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Vital Lipids and Soothing Solution

Husky / German Shepard mix with seizures

Vital Lipids and Soothing Solution stopped the worst case of seizures.

The use of Vital Lipids, about a half of teaspoon to a teaspoon twice daily along with an eye dropper full of Soothing Solution has given our dog 40 days without a seizure!

Your records would tell the date approximately we started using the vital lipid oil. When we started, we noticed a difference in the dog (a Husky/German Shepard mix). Initially, the nature of seizures changed. When they happened, they were not as severe. At one point I gave him the wrong food for a couple of days and paid the price, he had 8 seizures in 25 hours. Finally, adding Soothing Solution and more Vital lipids, he has been seizure free since November 25, 2009 (40 days) – amazing.

LeRoy Lloyd
Bowling Green, Ohio