In life, there is the rule of threes. A living being cannot go three minutes without breathing, three days without drinking water, or three weeks without eating.

Water is life, but good water is health. Depending on where you live will determine what your water contains. If you live in a remote place, hours away from any city dumping or fuel blast from nearby airports, your water will probably be less contaminated. City water is terrible, often treated with fluoride, which was used as a neurotoxin in WWII, Chlorine, and more. In Seattle, Wa, there are high levels of caffeine from all the coffee shops dumping grounds down the sinks. In Australia, officials dumped expired swine flu vaccines into the water. In 2009, a study showed 1,000 times more traces of pharmaceuticals than in previous years. There are “acceptable amounts” of rodent feces in the water systems in Philadelphia.

A great site allows you to put in your zip code to determine what exactly is in your water. I am writing this blog post from a mid-sized city, and my search detected Bromodichloromethe, Chloroform, Chromium, Dibromoacetic acid, Dibromochlorimethane, Dichloroacetic acid, Halocetic acids HAA5 & HAA9, Nitrate, Total Trihalomethanes TTHMs, and Trichloroacetic acid. Every one of these has cancer listed as a possible side effect.

Here at Vitality Science, we have gotten an influx of customers seeking natural treatments for cancer in their animals. It feels overwhelming at times and saddens our hearts to know that cancer in animals is on the rise. Many factors contribute to such diseases in cats and dogs, such as over-vaccinationweakened immune systems, genetic disposition, increasing EMFs, negative energy on the planet, food, prolonged exposure to allergens and acidity, and Water.

Once cancer is detected, it can be a long, expensive, and rigorous process back to health. However, a lot of animals can experience recovery. The toxins are released from the body, inflammation goes down, the immune system becomes more robust, and the animal gets more vitality and happier life. The best thing to do is try your hardest to prevent it from ever happening in the first place. So, what do you do? If you are not someone who lives among pristine rivers in the country, I suggest filtering your Water. In-home water filtration systems can be installed for a pretty penny upfront but will also take these chemicals out of your shower and the Water in which you brush your teeth. Even a store-bought Brita will filter out a lot of these unnecessary additives. In the opinion of the people at the Vitality Science office, the best in the market is a Berkey. According to their website, “Berkey® Water Filter systems are far superior to other filtration systems because they remove viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants and impurities while leaving in the essential minerals your body needs. Berkey® Filter systems produce virtually the most healthful, clean, and delicious Water available.” You can drink Water from a Berkey and taste and feel the difference.

Finally, there is a difference between filtered water and bottled water. Bottled water is tested to be acidic. Whereas filtered, well, or spring water is not. If you must buy bottles, only buy distilled. Remember that exposure to too much acidity in the body could mutate healthy cells into cancerous cells. The choice is as clear as a bubbling brook. Keep your cat and dogs healthy and happy by giving them the best life possible.