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Unquestionably, when your pet is sick, you want a remedy that not only works, but acts fast, too!

And considering the economy, better still if you can avoid a costly vet visit. In this article you will find insights as to:

  1. Why your pet gets sick
  2. Why veterinarians, breeders, and thousands of cat owners and dog owners now rely on Vitality Science’s all-natural products

Know why your cat or dog gets sick in the first place:

You can’t watch your pets every minute, but by keeping an eye out for any change in their demeanor, you can minimize vet visits. It often takes a few days to notice that something is wrong with your cat or dog. Depending on the cause, that might be more than enough time for any number of serious health issues to grab a foothold. The most common causes for insidious, long-term illness are;

  1. food or water
  2. air quality
  3. bedding
  4. household cleaners and air fresheners (Keep in mind pets breathe air close to the floor where chemical vapors are very potent.)

Or, has the illness come on suddenly and is there an “acute” change in overall health? Did they gulp down a tasty but pathogen-laden morsel, or drink from a stagnant puddle while out on a walk? Many times, a combination of factors tips the scales.

“Fully 90% of all chronic disease is caused by an unhealthy digestive system!” – Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain

When your pet gets sick you basically have 2 choices: Conventional or Alternative medicine

steroids for dogsConventional Medicine: Most people rely too heavily on their vet. This often requires time away from work, and it is expensive; with some basic knowledge, rarely is it necessary. Most vets are trained to look at the symptom (itchy skin, runny eyes, diarrhea, vomiting, bad gas, constipation) and prescribe medication. Meds work by overriding your pet’s natural defense systems and suppressing (hiding) the symptom! While most pet owners are aware that medications have side effects, they are unaware that medications do not “heal”! Example: In the case of gastrointestinal upset, ingested pathogens have upset the balance between good and bad bacteria. A balance of 85% good bacteria to 15% “bad” bacteria is necessary to maintain a healthy GI tract. Antibiotics do not restore the balance, but instead, kill all the bacteria, not just the bad bacteria that makes them sick but also all the good bacteria responsible for healthy digestion. If your pet has frequent diarrhea or vomiting chances are that their intestinal wall is inflamed. Inflammation blocks the transfer of nutrients into the body as well as blocking the removal of waste from the body. Inflammation is commonly treated with corticosteroids, which have numerous side effects, especially when taken long-term. There are times when medication is necessary, however, if they are combined with natural remedies, the amount of time your pet will be on medication can be significantly reduced. And that’s a good thing! If your pet is on medication, natural supplements are even more important! 

holistic remedies for cats and dogsNatural Medicine: The natural approach looks at the symptom as a clue to discovering the actual cause(s). As noted above, the usual suspects are food, water, air quality, chemicals, pathogens, or a combination. Until the cause is removed, your pet will not fully recover. The natural approach establishes which immune systems are involved, and recommends natural supplements and remedies that support and nourish those systems back to health. Example: GI upset occurs when bad bacteria colonies exceed 15%. The greater the percentage of bad bacteria, the greater the severity of the upset. The natural approach restores the balance by introducing large doses of good bacteria until balance is restored. If the condition is more advanced intestinal wall inflammation is present. This requires soothing agents and herbal anti-inflammatories in addition to restoring bacterial balance with Pet Flora. 

Vitality Science Takes the Natural Approach

The Immune System is made up of 2 parts; the GI tract and the Immune System: It is a little known fact that the GI tract makes up 80% of your pet’s overall immune system. The Immune System defends against airborne pathogens, cuts to the skin, as well as against pathogens that enter the bloodstream via the gastrointestinal wall. It’s ability to defend is dependent upon the digestive system to provide it with optimal nourishment.

So, how to keep your pet’s digestive system working optimally?  Good Bacteria is essential to your pet’s health and wellbeing. Once the digestive system is compromised, the immune system will soon follow!

Your pet’s intestinal wall is it’s lifeline. The food is first broken down in the stomach. The available nutrients pass into the small intestine where they are absorbed by the body. The body then sends the spent nutrients to the large intestine for elimination along with the spent food. When the GI tract is not functioning properly, your pet develops a wide variety of early warning signs, or symptoms. Left untreated, or improperly treated, they quickly escalate into more serious illness. Know that sick pets often need a combination of natural products in order to boost both sides of the gastrointestinal wall. The sooner you adopt the natural approach, the greater the chances that your pet will get better quickly, and for way less than the cost of a vet visit. Should the Vitality Science approach not work quickly to improve your sick animals health you can always visit your vet for a more conventional approach. Once your pet is healthy, by keeping them on a regimen of preventive products you will benefit by having a healthier, happier companion that lives well beyond the average age. Caution: If your pet is in acute distress, and the symptoms have come on quickly (within several hours), take them to the vet immediately! 

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