Holistic Pet Health

The definition of holistic is simple, at least in terms of pet health. It means focusing on your pets and their overall wellness. When your pets are sick, or even just not at their very best, they rely on you to help them get well. At Vitality Science, we believe holistic pet health remedies are the best way to address wellness issues without putting your pets at risk—but do holistic strategies really work? Let’s explore the benefits together.

Holistic Means Customized

No two holistic pet health treatment paths are ever exactly the same. That’s because every pet is an individual; the very definition of “holistic” requires that treatment providers and pet parents find solutions based on that individuality. Instead of being one-size-fits-all, holistic pet remedies focus on your pet’s particular situation and needs. This is incredibly important because inappropriately matched treatments can make your pets sick or even be downright dangerous for them.

Holistic Pet Health Avoids Toxic Chemicals

If you’ve been watching the news over the past few years, you probably already know that pets have been experiencing seizures, neurological failure, and even death after pet parents use toxic flea and tick preventatives. Holistic pet remedies use naturally sourced plant and mineral-based substances for pet control instead. These substances are far less likely to make your pets sick or even cause their deaths, even if you accidentally use too much or too little.

Your pets are your best friends—your confidants, your buddies, and members of your family. Respect their right to wellness by choosing holistic products from Vitality Science.

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Holistic Pet Health