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What is the Vital Force?

We use the term “vitality” alot around here, but what does that mean?

Vitality is defined as “the energy or spirit that animates living creatures; the soul.

  • Philosophy (in some theories, particularly that of Bergson) a hypothetical force, independent of physical and chemical forces, regarded as being the causative factor in the evolution and development of living organisms.
  • a person or thing that gives something vitality and strength.”

This is why natural remedies, not chemical medications, are important for raising the vital force. We view the vital force as the ultimate organizing elements of being.

Theoretical, when the vital force is strong the body functions optimally, including the immune system. A competent immune system can differentiate between two nearly identically cells, one a pathogen the other is the organism itself.

Sickness occurs when vitality and immunity is low. You know your animal has a strong vital force when they look good, act well, resists disease, and has energy and spirit.

Medical treatments take a huge toll on your animal’s vitality.

While you cannot know every disease name, you can see when your pet is under pressure from a disease. The name does not matter! What matters is getting your cat or dog back to health. Raising your pet’s vitality and it’s resistance to disease.

Advanced Immune Restoration is our most advanced and comprehensive product to help raise the vital force, as well as the immune system. 

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