Furballs happen!

Heres why and what we can do about it. Cats have tiny hook-like features on their tongues that pull dead hair away from the body. This hair often passes through the intestinal tract with no problem. But, when the GI tract is compromised in any way, furballs can happen. So what can we do about it? How can we help our furry little friends?

Possible Symptoms

  1. Lethargy
  2. Hacking, coughing, or gagging
  3. Sudden loss of appetite
  4. Change in bowl movements. All of a sudden diarrhea
  5. Distended Belly

Remedies to Help

  1. Grooming: Grooming your pet on a regular basis will reduce the amount of hair that come out when your cat grooms itself.
  2. Lubricate: A simple home remedy is to help your cat pass the hairball. You can give them about a 1/2t of coconut oil to help lubricate the intestines and help them pass it out in their stools.
  3. Break it down: If the GI tract does not contain enough natural enzymes to break down foreign proteins in the body then you can supplement extra enzymes to break apart what binds the hairball together.
  4. Heal the gut: Supplementing good bacteria into the gut will helped to support its natural functions. Thus, helping furballs to pass with ease.
  5. Nutrition: It is natural for cats to groom themselves and remove dead hair follicles but it is also important that not too much hair is coming out when they are grooming. If this happens then it is a result of the body not obtaining the proper amount of nutrients.
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Furballs aren’t always the reason your cat is having gastrointestinal distress but it could be a factor. If they are having issues paired with hacking or coughing and they are a long haired cat then it is possible they have a hairball. We believe that it is very important to keep these supplements in your medicine cabinet and give them daily to prevent such a situation from happening.

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