We have stabilized over 40,000 cats, many with irregular elimination.

Alternation between diarrhea and constipation is common. The underlying cause can come from a variety of vectors: infection, degeneration of the GI tract, lymphoma, allergies, vaccine damage, genetic weakness, and more. Consequently we have formulated an all natural comprehensive approach that encourages normal elimination, supports the GI tract and that is beneficial for all cats young or old, sick or healthy.

Comprehensive Is the Keyword

Whenever GI symptoms are treatment resistant, a comprehensive and holistic approach will work when everything else has failed.

Our latest and most effective approach to resolving treatment resistant diarrhea and/or vomiting encompasses food, water, supplements and other guidance. They go together and must be implemented in a coordinated fashion. We are here to guide you along the way with our email tech support.


I recommend our Regularity Combo. It is composed of Feline Comfort (for general GI problems), Pet Flora (to regain weight, reduce gas and normalize smell), Easy Go New (to regularize and heal elimination), and our Super Pet Enzymes (to maintain and regain weight and to reduce gas and inflammation).

The combination of these products produces a powerful healing effect that is more than can be produced by any one alone.

Our supplements are safe and beneficial for all cats young or old, sick or healthy.

There are so many health benefits for these supplements that I cannot list them all in this brief email. For example, bromelain has been strongly implicated in a reduction of tumor mass.

These products can all be given on the food or syringed and are usually accepted by finicky cats. But to start they must be implemented incrementally, with baby steps.

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Everything must be tested incrementally, starting with one product at a time and increasing over a series of meals and adding supplements until you get GI stability or weight gain or improved vitality and appearance. You can start with any one of the supplements. But the key guidance is to start incrementally and with one at a time, adding and removing supplements and amounts dependent on the condition of the cat.

We will be here to guide you with email tech support.

Food Mystery Solved

The diet is key and must be assessed and reassessed as the process continues as clinical and sub clinical reactions are impossible to exactly determine in advance of experimentation. However, some rules are more important. No corn, wheat, soy (hydrolyzed protein is soy), potato, tapioca, and chicken, and sometimes no guar gum, or carragenean. “Single protein, limited ingredients” venison or rabbit are the way to reduce variables. More Guidance on Food

Remove Toxins

Vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs, including flea repellents, heart worm medications, and dewormers, are also problematic and should be reduced or removed when possible.

Vaccines are always a problem. They were a big part of what caused the problem. It doesn’t matter how long ago the last vaccine was given. The damage never goes away.   Vets admit the rabies vaccine can cause injection site carcinoma.  The medical establishment is pushing a vaccine that can cause cancer, GI problems and many other health issues to protect against a disease that almost all cats are extremely unlikely to get.

Before you start administration, please read “Dosage Tips”