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For the past 10 years I have been working customer service for Vitality Science. I have answered countless emails, phone calls, and social media comments. I have decided to elaborate on the most common questions I get and turn it into a multi part blog post with the hopes that it will help more people. Today I am discussing Dosage. 

We are conditioned to believe that if you do not follow dosage instructions exactly that your animal will get sick or the product may not work at all. This is a belief ingrained in us by the Medical Industrial Complex, because when it comes to pharmaceuticals dosing is literally a matter of life and death. Fortunately, overdosing is not a concern when it comes to Vitality Science products.

My first piece of advice I give people when it comes to dosing, is to use their intuition and trust it. I believe that all pet owners have a unique bond with their animals. We as pet owners, know what they are saying to us without even speaking. We know if they are happy, sad, hungry, or sick. You, as the owner, can tell if a product is beneficial for the animal. You can intuit that maybe the animal needs a little more support. So feel free to dose liberally and give a little more if you feel they could use it. Our products have a very wide latitude of safety. They are safe for dogs and cats, young or old, sick or healthy. They provide a natural support that will help your animal thrive with vitality.

It is important to remember that natural supplements are derived from nature. Most natural supplements are very safe and gentle, while still being completely effective. Here are the most common questions and concerns I receive regarding dosage.

Q: I have received my package and read all the instructions and I am confused, please help!

A: Although all the products come with instructions, these instructions should be considered suggestions. Feel free to play with the amount, Vitality Science products have a wide latitude of safety. The dose should be match with the severity of the issue. What I mean about the severity of the issue;  if your animal is very ill, weakened, and not thriving, if they are throwing up constantly or have severe diarrhea, then this is a scenario in which the severity of the issue is very high. For this situation you would raise the dose of the products either in quantity or the amount of times given in a day. If your animal still has vitality, they are eating, playing, and acting like the animal you know and love then you will simply follow the instructions on the jar or in your paperwork until the symptoms decrease. Sometime a situation may change. If your healthy animal starts to act less vital, feel free to increase their dosage until they have improved. The only exception is Vital Pet Lipids, which should be administered per the instructions on the jar.

Q: Why do I have to introduce the product in small amounts, slowly?

A: We advise to slowly introduce our products to your animals, slowly increasing the dose with every feeding, or for severe cases, every other day. Increase the dose until you reach a point where your animal is not presenting the symptoms anymore. Our products are alkaline, your sick pet’s body is acid. Whenever your pet is sick it’s body becomes laden with acidity. Think of the classic combination of baking soda (alkaline) and vinegar (acid) and what happens when you quickly pour the vinegar into the baking soda. It bubbles up and explodes. However, if you slowly add the baking soda into the vinegar it will dissolve. This is the same with your pets and our products. The chances of your pet being allergic to Vitality Science products are very low, but allergic reactions happen, anything is possible. This is another reason to start with a small pinch of each product an hour apart from the others. By dosing in this way, you will be able to single out effects of each product. If you animal presents allergic symptoms such as itching the ears, sneezing, etc. It may be that your animal is allergic to that product.

Q: When can I stop giving the products to my animal?

A: Many people decide to keep their animals on these products for the long term. They are nutritionally beneficial, will help provide vitality for the animal, and are safe for long term use. If you would like to stop the products here are the steps to take. Our products provide support to the body. It is important to know that once you reach the dosing point, in which your animals are not presenting their symptoms, then you must stay at that dosage for at least one month, allowing the body time to heal. Then you can slowly start to decrease the dosage, reducing every day or so until the body does not need the support anymore. If while reducing the dosage, the animal relapses, this means that they still need the support. Use this as an indicator to back up and stay at the dosage in which they were stable. After a few weeks of stability, then you can try the reduce the products again.

Q: I gave the products to my animal and they immediately had diarrhea, what now?

A: I always say, “better out, than in!” When bodies are out of balanced and “dis-eased” then the body starts to secrete acid, bad intestinal flora, heat, and more. These are all natural defense systems in which the body is designed to protect the vital organs. It is our mission to help you combat these issues in a natural, safe, and effective way. One may experience that when they give our products to their animal that their animal will defecate “black sludge”, or throw up, or get a rash. If this happens within the first few doses then this is actually a good thing. All the gunk that is inside is actually trying to come out. It has to come out someway, most commonly through the skin, fecal matter, or vomiting. However, if it continues for longer than 24 hours, then this could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Stop that product and contact our customer service via email and we can walk you through what to do next. 

From our family to yours…..Be well

All beings are connected with universal energies and this planet provides all the healing energies that we need to thrive. We are happy you found Vitality Science. Your source to the Vital Force. 

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