescued cats often have diarrhea problems and just a general state of declined health. I keep preaching to adopters the important of a good quality food (raw or at least something like the Wellness brand) and of course your products.” – Gilda, Vitality Science Customer

Arabinogalactan | Water Soluble Prebiotic fiber for Cats

  • Prebiotics occurs naturally in most plant cell walls and is derived from larch trees
  • Effectively enhances the immune system, supports colon health and maintains proper gut flora, for optimum digestion.


  • 190gms
  • 330gms


Arabinogalactan is a long chain polysaccharide extracted from larch trees. It is a 100% water soluble prebiotic for cats that helps maintain proper gut flora and boosts the immune system.

Arabinogalactan, occurs naturally in most plant cell walls and supports colon health by acting in the colon to activate immune cells. It promotes growth of pro-biotic bacteria (such as Pet Flora) in the colon and contributes to healthy micro-flora levels.

Arabinogalactan is an FDA approved source of dietary fiber. It is slightly sweet tasting water soluble fiber occurring naturally in most plants. It does not stimulate an insulin response.


  • Treat gastrointestinal problems.
  • Maintains health and promotes growth of probiotics.
  • Nourishes micro-flora (probiotics) and encourages them to work more efficiently.
  • Enhances the immune system by increasing the number of immune cells present in the blood stream.
  • Blocks invading bacteria and viruses from attaching to cell membranes in the liver.

We, at Vitality Science, make sure our products are in their purest form. We do not add any fillers, flowing agents or anything other than what is on the label. The natural products in our most time-tested ingredients are extremely safe and are a helpful addition to your cat’s or dog’s health plan. Hence our products are 100% safe, gentle and natural.

The best part about Vitality Science is that we have excellent customer support. Please contact our pet health experts for any questions about our products (how to use, dosages, updates) we love to hear from you!

Additional information


Active Ingredients: Arabinogalactans (Larix laricina) 5g

How to Use

Arabinogalactan is a powder and can be given orally up to 3x daily Cats: 1/2 tsp


Arabinogalactan: While Arabinogalactan and its constituent parts are common in nature, the commercial extraction is taken from a Larch tree. It is a water soluble fiber and supports immune competence. Arabinogalactan is a long chain polysaccharides containing arabinose and galactose mono-saccharides. Arabinogalactan is actively fermented by intestinal micro-flora and is effective at increasing beneficial anaerobes such as those in Pet Flora.


Arabinogalactan is a powder and can be given orally up to 3x daily

Dosage: 1/2 tsp

Scientific Studies

Larch Arbinogalactan is a Novel Immune Modulator

Arabinogalactan Research

Arabinogalactans – Scientific Paper Abstracts

  • 190gms
  • 330gms
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