PICA (Preliminary Inventory Control Activity) is a behavioral urge to eat non-edible materials such as fabrics, wool, cardboard, plastics, etc. It is speculated that it may be caused by being weaned too early, suffering from overvaccination, stress, dietary deficiencies (usually a lack of protein), genetics, or boredom. There are many cautions for animals having this behavior. These items can be lodged in the airways and become a choking hazard, or toxicity caused by eating objects treated with chemicals. All around, it is something that needs to be addressed.

At our free pet health consultation service, we have the privilege of hearing thousands of stories of your cats and dogs. We are at the forefront of the health of your animals. Over the last few years, we have heard more and more of PICA cases, leading us to believe it is on the rise. I can only conclude that it is due to the increasingly poor quality of food produced for cats and dogs, the high rate of unnecessary vaccinations being given to animals, and the over-prescription of steroids, antibiotics, and pharmaceutical drugs.

What are the symptoms of PICA?

Please pay close attention to your cat or dog’s eating habits and energy levels to monitor for signs of intestinal blockage. General listlessness, vomiting, diarrhea, straining to defecate, and disinterest in eating are blockage indicators, which will require either a hefty dose of coconut oil to lubricate the blockage or a trip to the vet. Watch out for these other big signs: eating non-edible items, licking fabrics and textured items, or using the items to grind their teeth before swallowing.

So what can you do if your dog or cat suffers from PICA?

If this disorder was brought on by dietary deficiencies, you must upgrade the quality of food the animal is eating. You can request a Food Recommendation Sheet from us by emailing us at questions@vitalityscience.com and, more importantly, implementing The Longevity Protocol into their supplementation. The protocol includes Super Food Supplement, which has vital lipids in it to enhance neurocognitive functions and contains essential vitamins to give your animal the nutrients it lacks from its food. In addition, it contains Super Pet Enzymes, which not only helps to uptake the nutrients adequately into the body but also helps with digestion (note: although enzymes property is to dissolve items, it only works on food and allergens. It will not dissolve rocks, fabric, or plastics). And finally, the Pet Flora will help establish good gut flora so the urge will start to dissipate.

If this is a neurological issue, we have many Holistic Vets that use Vitality Science’s Vital Pet Lipids to treat neurological disorders.

If it is a case of overvaccination, I recommend Homeopathy Thuja 6c and Zeolite to chelate the heavy metals and relieve the stress on the brain and body.

If genetics or being weaned too early, we must strengthen the body from within. We need to fortify and enhance the cell structure so the body can have a fighting chance. For this, I recommend The Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol.

For all the parents of kitties that dream of chasing birds, dogs that run in their sleep, and all the ones that eat what they are not supposed to eat. This one is for you.