Step into a holistic healing mindset

The Journal of the American Medical Association found that in the years between 2000 and 2018, 35 big drug companies received a combined revenue of $11.5 trillion, with a gross profit of $8.6 trillion. For them, it’s about the money. They are smart, they treat the symptom and not the actual disease. If they were to heal you or your animal, they would lose a customer and that affects their bottom line.

Most holistic vets and doctors are in this industry to heal you or your animal. It’s good karma, it’s rewarding, it’s a blessing to know you actually saved a life.

We, as a society, have been trained to read the labels of a pharmaceutical drug and give the exact amount because if you do not, there could be severe complications and even overdoses. This is because it is a drug, and often they can harm more than help. Natural and holistic medicines are not like that. The energy is that of nature. Most natural supplements are derived from what God has put on this earth for us to survive. They are not chemically concocted in a lab by the hands of man. There is a different energy that comes with natural supplementation, it is subtle yet powerful. I believe it is because the body recognizes it as grown in the same world as it was.

Living beings have energetic frequencies. When an animal or human is sick or dis-eased (out of ease) then there is a frequency in which that entity is lacking. Natural supplements contain natural frequencies that are more in alignment with our natural state of being.

Let’s say, for example; you have a headache. Yes, it is easy to pop two Tylenol and go about your day. This is because Tylenol is formulated in a way that eases the symptoms of a headache. But that same headache might come back again the next day or the following week. This is because you did not get to the core root of the issue. Let’s say instead of taking that Tylenol, you drink a large glass of water and go outside for some fresh air. The headache might go away, and this time you have found the core root cause. When it comes back you now know what your body is lacking. This is what natural medicine does, it determines what frequency is lacking in the body and gets to the core root of the issue. This is the key to long-term health.

Most natural remedies do not have harmful side effects like drugs. Every being has a different variation of lack of frequency; therefore, they may need more or less than the person standing beside them. We have to step away from the pharmaceutical mentality when taking natural medicines. They are not the same. They are targeting different things and act in different ways in the body.


At Vitality Science, we supply animals with all-natural pet supplements. We get asked all the time to give an exact dosage, it can be difficult. Every animal is different, and every situation is different. sometimes an amount that works for one animal is far too much or too little for an animal with similar symptoms. 

We do offer guidelines:

1) You will want to match the severity of the illness with the amount of supplement. The sicker an animal is, the more support it will need. Think of natural supplements as support. Ask yourself how much support does your animal need to get passed this illness?

2) Start slow and small and increase in frequency or quantity over time. This is to determine how much the animal needs and can take. If, for example, it is a weak animal, it may need to have the smallest amount for a few days while the body gets used to it and then increase. On the contrary, if it is a robust, strong dog, the dose can increase every feeding time.

3) What are the side effects? There are very few “side effects.” This is a pharmaceutical term. There are contradictions between elements and the body. For example, oils can be laxatives. If your animal has diarrhea, you would not want to start any of our lipids.

Occasionally the animal could be allergic to an ingredient in the product. This is another reason to go slow. You will see if they start itching their ears or scratching their tongue on the carpet. These are allergenic reactions. 

Clay, like our Luxolite, is a natural absorber. It’s primary function is to absorb. It absorbs toxins, acidity, and excess water. For these reasons, it could be constipating. If your animal is prone to constipation, proceed slowly or, first give Easy Go New and then proceed with the clay.

Once you are familiar with the properties of the products, you will feel more at ease about administering. You can learn a lot about our supplements through our blogs and social media pages. 

4) How long do I give the supplements? Animals heal at different rates and need energetic support for different periods of time. With that said, if your animal is dealing with a GI issue (IBS, IBD, Constipation, Diarrhea, or Vomiting), I recommend once you have found the dosage that is giving your animal the results you desire, then you will want to stay there for at least three weeks. This allows the body to heal. You then slowly decrease the product for about a week. If you are dealing with cancer or immune deficiency, this will take longer. I can say that generally, it’s 6-12 months, if not indefinitely.

5) Throw the pharmaceutical mentality out the window. Go with your gut. Nobody knows your animal as well as you do. You practically know what they are thinking. Harness your power and invoke your inner alchemist. You can do this with natural supplements that work without the side effects. You just need a little guidance and a lot of love! 

Our Pet Health Consultation Team is here to help. You can email us at, message us over live chat on the site, or call us at 575-758-3985. 


Take holistic care of yourself and your pets