Noni-Fruit Leather


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100% Organic Pure Noni Fruit

Raw food organic Noni Fruit with 165 beneficial compounds is used internally or externally.

  • 14x more potent than noni juice
  • Low heat processed from non-fermented noni pulp
  • The highest antioxidant level of any food
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response



Two ounces of fruit leather (35 two inch pieces)

Directions for use
Take 1-2 two inch squares 1-2 times per day. Because Noni is so safe, you could take more each day but there will be no extra benefit.

Because Polynesian medicine uses Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) to cure almost every malady and relieve every pain, it has been the subject of much recent scientific study and experimentation.

As studies and testimonials piled up, a wave of Noni marketing began that is today valued at more than 500 million dollars.

Some bottles of juice (30 doses) sell in MLM marketing for as much as $45.00

Noni Fruit Leather is $19.95 and contains 30 doses.

But, the healing phytochemicals, especially xeronine, are almost entirely in the pulp! The concentration of healing elements in juice is very low.

Moreover, the fermentation that is a necessary part of juice production and storage destroys critical elements.

Only Hawaiian health stabilizes the fragile structures of their organic Noni fruit in a 60 hour proprietary drying process that does not include fermentation.

Hawaiian Noni Fruit Leather is the one true Polynesian Noni experience.