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The Culprits In The Epidemic Of Feline Diarrhea

Domesticated animals have always been less hardy than wild animals. But the recent introduction of multiple yearly vaccines and genetically modified food ingredients has accelerated the decline.

Fifty years ago, before genetically modified food and animal vaccines, cats and dogs could eat anything. There was no common use of pet food, pets ate whatever the humans had left over. Cats and dogs were tough and strong.

Today, pets are so weak, they need special diets and are allergic to an increasing number of foods. Along with the decline in pet health, there are a few more modern problems with food and water that have made the situation so bad that numerous diseases, including cat diarrhea, are very common.

Tap Water:  Chlorine in tap water kills bacteria in the GI tract. Standing water can contain any number of pathogens, some more toxic than others. Make sure your cat is only drinking clean filtered water

Food: Both dry and wet become breeding grounds for pathogens. The many recalls of pet food are just more proof of the low quality in commercial pet foods. Take control of the food your cat is eating try home made, raw or a higher quality food.

Kitty Litter : We have actually had a customer trace her cat’s diarrhea to a new brand of kitty litter!

Pesticides/Household Cleaners: Both have toxic fumes and leave potent residues that cats ingest when licking their paws. Use non toxic cleaners and soaps. Sometimes the best cleaners are natural; for example vinegar, baking soda, and Hydrogen Peroxide are as effective as the most toxic cleaners on the market.

We Can Help

Most likely, you’re looking to stop your cats’ suffering as quickly as possible. Regardless of the disease name; IBS, Crohn’s, treatment-resistant GI problems, or just plain cat diarrhea, the key to normality is natural, gentle, and holistic.

Vitality Science’s ingredients have a depth and range that cannot be found anywhere else. We only use premium, human quality ingredients, many of which I take and are taken by my wife and children.

We stabilize all cats regardless of their past medical history, age, or condition. The only exceptions are cats with only a few days to live, with cancer and/or are extremely emaciated. But even with these hopeless cases we still manage to save a few.

Our secret is a “multi-factorial approach”: Diseases do not manifest as a result of a single cause. For example; while acute (short duration) cases of diarrhea can appear to be cured from a single therapy, say a dietary change or a course of antibiotics, restoring complete health requires treating the whole animal and its environment.

When the animal has been treated with drugs for weeks and months, the disease and effects of toxic medication compromises numerous physiological defense systems. For the animal to recover complete health, every system must be restored to balance.

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