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Lithothamnium derives its calcium from a natural seaweed product harvested from the sea bed off the South West Coast of Ireland. Here amongst the cleanest and purest waters found in the world grows the small red seaweed Lithothamnium, composed of a wide variety of body essential nutrients including Calcium, Magnesium, Boron and Zinc.

The Seaweed eventually grows into a hard and brittle coral-like structure. Local tide patterns deposit the seaweed in large deep beds. The material is dredged from the ocean floor, washed thoroughly in fresh water and the highest quality fraction is separated to be taken to an ISO 9002 certified food facility. Here the material is carefully inspected, sterilized, and dried then milled to the required particle size.

Lithothamnium is not only a multi-nutrient supplement and calcium for dogs, it is also an extraordinary drying agent. When given to animals with loose stools, it will absorb the extra water. It also helps to support healthy bones.

This product should not be given to an animal with firm stools.


Guaranteed Analysis per 3 gram tsp:

Moisture (max)…………………5%

Ash (min)……………………….89%

Calcium (min)…………………..33%/1000 mg.

Magnesium (min)………………3%/90 mg.

Sulphur (min)…………………..0.45%/13.5 mg.

Potassium (min)………………0.1%/1.0 mg.

Phosphorus (min)……………5%/1.5 mg.

Sodium (max)………………..22 ppm/66 mcg.

Zinc (min)………………….22 ppm/66 mcg.

Iodine………………………20 ppm/60 mcg.

Selenium………………….1 ppm / 3 mcg.


Administer orally 1-2x daily

1/4 tsp per each 20 lbs of animal

Testimonials (4)

The testimonials are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your local veterinarian. Rather, the testimonials offer the reader information written by owners and/or veterinarians concerning animal health and products that have shown results.

“Teddy is doing extremely will with your products, I have added Lithothaminium into the mix with luxiolite at night. I noticed his recovery rate is faster and I see life back in his eyes, so much more calmer and content. I can’t believe that I thought that was just part of his breed and not being healthy. We went to the ocean for 4 days and brought teddy with us. I only heared him yell in pain once in all that time. I do know he still has a bad disk in his neck that flares up at times, but it has been improving with warm water therapy and message. I was walking him 3 times a day and he keeped going, he seemed tired which I expected but didn’t stop going. He even ate something on the beach like slimmy seafood, and never once vomited. My husband gave his new supplements credit for the non vomited teddy. Such a different expectation for us. I feel myself getting suprized with the new teddy every day, he is always doing something new or different then from before. He used to lick the rug floors for hours, that has totally disappeared. He still licks my husband arms and legs and head if he gets a chance for quite some time. I think teddy loves a big salt lick or there is something else in my husbands blood or skin that tedddy loves. Have a great day”

Amy Smith
Covington, WA

“Hello Stephen, many good wishes. I doubled the dose of the calcium white powder (Lithothamnium) and the soothing solution. I left out the anti-inflammatory to see what would happen. I initially gave her 6 calcium pills per day and 6 soothing solution drops per day. I spread the doses out to morning, noon, and night. Over the last few days I have noticed gradual improvement. Today, she has a completely normal stool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am almost afraid to exhale. This could change the quality of her life and mine like you would not believe as the last two years have been rather stressful with her diarrhea etc etc etc. Now we can sleep through the night for one thing.

Rosa Moran
Chicago, Il

PS: Thanks for everything, this is going to help a lot of people and the pets they love as have been through the ringer.”

“Hi Steve,

Good news – Lithothamnium is the shiznit!
Clarence is no longer pooping on himself and is able to make it to the litter box without pooping on the kitchen floor either. He seems real pleased with himself too. He’s had a good bath & looks fluffy again. Now he wants to mingle with the other animals a little bit instead of snoozing disconsolately in a fruit bowl.

Thanks for the good advice.”

Janis Vazquez,
New Orleans, LA

“Rock on Stephen!!! Your products (Lithothamnium, Feline Comfort,
Luxolite) helped my cats when nothing else would. Keep up the good work!”

Rob Lindley
Dallas, TX


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